[Official] 2015-17 XLRI GDPI Experiences Thread HRM/BM/Global MBA

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PG(if applicable)

Work ex: organisation /role/ work ex in months 

Other major achievements : 

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Gd topic: 

Gd description in short : ( how did it go?)

Professor's description in brief: (names of the prof, specialisation, the way he conducted/took the process forward )

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16th Feb 8.45am , Bangalore HRM

X 91.60 CBSE

XII 89.40 CBSE


PG(if applicable) NA

Work ex: organisation /role/ work ex in months: XXX/Technology Analyst/6months

Other major achievements :  Not worthy of a mention

Any achievement / USP of yours :  ll let you know when we meet 😁 

Gd topic: Globalization is good for the workers and their rights?

Gd description in short : ( how did it go?) Well organized, everybody chipped in with their ideas. We looked at the white and dark areas of globalization and also from the perspective of the various stakeholder. All in all we had a lot of dimensions in which we looked at the issue and finally the group came to a mutually agreeable conclusion.

Professor's description in brief: (names of the prof, specialization, the way he conducted/took the process forward ) No clue. 3 middle-old aged professors'. Vastly experienced (from the look of it)

PI experience: It was a very well conducted PI. No stress interview.

Q1: My college name? how it came? School? Few basic questions. A short discussion on the same.

Me: Answered.

Q2: Is it fair for you to leave your organization?

Me: Answered. Tried to justify (not satisfied)

Q3: More on the whole debate of "What is fair and unfair"?

Q4: What is your work profile? What is it that you do?

Me: Answered. Cross Questions. Answered as well.

Q5: Asked me to explain and give example of one of the traits of mine i had mentioned in the assessment
Me: Answered (asked to give another example, gave, still -_-)

Q6: Asked to explain one of the answers as mentioned in the assessment(conflict). Tried to gauge the situation and what all steps i took and how effective and "FAIR" they were.

Q7: My take on the GD, he had made a list of the points mentioned/raised by me, so some clarification regarding the same, my opinions about others points. And how i perceived the topic before/after the GD. Gave some examples, the Prof. also gave some counter examples.

We reached a stage when we said it was a "Grey" area, and then asked me ways in which it could be stirred to the white part and ways in which it could go the "black" part

Lastly, asked me to read aloud one of the sentences I had written in the assessment. Thanks to all the forms that i had to fill, i had made a silly grammatical error.  wrote "coordinated" instead of "coordinate". Realized my blunder. Apologized for the same. It didn't impress one of the professor that management aspirant can make such sloppy mistakes :sad:.

That's when the interview ended.

Overall a decent experience. No document verification. Well organized

Any other info that you wish to share that might be of importance/relevance :  Assessment plays a crucial role, that's what I realized. Be thorough with what you have mentioned. No cliched questions were asked. Nothing related to HRM.

Any suggestions: Be confident and be ready to defend what you have written in your forms. Good Luck 😃

This experience is for the HRM interview.

X 92.8

XII 87.8

UG 71.1

PG(if applicable) N.A.

Work ex: organisation /role/ work ex in months N.A.

Other major achievements : Medalist, Powerlifting. Ex-captain representing college for the same.

Gd topic: Should hartals/protests be banned?

Gd description in short : The GD was peaceful largely, everyone contributed solid points and counter points. A consensus was reached before time, but we were still asked to continue.

PI experience: 3 panelists. P1, P2, P3, Me (R)

P1: Tell us about yourself.

R: Told. Cut short when I said that I wanted to develop a more salubrious personality in college, so I undertook various activities.

P1: Why? Do you think being academically oriented is bad?

R: Justified.

P2: In your SOP, you have written... (The quarrel question)

R: Justified.

P2: Okay, let's say you faced a similar situation in the workplace, what'd you do?

R: Justified reasonably.

P3: What all books have you read, which one was your favorite and why?

R: Named a few authors. Jim Corbett's books were my favorite. Man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag. Explained. Shared a few laughs.

P2: Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

R: Told.

P1: Prove to me that you're a hardworking person.

R: Told.

P3: What are the differences between the flow of electrons and water? List points.

R: Told few.

P3: Added another point.

P1: Any questions for us?

R: Asked about XL-IIM Cal meets

P1: What sport do you play?

R: Powerlifting.

P1: Okay! Perhaps you can introduce this sport in our fest when you come!


To the Exlink Mods, how'd you rate this experience and how different can the BM interview be?


Edit: Straight Convert!

XLRI HRM 17th Feb B'lore Aftn Slot 

XAT: 98.51 

10th - 91.2 

12th - 97.0

Engg - 8.04 

Work ex-  30 Months . Senior Systems Engineer/Infosys

GD Topic : Democracy slows down the growth !!! 

Total 8 people

Started as a debate but a guy mentioned that all of us can speak one after the other it continued in that pattern for 10 mins after all of us finished speaking we again started the debate and it was okay. Be good with the content and group behavior. 

Interview 3 panelists P1, P2, P3

P1  started asking questions about my job. What are your job responsibilities. Told about my job

 when did you get progression from Systems Engineer to Senior Systems Engineer.  Answered but 1 didn't look satisfied. All this time rest of the 2 panelists are not even looking at me. 

