NUS intake 2017

 Anybody who has got an admit for the Jan semester. Can be if different fields as well! 

National University of Singapore has announced its dates for 2017 Intake, Their first round deadline will be 31st Jan 2017. All You need is an undergraduate degree with strong academics and minimum 2 years of work Experience with a valid GMAT/GRE Scores. To complete your application you will also be asked to  provide the contact information about your two referees who can be your current employer, previous employer or corporate client. The application needs to be submitted online. Shortlisted candidates will get a call for an Interview.  

Hi! Anyone here applying with GRE scores?

Hi, any current student/ recent grad active here ? I had a few queries.

Anyone got an offer yet for 2017 batch ? And are thier any alums on board here ?

what is the fee structure. please share. 

SHould be send the TOEFL Score to the university. or an Official Copy of Score card upload would do?

Any Idea?

I'll complete 2 years of work ex by June 2017 am I eligible to apply for 2017 intake? -mba

Has anybody received an offer yet?

Do we need to explicitly send the gmat score to NUS , in addition to the mba application form ?

Hi. I've received an admit form NUS MBA for August 2017 Intake ? Anybody else here who got the admit ?

I am applying thorugh GRE. What should be the department code for NUS?

How long after the online application submission can we expect their interview shortlis/reject email?

I want to apply to NUS, but I am not sure how many seats are there for Indian candidates and how much are already filled. Anybody who can help on this front?

Hi ,

Is there an alumni of NUS / 2017 Convert on this thread willing to review my essays ? I am targetting the 31st January deadline . Thanks !

Hi guys, is a 650 gmat competitive with good academics and 3.5 years of experience with good brands. As the first round date is nearing and one cannot reapply in round 2 (in the case of R1 rejection) - Do I go ahead and apply or wait another month with a possibly higher gmat score? Would really appreciate a response. Thanks in advance!

My application status is -  Submitted online.

Is it done? Is there no application fee? Any action pending from my side?

Submitted my app on 29 Jan. However no email has been sent to the second referee. Does any one know how do I trigger it ? I emailed them and even called them but no responses.

Hi.I had my final interview with NUS yesterday. Could someone advise on how many days after the interview is the decision given?

Submitted my application on 30th Jan,2017.Till when can i expect an interview call(if i get one)?