[Official] 2016-18 NMIMS Hyderabad Admission Queries.

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Can someone please tell me the average and median package of NMIMS Hyd?

admission about to start and we still don't have any clarity about the ugc issue except some paper cuttings and words from the seniors.

please seniors ask the authorities to give you some concrete proof and post it here this is the only doubt i have regarding nmims,

placement wise and education wise nm ban/hyd are very good. 

its a humble request get something concrete and post it here please because investing such large chunk of money after knowing all this is not prudent.

Say I have received admission for pgdm Hyderabad and wait list in Bangalore. And I'm only interested in Bangalore and do not wish to join Hyderabad. Do I still have to visit the campus and make the payments and submit my documents? Or do I need to wait for the WL to move and say I get admitted to Bangalore then I do the formalities later according to new dates.? Please help in this regards. Also merit no. 1053 and final score 53.03..chances for blore?

I've some queries..hope these will be answered..

Was placement 100% for this batch ? What were the highest and lowest package offered..? 

How are the hostel facilities ?

Is PG available near nmims hyd..? 

selected for HYderabad campus .....want to talk to a student of Hyderabad campus

I want to know about the lowest and highest package for the batch of 2013-2015? Is there anyone who can answer my query?

Please share a link of full fee schedule of Hyderabad.

Can I submit cheque instead of DD at NMIMS as I am already in Mumbai?

If I Withdraw my admission before commencement of program but after paying for the hostel facility... Can I get it back?

i got a mail saying that i have been shortlisted for gdpi because of increase in the number of seats but when i opened the website for the call letter, it said invalid nmat id(which means i havent been shortlisted). was it a fake mail or is there something wrong with the website? has anyone else got such a mail? ( my nmat score was just 192 :/  )

Hey Guys!!! Here's the final placement report for NMIMS Hyderabad. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3HZHExKDBqbeUxfWFMtLUloaUE/view

@NMIMS_Hyderabad I have been shortlisted for phaseII...my nmat score is 190..i am from chennai..i need to spend 20k to attend cd/pi process in mumbai..is it worth in spending that much to attend cp/pi process?..and more over i dont have any other good college other then nmims hyd and ifmr..what are my chances in converting the call?..please reply asap!!

For all those who converted could you tell me your NMAT score?

Anybody joining hostel?

Which one ?

I a confused big time, please help me !

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What is the expected cdpi result date for phase2 ?

who all have taken up the hostel ??

Can anyone help me with the loan procedure and which bank will be good

All those taking admission in HYDERABAD campus from phase-2. Please comment!