Asked about to mention a situation in which I was not treated in a fair manner in organization or at any place !!!  Answered 

Then P2 started asking about TCS Layoff and what is my opinion whether it is unethical or illegal ?? 

I told it is not illegal but unethical 

Asked why was the lady who had filed the case in court taken back into TCS. Told that it will destroy the reputation of organization by getting involved into legal issues with the employees. (Checked later on and realized tat woman was pregnant and she cannot fired during pregnancy)

Stressed more on what is legal and what is ethical tell me an example !! 

Answered that we respect our elders which is not legal but ethical.

Finally P3 started looking at me and asked do u value money more !! 

Answered it is important for survival but not the primary criteria i look in a work place. 

What is my opinion andhra-telangana bifurcation and asked why does any state need bifurcation and what is the purpose of mergers and acquisitions in a company !!! 

Answered but P3 didn't look convinced.

Asked to arrange the following in an order 

Work Place atmosphere , Nature of work, Remuneration , Team , Appreciations. 

Arranged and gave money 3rd position so they cracked a few jokes about making money !!! 

Finally it was finished and I was out with very less hope of converting it. 


anyone whu has had d BM interview??

Anyone who is done with XLRI BM Gd-Pi in mumbai??

Profile: Software Analyst at an Investment Bank

X: 90.6 XII: 82.8 UG: 74.93

Work ex: 18 months  XAT Score: 99.51  Course: HRM

GD Topic: Globalization is good for workers and their rights

Time: 30 mins
No. of participants = 9 (1 was absent)

We were given 2 mins to jot some points and then the moderator asked us to begin.

The group had some discussion about various aspects  but almost always diverged to some or the other globalization aspect and totally forget about the topic. 😛

Though all in all it was a good discussion with many people having good points and stats to support their points. We could not summarize in the end because of our time mismanagement.

PI (approx 15 mins) I was the 2nd last to be called for PI
3 Panelists (All male): I will name them as P1, P2 and P3.  P1 (old) was sitting in the left. P2 and P3 were middle aged and sat in the center and right respectively. P2 came to call me in.

P2: Please come in and close the door.

I greet them good afternoon and sit down. Begin to open my file when P1 says to hand it over to him and he will open it himself.

P1: You give up easily. Defend yourself on this.
I (initially a bit taken aback :o):  Tell them that this is my second attempt at XAT. How I was in the waitlist last year and persevered to get a better percentile this year. Also give them some other examples from my life, from my engineering days etc to prove my point.

P1: Ok ok (looks satisfied)

P1: What is your long term goal?

I: Talk something related to HR.

P1: How will you go about Talent Attraction? What are various things you will have to look for?

I: Blah Blah

P1: Is Retention good? (or perhaps sth like when is it good or bad)

I: Sir it depends. Retention is good till the point it is contributing to the company and the employee's growth. Blah Blah.. 

P2: Okay, tell me what were you guys discussing downstairs(we were made to wait on the 1st floor). I saw there was a very animated discussion going on. 😛 All the panelists laugh 😛 

I: 😲 😲 Tell them that we were discussing the questions being asked by the panelists. All the panelists laugh again. 😛 

P2: Okay so tell me any 5 questions we asked the previous guys, which you would want us to ask you.

I: Tell them 3 of them. The pressure is such that I actually forget the rest of the ones they asked. After some more thinking tell them I cannot recall any other than these and the discussion was mostly around them. (All the while for every question I tell, P2 tells me the number of the interviewee who was asked this question :neutral: )

P2:  Okay, so which one would you want us to ask?

I: :neutral: :neutral: (with a smile) Sir you can ask me any question you want to.

P2: Okay then, on similar lines as previously asked, tell me the similarity between a homemaker and a manager.

I: Give some funda on how homemaker has to manage the daily chores similar to what manager does. Talk about being proactive about household requirements.  Talk about the deadlines of serving the meals at the right time. 😛   P2 laughs 😂 

P1: How would you say that a manager is ethical?

I: Talk about that manager is ethical if he does not take away the credit of his subordinates. Does not purposely give honest feedback throughout the year to the employee so that he can easily give any rating to the employee in the end. Blah blah

P2: What if I say a manager takes bribes. Is he ethical then?

I: No sir, that is also unethical and all the things I talked before are some of the instances that show unethical behavior.

P2: Right so you get it. You are talking about the leaves of the tree. Tell us about the roots.

I: Ask them to give me a minute to think. Begin to say something after that but P2 cut me in with a different question. 😕

P2: You have worked with NTPC right?

I: Yes sir, I was a summer trainee in NTPC for 2 months after my 2nd year of engineering.

P2: So can you tell me why is NTPC making losses and why Reliance India is in profit?

I: Now I was quite sure that NTPC was always in profit till the time I heard last about it but I was not really sure if things had changed in the very recent quarters or something so remained silent.

P2: (Seeing me silent) Repeats me the question, says even an autowallah will know that NTPC is in losses and Reliance is making huge profits. Can you tell me why?

I: Sir I am not aware about the current situation in NTPC but I think there are a lot of projects which it being a PSU undertakes which may not be very profit making and which many private companies may not be willing to undertake. So perhaps that may be the reason.

P2: Nods and looks satisfied.

