[Official] 2016-18 IIM Kozhikode Stage-1 Shortlist

Greetings from the Media Cell of IIM Kozhikode!

IIM Kozhikode has declared the Stage-1 shortlist You can check the same here


Kindly register online for stage II (WAT/PI) shortlist. Congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates!

For further queries relating to stage 2 shortlist you can download the page from


You can direct all your further queries here as well as to @Rv07 & @shaktishivam 

We will soon be creating the Facebook page as well and post the link for the same here.

dear snrs .....can you tell us that how many of the applicants cleared the first hurdle....

What ws the lowest percentile which got converted?? Nc obc

How is the CAT Index score calculated? What was the lowest composite score in the first round of those who were called ( General) ? 

how to fill the first yr n second yr parks if there is a cgpa system?

Hi @Rv07. The last section about Employment details, asks about the 'from and to date' of working in an organisation. What are we supposed to fill as the 'to date' for our current organisation? Also the number of months, should that be only till January 31, 2016?

"Gross Monthly Salary" - how do I calculate that?

IIM-K shortlist is out? If yes, link please.

Why is it compulsory to fill phone number with STD code? I'm not able to continue skipping that part though I have filled my mobile number.

According to the Admission criteria, having work-experience beyond 2 years actually starts having negative impact on your score. What is the reason for this?

Hi @Rv07 in my cat form I mentioned my Graduation percentage as 80.26 instead of 82.60. There is a field in the form where it asks for the percentage as of Jan 2016. Can I put my percentage as 82.60 here? 

My college has semester wise GPA/CGPA but the form has yearly percentage. How to convert?

Is this the shortlist or just the eligible candidates? Is everyone who is clearing the overall and sectional cutoffs get shortlisted? What percentage do get?

Hi @Rv07 ,

We used to get CGPA in our college semester wise and it used to be weighted average based on number of credits. So, should we just take simple average of two semesters to get the yearly CGPA? Or do we have to do weighted average?

Also, my final CGPA is 9.28 but it does not account to 92.8% because the criteria to convert it to percentage is given as (CGPA-0.5)*10. So this way my aggregate percentage becomes 87.8. Should I carry out the same process for each year?


I've been shortlisted @ 98.96 percentile.

What can I expect in WAT?

Also what are my chances if I have work of 28 months and 90% in both 10 & 12?

how to calculate the index score .. 75% of cat score needs to be done on 250 or 300??

in my btech i secured 75.90 but in cat form i have filled 75.09  what to do?

A small question:- There is no "Submit whole form" button right? We just have to leave it after filling the three sections?

Have you people got the mail from iimk? 

So those who have received the mail have been shortlisted? Can't access the website