NTPC ET Finance 2018

Hello Friends, Plz join the group for NTPC ET Finance preparation.

Whats app group for NTPC ET Finance, drop msg on 7060988777

Admit card kab aega

Do anybody having any idea about NTPC ET Finance exam date

anybody have previous year questions papers?

How you guys where preparing for ET Finance...can anybody will share some important points

Expected date of exam

Ntpc vs pgcil ......

Brock lesnar vs goldberg

Admit card out

What was the cut off for last year?

A firm sales 180 days maturity rupees 100 face value commercial paper for rupees 95 and incurs flotation cost of 1%.T he interest effective yield will be

  • 10.7℅
  • 10℅
  • 10.5℅
  • 10.9℅

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Is anyone having idea about the breakup of 50 marks in non technical section?

The budget that is prepared first of all is

  • Budget for the key factor
  • Master Budget
  • Flexible Budget
  • Cash Budget

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How was the exam?

Share your no. Of attempts

  • Below 80
  • 110-120
  • 100-110
  • 90-100
  • 80-90

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frnds plz comment the questions that u remember so that we can prepare those topics in next exams.

these are some of the questions that i remember.

pareto analysis


entertainment allowance

pension deduction limit

maternity leave under grautity

caro section

AS 11

working capital turnover ratio

full form of RAPDRP


payback period.

Guys can u share the information with respect to approx no of candidates in your centres

How was the English section

Yogesh bro....try to share finance ques with ans....so that everyone can estimate