(It is only after my interview that I check that NTPC has always been in profit and that basically the prof had laid a bait and I bit the bait L L)

P2: What is your job in the bank?

I: Begin to tell him that I am currently working in the middle office application and have to work Business analysts and third party brokers.. (P2 cuts me again)

P2: Somewhat irritated. 😞 No tell me what you handle as a part of it.

I: Sir I basically work with financial instruments of the Derivative markets.

P2: What are the various derivative instruments?

I: Tell him about swaps and options, other instruments etc.

P2: Okay draw a graph of the swap for me.

I: (hainn??) What to draw in a swap?? I try to ask him what exactly he wants me to draw in for a swap?

P2: No draw whatever you can think of. Tells me that I have work ex in it and also a coursera course in Finance, so I should be knowing it.

I: Again make a futile attempt to ask him what correlation he wants me to draw. Nothing comes out of it. P2 hands me a paper to draw the graph.

Cannot think of any graph that can be drawn for a swap. 😞 Draw a graph for the Call option with strike price and when the buyer will exercise his option etc and explains it properly.

P2: (Satisfied) Tells me this is right. And not to tell anyone downstairs of this question as they will not probably not know it. I sheepishly say ok.

P2: You are so good in finance, why do you want to go for HR? :neutral: The other two professors all this time in the interview have been smiling and looking at me.

I: Sir I am equally good in HR. (Mentally kick myself for such a lame reply)

All the profs smile.

P3 now jumps in with his questions from the assessment form that I filled.

P3: There are some short term campaigns and some long term campaigns. Do you think campaigns like Earth Hour which are so short make any impact. (This question was asked because I had mentioned my work done for an Earth hour event in the assessment sheet)

I: Explain well that the run down weeks till the Earth Hour do create an impact and how they generate interest in people to find more about them and their purpose etc. More stuff on it.

All the profs look satisfied.

P1: Okay, do you have any questions for us.

I: I actually wanted to run away by this time. However I asked them about the various extra curricular clubs in XL and how the students despite their high academic rigour manage it.

P1: (with a smile) Points out to me that I too have been involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities and then talks about how they give a lot of work to the students but they still somehow manage time for it.

All the profs are over with their set of questions.

All the profs say thank you with a smile. I reply thank you with a smile and leave.

And all this was finished in 15 mins when it looked like ages to me.

It was one helluva experience and I am sure I pretty much messed up the interview in the middle 😞 😞

Verdict: Awaited

XLRI HRM 19th Feb Morning slot

X- 89.3

XII- 83.7

UG- 8.33

Work ex: organisation /role/ work ex in months - IT sector/ 18 months

Other major achievements : Debate

Any achievement / USP of yours : None

Gd topic: Trade unions are increasingly becoming irrelevant (ignored) in post-liberalization period

Gd description in short : ( how did it go?): No fish market. Everyone spoke calmly and without interrupting others. We digressed a bit in between but quickly corrected ourselves.

Professor's description in brief: (names of the prof, specialisation, the way he conducted/took the process forward ): 2 gentlemen and a lady. Don't know the names. Very friendly panel.

PI experience:

No technical or typical 'Why HR' questions. Questions were mainly relating to incidents from our personal lives.

They didn't check our documents or CV. My interview lasted for about 20-25 mins.

P1: Describe your GD experience and what did you learn from it.

P1: One incident from your life where you took a stand for someone.

Discussion on this incident continued for about 5-7mins.

P2: Should parents force a child to do something or should the child force himself/herself? Shouldn't parents be harsh with kids to prepare them for the future?

P3: How important is the environment of a person for his performance as compared to his/her own merit?

P1: Should children be fed lies? Even if it is well-intentioned.

P2: One incident where you had to choose between your personal desire and organizational standard or any such similar trade-off.

P1: Do you think the HR of your organization lies to you? How will you find out?

Any other info that you wish to share that might be of importance/relevance: The panel is mainly focussing on finding out more about us indirectly through situations and incidents. So be honest.

Any suggestions: Listen to the GD properly. They asked questions about the GD to almost everyone in my group,

XAT Score: 99.75 Call: HRM Date: 18.02.2015 (Bang)

X: 92.6

XII: 92.2

UG: 92

PG(if applicable) NA

Work ex: Business Analyst - 8 months 

Other major achievements : NA

Any achievement / USP of yours : NA

Gd topic: Labor laws are affecting the competitiveness of a firm

Gd description in short : No fish market. Everyone got a chance to make their points.

Professor's description in brief: No idea. All of them were aged and vastly experienced

PI experience: P1, P2, P3(from left to right)

P3: Which branch of engineering?

Me:  Mechanical , Sir

P3: Where do you work?

Me: Told (Started getting anxious)

P3: (Suddenly) Who is an interesting person for you?

Me: took some time to think and then answered

P3: Some follow-up questions on this but did not look satisfied?

P3: Who is a boring person for you?

Me: Again took some time and answered

P3: Any latest instance when you felt happy?

Me: told about something I wrote in my assessment as well

P3: Happiness related to achievement?

Me: Told about a project during my engineering

P1 in the meanwhile was reading my assessment sheet and P2 took my offer letter from the file and started scanning it

P1: You have written about a recent venture of yours. Please explain your plans

Me: Told

P1: Asked some counter questions on business idea and future of business

Me: Told

P2: (Suddenly) He doesn't need a MBA degree. He shouldn't waste his time. He is already doing well

Me: 😲 (Shocked) Tried to justify why I want to do MBA?

