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All CAT 2013 Aspirants Join this Thread

if 8 circles are drawn on an infinite plane. How many maximum distinct regions can be obtained by drawing the 8 circles in this way?

hello frndz,

i was peparing 4 cat 2013.bt nw i m lagging behind .prvs yr i can"t convet any elite b scl bcz of my 87%lie in cat and 84 in xat nd also didnt join any avg b scl..i m 2012 passout engg.(10th-82.12th-71,grads-61..and currently not having a job..vl join a steel plant in sept-oct....so if i put no wok exp..in cat applictn frm.. is it going to hampr my chances in top bscholzz or is my profile is bad for top 20 ones.(if this year i scored 95+)...should i put 5 mntss of exp ?i m bit disheartd 4 dis gap and in dilemma if to bang on my perpzz or stop thinking abt top ones.what should i do with my this 1 year.

any help plzzz....

I was told that Pagalguy.com provides mock papers as well. Can someone please tell me where can I find them? Also if this is posted in a wrong thread or something PLEASE guide me through it because I'm a new user.

Hey guys need one help. I wanted to go for TISS instead of SNAP exam. Well everyone know that its flagship program-HRM is one of the best. But going through their website, I found that their no. of intakes is low. And being it a govt. institution, after reservation, actual seats will be lesser. And keeping in fact that except its mumbai campus none other appear in top 60-70 list, should i go for it?
Are there any other good programmes provided by it?
plz help.

Hi All

Can somebody please share the TIME AIMCAT mock pdfs for 2013-2014.

I asked a lot of people but nobody seems to have them.

Thanks in advance !

Hi ! any forum for trigonometry questions ? Im not able to find one 😠

People from kolkata, please suggest a good GD/PI prep center or else we can very well assemble and practice at MAIDAN on weekends

The million dollar question which aspirants face


IIFT and CAT doob gaya... ab Xat ke liye parhu ya snap ya Nmat.. how to manage?

4 days to go...

I find it really weird that this year puys are more worried about NMAT & SNAP results and not about the mother of all mba papers CAT...

The only reasons that come to my mind is that most of the people have either screwed the paper or have lost the faith in it...I dont know my result but still CAT you will be favourite.

Hi guys, just help me with this!

I've had bad experience this year in exams ....don't have much hopes with CAT and XAT also... I've a 2+years experience ......i want to prepare for the next year....but thing is next year my experience will be 3+..would that create a problem in the GD/PI or inside the college in placements if i get selected???........does more work-ex also is a problem????

got 78.5... puys any hope on this score from a decent college??

If anyone is looking for room/roommates near by Gujarati Seva Mandali, Hyderabad, where TIME is conducting GD/WAT/PI classes, please message me. I am also looking for accommodation.


Hi, can anybody tell me what is the scope of International Business in India (PGDM-IB)? What kind of jobs are available and is it at par with PGDM? Thanks

Wow! First Arun Jaitley now Yogendra Yadav. When did PagalGuy become a platform to launch political campaigns?