NTRO Scientist B 2019

Can we have a poll of marks and category of applicants so that we'll be able to guess our chances of getting selected for interview.

Please comment with your Gate Score and Category.

Anybody have any idea when shortlist will be out?

Any one get any kind of mail regarding further procedure..?

List of candidates shortlisted for interview published.

Has any of the selected condidates received any mail from NTRO yet ?

how many cse candidates are going for interview?

hello friends, what is Scientific Aptitude Assessment and personality assessment in interview? 

If anyone had interview today, please share your experience. What was the format of scientific aptitude test and what was asked in interview ?

guys please share your experience of interview .are they asking techical or hr question .?plssssssssssssssss give some idea

Hey guys, How was the interview experience ? I was mostly asked question related to my job and databases. Kindly share your experiences also.

Have anyone from geo informatics stream got shortlisted? plz let me know if anyone aware of it. 

When will they give the result?

Any update on result ?

When will be results ?

Does anybody have any idea on when will they give the results?

Result will be published in next week. All the best.

when will we expect ntro scientist-B results


I think they may give results within few days they uploaded some medical forms etc

When is result coming?