P2: (Not satisfied) Why MBA in BM or HRM? You don't need any of these?

Me: Sir, there is again a reason behind it. Before I could tell, was interrupted by P2 saying we don;t want to listen prepared answers from you people

P2: Read a line from my offer letter and asked me to justify it?

Me: Sir the line is unfair to me but firm has to do it as well to save them

P1: If you feel its unfair then why don't you make a union?

Me: I think, we can but...

P1: No you can't...

Me: Oh yeah...for IT sector we can't...

P1, P2, and P3 were done grilling me

Any suggestions: Just be yourself and enjoy the process...

Verdict: Awaited(Mostly rejected) 😞  - CONVERTED!!!

Your profile : X 78% XII 68% UG 7.99 CGPA in B.Sc (Nautical Science) XAT 95.66 PG(if applicable) NA Work ex: organization /role/ work ex in months : 4 months as deck cadet in merchant navy and 36 Months as bank PO in Union Bank Of India Other major achievements : Many extra-curricular activities bust mostly music related. Any achievement / USP of yours : NA Gd topic: Corporate Social Responsibility and HRM is the same. Gd description in short: Total 10 peoples. Good cordial GD. Everyone put up their points. Made 5 entries. Group managed to conclude the GD ahead of time. So we were asked to continue. Over all good. Professor's description in brief: (names of the prof, specialization, the way he conducted/took the process forward ) PI experience: 1. Why did I leave merchant navy? 2. Why Bank after that? 3. My sailing experiences. Ship captain and crew relationship. 4. Archimedes Principle? 5. Difference between sonar and radar? 6. Questions from work experience in bank. 7. Situational questions such as you know your staffs are corrupt and you are honest. How will you cope up with them? And discussions continued discussions on the approaches and methods Any other info that you wish to share that might be of importance/relevance : Any suggestions: Stay very calm and be honest.

any idea of the duration of XLRI BM interviews?

XLRI BM 22nd Feb B'lore Mng Slot

XAT: 98.51

10th - 91.2

12th - 97.0

Engg - 8.04

Work ex- 30 Months . Senior Systems Engineer/Infosys

GD Topic : BCCI should be nationalized!!!

Duration : 30 Mins

Total 9 people

It was decent ...few people agreed that BCCI should be nationalized and some of us mentioned about a regulatory body and so on!!!

PI 3 panelists P1, P2, P3

P1 started asking questions about my job. What are your job responsibilities. Told about my job

Asked about a point mentioned in the GD about Binny being selected and started going on and on like who should be selected why do you think it is not fair, don't u think BCCI had done enough research to consider Binny.

I was trying to justify and P2 pitched in and asked abt a question written in assessment linking to the GD topic. Do you think there is a room for improvement and can we form a  perfect team. Tried to justify about that 

P3 asked about banking (as I work for Infosys Product). What are the 3 major types of banking people are using ??? Answered

P2 asked where do u think there is scope for development in Internet banking and why do u wish to start a banking product have u done any research !!! Answered

P1 suddenly asked about what is the perfect cricket team in your opinion?? Answered and justified where team India must have reevaluated their options.

Finally they asked about what do u think ur weakness is and where do u need to improve !!! Answered

They asked do I have any questions .I told No

Finally Finished .... It was okay but I have no clue will that be sufficient or not. So no hopes Wish u all the best guys.

That's all for this season cheers 😁

X - 91.6

XII - 91.2

UG - 78.63


Work ex: organisation /role/ work ex in months - none

Any achievement / USP of yours : Guitarist in a band 😁

Gd topic: e-surveillance in work place is a necessary evil

Gd description in short : 6 members present. Alloted time 30 mins. Discussion was very peaceful with good points being raised. By 25 mins we had run out of points and the panel asked if we wanted to stop and we did.

PI experience: 3 panelists.

P1 and P2 asked a majority of questions while P3 looked at my file. Questions like why hr, why mba, goals were asked. No question asked about the gd. Questions from the profile were asked and incidents where I displayed qualities I had spoken of. Also asked about the motto of my school(2 schools, couldn't remember one of them). Overall chill interview no stress. I have a low %ile(92.xx) so not that optimistic but ATB to everyone.

XAT Score: 95.94

Call: HRM

Date: 22.02.2015 (Delhi)

X: 80.8

XII: 78.4

UG: 64.64 (Engineer)

PG(if applicable) NA

Work ex: Samsung Electronics (mobile division)-13 months. Cognizant technology solutions : 9 Months Total : 22 months

Other major achievements : Took part in various college events

Any achievement / USP of yours : NA

Gd topic: Taking Selfie is a reflect of narcissism in individuals.(gave 15 mins)

Gd description in short : Total Fish market from the start. No Coordination and group behavior at all. spoke 2 points but everyone was trying to make oneself heard. Moderator stopped the Gd in 10 mins and gave everyone chance to conclude for 20 seconds each.

After GD, I was feeling very nervous and demotivated as it was seeming like one of worst GD ever conducted in XLRI process.


Panelist : P1,P2,P3.

