[Official] 2015-2017 IIM Udaipur Final Converts

Dear friends!

Warm greetings from Media and Industry Interaction Cell of IIM U

This group is for the final converts and waitlisted candidates for IIMU for PGP admissions of Session 2015-17.This forum will be used to answer all your queries and doubts regarding the final admissions.

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Converted! Received email at 9.34 am this morning.

OBC 89.27%ile 10th:89% 12th:78% BE:64%

Not sure about joining, will wait for other new IIMs' result to be declared.

WAT/PI Exp here:


Do they release something like a composite score so that we will know where we exactly stand and which improves the transparency of their admission process 

Highest wl number in obc 

Plz make me know

Is anyone having percentile around 83 in obc received any mail

Plz let me know

I credited the 50k in the SAVINGS Account. The lady on the AO says it should be a currrent account.

What should I do ? will the transaction get cancelled ?

Udaipur walo ne kisi ko acknowledgement bheja docs shbmission k bad ?

Ok. So correct me if I am wrong. 

As far as FAQs were concerned, there was no mention of a Savings Account. Not a problem. Nobody noticed.

But now that many people have paid to the Savings Account. The bank has credited the money to ICICI bank. And since the payment acknowledgement is not around the corner, what should we assume ?

That the bank will transfer the money internally from Savings to Current Account.

Generally, what happens is the money is refunded due to cancellation of receipt from the receiver bank. When is that going to happen ?

Also, should we post the hard copies which entails payment to a Savings Account ?

I know the admins have assured me that it will be resolved. I am a little worried since I have made withdrawals from other colleges.

P.S - I am not worried about the money. The only thing is in the middle of all this process, the offer letter will be delayed which makes the whole process even more waiting. We would be unsure of our status for a long while.

Anyone has idea...

what are the streams IIM U offer for specialization..??

as in Marketing, Finance, Operations. What else..??

Please update when session/classes are starting at IIMU..???

Please update what is the last date of taking refund in case i want to take admission in some other college..??

and what will be the refunded amount?

PS: I was in waiting list and i got  confirmation mail yesterday..?

I did NEFT money transfer and filled the acceptance letter pdf->scanned->emailed. Is that it or do i still need to post the acceptance letter

what is the last date to take refund?

Is scholarship offered to the financially weak students?If yes then whats the procedure and eligibility?

How hectic is life at iim udaipur?seniors please give insights, i need to prepare for civil services also while in udaipur

Is there a watsapp group for converted candidates??

can we get our bikes on the campus? is parking place provided?

I was wondering whether IIMU's PGP is accredited by any organization ?

till what waitlist number converted in obc??

obc waitlisted-400 iim udaipur what are the chances for conversion seniors.?? and considering this is dere any chances for iim raipur or kashipur?? thanks :)