P1 : Hello richi , Did u had your lunch?

Me: yes sir,

P1: what did u had ?

Me: I had paneer paratha.

P1: ooh that seems tempting, Ok richi now I have a question for u. Suppose U have a restaurant selling paneer paratha . tell me how u will use MATHS in it ??

ME: Completely dumbstruck . Asked for 2 minutes time. ( meanwhile: P3 was going through my file)

ME: Started saying by inputs and raw materials required for paneer parantha like 5 kgs of paneer, 10 cylinder of gas etc 

P1,P2,P3 : started laughing, thinking how dumb this guy is.

P1: No, no I don't want any story of it . Give straight points. Use pythagoras theorm. give straight points. PERIOD

ME: Remained silent.

P1: OK. Richi, yeh kya kar rhe to tum, 10th :80.8, 12:78.4 and then B.tech 64? where is dis going ?

Me: (spoke confidently)  Sir, in 10th and 12th , I have almost similar marks. Sir in college I was involved in various activities outside my classroom. Our team had twice won KIET cup in college. I was Man of the match in final of one of the tournament and sir also if you see i have worked hard in my last semester  and had scored 77 % in it.

P1: He looked satisfied.

P2: ok richi, how have u come to the interview?

Me: sir by car.

P2: you see traffic everywhere. give me 3 steps to reduce traffic jams.

Me: (After thinking for a while), Sir Problem of traffic is caused by vehicles, we can adopt china policy. China has put a limitation on the no. of vehicles. they uses lottery system. we can also follow.

P2: looked interested and told me carry on with something related to India

Me: Sir, first we will analyse the area of high traffic, traffic in Cp will be more than traffic in  ghaziabad. So what we can do is we can use One way roads in these areas in high traffic timings.

P2: looked satisfied.

P2: you have worked in two organisation. what are the differences in hr policies of Samsung and cognizant?

Me: sir , they are different companies, Samsung is a product based company where mobiles production takes place. we have daily targets. 1 lakh mobiles are made in a day.So in Samsung, we had daily meetings and analysis whereas in cognizant it is a service based company , here we have been given a project and some more gyaaan. in last I said work pressure is more in Samsung as it is a production unit and involve more number of manpower.

P2: looked satisfied  (but I don't know whether my answer was correct or not.)

P2: Tell me something about your family

ME: Dad is a business man,  deals in designer jewellery. we also have a E-commerce website runjhunjewellery.com .Mom ...blah blah.. 

 P1,P2,P3: they seemed interested but  NO Cross Questions .

P3 : what are your hobbies ?

Me : Sir , I play cricket.

P3: (irritated) Please tell something else as in India everyone plays cricket .

P1 : interrupted.

P1:  Ok  tell me will India win today ?

Me: Sir india is in a very healthy position right now. India scored 307 runs with shikhar dhawan scoring a century. South africa in reply currently 50/2.

P1,P2,P3: shocked and happy at the same time , started laughing.

P1: thanks for updating us.

ME: Sir, I was following it, and this  score of southafrica I saw just before entering the interview room.

P1: nodded

P3: which book have u read in recent times?

Me: sir , The habit of winning by prakash iyer

P3: ok , tell me 2 principles of human resources which u have learned from dis book?

Me: sir, there is one story in this book ...interrupted

P3: No story , tell me two principles of human resources.

Me: Can I have 1 minute to think ?

P3: Sure

P3: (after 10 seconds) Times up..!

Me: said designing of organisation is more important than individual performance.

P3: I m done

P2,P3: we are done..!

  I said thank you and the Interview was over.

Any suggestions: No questions on introduction, why mba , why HR, strengths , weakness,career goal.

NO questions on video or assessment or GD.

how do u feel guys about this interview ?

XAT: 95.66 - Delhi - HRM

X : 86.4%

XII : 81.5%

UG : 77.1% (B.Sc in Comp Sc)

Work ex : McKinsey/Senior Analyst/42 months

Achievements/USP : Basketball team captain; coursera course on Psychology

GD topic: Personal e-transactions in workplace effect productivity

GD description: Everyone chipped in with points though after a certain point we ended up being repetitive (30 minutes is too long a time period for GDs I believe). Each participant summarized in the end.

Professors: 1 SM (P1) and 2 OB professors (P2, P3)

PI experience:

I was second last person in my group. P1 asked for my file and spent most of the interview going through it, P3 primarily went through my assessment sheet, P2 did most of the questioning

P2: Who was the Principal at your college? What characteristic did you like best about him? If you were made Principal, would you follow exactly what he did?

P2: Have you applied for BM? (I have but no call thanks to quants)

P2: Are you a team player? Give example (wanted specific to work)

P2: You are doing well in your job, why don't you continue? (Kept cutting me off every once in a while) Why HR specifically and not anything else? (Again, was cut off mid-sentence several times)

P2: Give one situation you were in where you think it would've helped if you knew HR concepts from before

P1: You are the last person in group, what have you got to know about us from the people before you

P1: Commented on work ethics at consultancies and asked if I agree or not - I disagreed and gave explanation for my stand

P3: Give example of one concept in psychology and how is it differently used in marketing (consumer behavior) and organizational behavior

P2: Is there anything you would like to ask us?

That concluded the interview. All the interviews in my group were 15 minutes long on average, same with me.

Your profile : HRM (Delhi) (Interview 21st Feb 2015)

XAT - 98.51%ile

X - 84%

XII - 89%

UG - 78.2%

Work ex: Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. /BPM Tech Analyst/ 43 months 

Other major achievements : Miscellaneous Certificates in Academics, Extra curricular (Art) and Sports (Martial Arts). Also certifications and awards from Workplace.

Any achievement / USP of yours : Nothing relevant to GDPI

Gd topic: CSR and HRM are just the same thing (30 mins)

Gd description in short : 9 Members (all guys, oddly enough); 30 mins. GD was very polite and cordial and everyone got a chance to put their views forward. Very Streamlined - began with defining the topic, finding the similarities, then differences, then challenges etc. Very little crosstalk. One candidate took the onus of structuring the GD and collating the points raised by other candidates while making inputs of his own.

PI experience: 3 member panel (P1, P2, P3)

P1 invited me in, P2 asked me to sign my name, P3 asked for my portfolio

P1 - Who was you namesake? (answered and added a small joke, made all of them laugh)

P2 - Tell us about yourself and the noteworthy obstacles and hurdles you've overcome to get here and your biggest learnings along the way? (Answered)

(P3 kept going through my portfolio throughout the questioning)

P1 - Case study question about the dealings of HR (managing 400 employees and allocating resources - how and what method would you use?) (Answered and led them through the entire process before arriving to conclusion)

P2 - Tell us about the work you currently do? (Answered)

P3 - Here's a puzzle to solve (Gives a 3X3 blank Matrix). Now fill up the cells with numbers 1-9 without repetition so that each row and each column has the same sum? Also explain an algorithm you would use to arrive at the solution? (Could not solve the matrix but provided the algorithm)

P1 - What improvements would you suggest to the Railways minister ahead of the budget? Focus on 3 key things (Answered)

P1 - How would you implement the 3 improvements you've suggested?

(Also, miscellaneous questions asked from questionnaire and profile and justifications asked for any actions taken and if the situation were reversed, how would you react? etc. )

Any other info that you wish to share that might be of importance/relevance : The Panelists were also studying your body language, how you use your hands and the modulation of voice to answer the questions, and would use non-verbal cues to try and shake you (Eg. In one answer, I grew visibly excited and my gestures grew more animated. They realised this and immediately decided to increase the tempo of the interview by increasing the volley of questions)

Any suggestions: Be honest, Be concise. Be confident and Be prepared to justify the answers to your questionnaire and any details mentioned in your profile well.

Your profile : HRM (Bangalore) (Interview 21st Feb 2015 9am slot)

XAT - 95.66%ile

X - 94.6%

XII - 88%

UG - 7.52/10 (BITS Pilani, Chemical Engg)

Work ex: Presently at O9Solutions (a business analytics start-up),past : Beroe Inc (market analysis) and Reflexis Systems(programmer,Support)

Other major achievements : Merit Certificates in School, Awards in Dancing, and a few more co-curricular certificates

Any achievement / USP of yours : The only relevant thing for XLRI interview was my being topper across all the branches of our school in ICSE 2006

Gd topic: CSR and HRM are just the same thing (30 mins)

Gd description in short : 6 out of 9 were present. Everyone could put in valuable points. But 30 min felt like eternity for just 6 people to talk. There were multiple times when we almost concluded our GD, some guy  summarized all points, and there was a pause for a couple of min before someone would again start the discussion. The profs were not gesturing us to stop before 30min. At some points the discussion got slightly redundant.

PI experience: 3 member panel (P1, P2, P3..all aged professors)

P3 was coming in person and escorting the candidate to the interview room.

P2 took all my documents and kept browsing through them.

P3 : So u worked in 3 places in 2 years? Justify your fluctuation

(A known question for me..have been handling at places for quite a while now...so gave my usual reply)

P2 asked for the "proof" of "all these work experience you had"

P3: Talk about ur experience with the HR department in these three org

(told about the 1st two companies. My present employer being a start-up doesn't have a proper HR department...so told about the worforce difficulty we face without the presence of a strong HR team.P3 looked amused with the description of the difficulties !!)

P1 : You talked about a book/video in your assesment. Tell me more about how it inspired you

(I had mentioned The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch as a source of inspiration. Corelated certain things said by Randy Pausch and how it changed my perspective , and how it helped me change my approach towards success/failure)

P3: So u have a BM interview after this right?

(I was taken aback! I i didn't. Told him i didn't have a BM call probably due to my sectional. P3 looked surprised 😛 )

P3: what other calls u had?

(Global MBA and SP Jain..told him. I didn't mention my SP Jain specialization which was IM...to avoid further questioning on my preference and justification 😁 😁 neither did they ask)

P3: Talk about an incident in you work-life where you were impressed with the HR

(Told. An experience that involved with my DL or Domain Lead in an organization, where he was reprimanded by the HR for not being able to manage time and resources)

P1: taking a cue for you description....what would YOU have done had you been in the DL's shoe ?

(Started telling happily. I had always liked to tell how the DL could have been so much better 😁 )

P1: (interrupting me)...But I don't think ur DL was wrong in that action..he didn't have much option if the client and upper management wanted him to do so-and-so

(Me : Yes Sir..I'm coming to that point. trust me I've suffered it first-hand..so I would give you a detailed explanation

P1 gave a "go ahead..poor kid!" smile.

And I completed the description.

He nodded to agree with my explanation of "what I would have done had I been the DL" )

P3 : explain your consistently deteriorating grade. So if we take u into XLRI...ur performance will falter further right? U have done forecasting before..u hav three historical data points now...u shud be able to tell..

(Gave my explanation and the usual stuff about how I'm matured enough to know what I am pursuing..and that I'm pursuing only what i'm passionate about blahs and blahs)

P2 : So you talked about that experience with your DL. What was YOUR immediate reaction? Did you just quit after that and joined your present employer? 

(Told that it was not the major reason for me to quit..as I really liked the kind of work I was doing there. But that the appraisal system wasn't employee friendly. Unlike the usual appraisal system..here they would ask us to write publishable articles/white papers/blogs etc. And for my level movement I was expected to write just an article for which, thanks to my DL again, I had to spend sleepless nights working on it...only to get a meagre raise of 1600 per month end of the quarter. That wasn't a real bosst for working further. Hence the switch. hence..while switching..I made sure my profile would remain similar)

P2: So in XLRI also u'll have to write such articles !What will u do then ? (sadist smile) Imagine you give ur best to research and publish an article .. and still you get only a B+..not an A. So ? will u quit the college?

(Tricky question . Carefully explained how at XLRI it would be a learning experience for me and that I would know that I still should work better to get an A)

P2: So ? you didn';t think the same at work? If you wanted a better raise you should have probably made a better article?

(Understood his mis-understanding and explained that 1600 was fixed. Even if I would have written a better article I wouldn't have a got a better raise. Whereas in XLRI I would know I had some loopholes which..if worked on...could fetch me an A )

P2 and P3 did an "oh achha..so that was already a fixed component..so you couldn't have done much....fine fine" thing.

P2 : i heard you making a point about CSR being intangible and HRM having more tangible effect on workforce..during GD...how?

(explained.He countered my points giving certain examples. I tried to defend myself..nothing much came out of it).

P2 then handed me all the files he had been going through and it was over.

Overall : Since they didn't grill me much on MY understanding of HRM...I guess they are not really keen on taking me. Plus my profile might have already convinced them I am too much into analytics to study HR. Hence the question about BM may be? 

Any other suggestion : I myself don't have much hope of converting ..plus my interview as can be seen above..was pretty much of a general discussion kind. So I'm not in the right position to give much of advice 😃

One thing which I felt I did right : i didn't carry a CV for HRM as that looked very irrelevant and showed nothing about my passion for hr.

In case I face some sudden medical emergency and can't attend the HRM interview, should I inform the concerned authority? In case, I don't inform them, will it affect my candidature for BM interview?? 😞

Call: HRM | Delhi | 21st Feb 2015

XAT score - 99.46%ile

X - 89%

XII - 91%

UG - 74.8% (Commerce student - BBS)

Work ex: 26 months - Zomato.com (13 months) + Wrapd.in (joined as a Partner to restructure the business)

Achievements/USP: Rebranded a niche wedding wear rental business - Wrapd.in (currently have stores in two cities - let me know how you find it. 😁 ), represented India at the SIFE/Enactus World Cup (2011) in Malaysia, winner of several national level competitions as a street-play artist.

GD topic: CSR and HRM is just the same thing (30 mins)

GD description in short: 9 Members (all gentlemen - literally). Finely structured and different areas of discussion covered systematically. Unlike other processes, GDs for XLRI make sense as with relatively more time, there is no fight for space or a need to cunningly look for pauses. Topic-oriented and a comprehensive discourse shadowed any apparent competitiveness.

PI experience: 3 member panel (Maybe Bengali Sirjee (MBS) [Aunoonay - that's how he called me out], Mostly Silent Sirjee (MSS), Perpetually Amused Sirjee (PAS))

MBS - So, Aunoonay you're a businessman. MBA doesn't make any sense at all.

Aunoonay: Sir, the mentioned business and work experience have always been the means and not the destination.

*PAS begins his smiling streak*

PAS - *speaks with a wide inviting smile* so what is the destination then?

Aunoonay - Answered, another enterprise.

PAS - Tell us more.

Aunoonay - Answered with a relevant example.

MBS - Didn't you study at college?

Aunoonay - Sir, that was elemantry. 

*MBS chuckled - pleasantly*

MSS - You have got a call for BM also, where else have you got calls from?

Aunoonay - SP Jain, MDI and XLRI.

MSS - No IIMs?

Aunoonay - Only IIM Shillong

MSS - Okay.

*PAS - smile level: Deepika Padukone*

MSS - Why did you change roles at Zomato? Mention any one HR initiated practice that you liked and one that you disliked at Zomato.

Aunoonay - Answered all three.

*PAS continues to smile*

MBS - You use a pirated version of windows in your laptop right?

Aunoonay - No Sir. Why?

*PAS' smile turns awkward*

MBS - Because the print here (in my file) reads - "you need to activate your windows." [An almost transparent piece of text on a single page in the entire file.]

Aunoonay: Explained why it is so.

MBS - Not sure, anyhow it is okay even if you do use a pirated version.

Aunoonay - I don't Sir, but it is true that our ecosystem doesn't allow us to be completely honest. However, we must continue to try our bit.

*PAS' smile is back to normal*

MBS - Will you solve a puzzle? There is a 3x3 grid, insert numbers from 1 to 9 such that all rows and columns have the same sum.

Aunoonay - Seems like it will take some time but I'll think aloud and begin. [I explained the first two steps. He corrected me in between - I agreed to his logic and the suggested correction].

*Didn't look at PAS, but I assume he had the same smile*

PAS (while smiling, of course) - How is your business doing anything for the society?

Aunoonay - Answered.

MBS - It looks like a business which cannot scale up (to the other panelists).

Aunoonay - Sir, it can. As testimony we grew from 1 to 4 branches in 2 cities in 14 months.

PAS * with smile level - Amrish Puri* - How do you want to be remembered during your life and after death?

Aunoonay - Someone who takes care of his primary duties and secondary duties well where primary is taking care of myself and my dependents and secondary is giving and taking care of others.

PAS - And after death?

Aunoonay - As someone who initiated a new pattern of thinking, concept and logic.

PAS - Alright. That'll be all. Thank you!

Aunoonay - Thank you. Have a nice day!


1 - Prepare your file well, MBS went through my file throughout the interview. Looked at the certificates from all directions with absolute disregard to the landscape and portrait orientations.

2 - They'll hear you out and will give you sufficient time so don't hesitate.


Anunay [Recently acquired pseudonym - Aunoonay]

20th Feb, 2015, Bangalore BM

X: 91.60

XII: 89.40


PG(if applicable): NA

Any achievement / USP of yours :

Gd topic: Reservation should be made mandatory in the private sector.

Gd description in short : Started on a good note, discusses a lot of dimensions, but engrossed in discussion, weren't able to conclude, a big minus for the group. Abruptly ended.

Professor's description in brief: P1, P2, P3 (One was Uday Damodaran, others don't know)

PI experience: Entered the room, saw at least 5 documents which had my details, not sure what they all were, but they were going through all those forms.

Asked about my college name, Dhirubhai Ambani! Name two qualities of DA which you liked and why?

Mentioned Risk somewhere in the answer above,

So next obvious question was Define Risk? Took 4 shots at it, every time asked me to refine my answer, finally satisfied with what I answered the 4th time.

Also had mentioned Self-Belief in the 1st answer, so next question was, Define Self-Belief. could answer in 2 attempts this time 😛

Just as i ended, P3 said, "MBA is for people who don't believe in themselves". I replied, Sir, I beg to differ. P1, P2, and P3 in sync, We know that. 😲

Now take a minute to gather your thoughts and speak in favor of this topic.

Took a minutes time, gave them some Gyaan, how MBA helps. Drew a diagram to explain them. Seemed okay! 

The discussion now turned to the GD.

I had mentioned that the current reservation system doesn't serve the purpose with which it was implemented initially, we need to look at ways in which we can make it more efficient to help the people who really need the reservation and are deserving.

Asked me to design a system of Reservation that would be implemented overhauling the current reservation system. Asked me what steps are needed? How to go about it? How much time would it take? What are your assumptions? How do you plan to implement it?

I was in favor of reservation based NOT on caste but on economic well being. So asked me how would i classify the population, what factors can be considered. 

(IMP thing is they needed bullet points, no long explanations)

Did answer it, but could have done better, in a more organized way.

Now, they again started looking at the forms (4-5 of them) to find something. Each took a form or two and started analyzing it.

P2 had found something, I could see from his facial expression.

He asked, so tell me Mr, what is the difference between Rigorous and Demanding (words i had used in my assessment form)? Do they not mean the same?

 Gathered myself. Answered in the context i had mentioned the words and how each of them had different meanings. Felt good that i was able to defend myself well. However, He wanted to ask me more, but after my answer, he decided not to. (Don't know if that was good or bad).

Now, P2 took over.

Tell me 2 things you think you are really good at.
Taken aback, I had to say something. The words just blurted out from my mouth. Mathematics and Object Oriented Programming.

As soon as I answered I knew, I had made a mistake. Why would he want to know how good I'm at OOPS. I knew i had squandered a great opportunity here.

He asked me to give tangible evidence of the claim i had  made above. Showed him the score, told the books i had read in relation with mathematics, and OOPS. Also mentioned puzzles, online competitions and good rankings I had in them.  I knew this would have been a bad decision, but also told that they can ask me any puzzle, i would be able to solve it, or give a approach to the same. Unfortunately they didn't take that bait.

May be they were too disappointed with my answer 😞 😞

Next Q: Tell me a situation where you felt you have been left out or felt secluded? Why did it happen? Did you try to correct it? How did you go about it?

(Felt like yet another assessment question :P)

Answered each part very well. Seemed happy. Told Good.

All 3 looked at each other, went again through the sheets. Again shared looks. Told Good luck. We are done. Thank-you.

Wished them and left.

All while, all of them were writing in their pads continuously, throughout the interview.

Overall a decent experience. No document verification. Well organized

Any suggestions: Be confident and be ready to defend what you have written in your forms. Good Luck

Not sure how it went.Let's see.