Nominations for PaGaLGuY Volunteers [MadCapz] Program 2010

Does everyone feel a lot of buzz around with so many nominations for the Dream Teams, non stop activity in the City Study Groups and people going overboard in saying good things about each other? :: If you think the answer is yes, then a lo…

What about people who are not appearing 4 CAT

I will appear for CAT just to be eligible to apply ..will I be allowed??

First one to nominate :w00t:
Pg id : caterock (full name in the form)
Currently working
City: Ghaziabad/Noida (oscillates between these two.....but more in Noida)

madcapz is back !

i am sure it will recieve good response this year !

come on guys .. fill in ur nominations and grab the opportunity

to sign off , help and be helped

naga :cheers:

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here is wat chennai madcapz did last year ... this is jus to know wat a madcapz can do in his/her city


I would like to nominate for being a MadCapz..

City : Hyderabad


heeeeereeee it comes....
PG Madcapz...
jiska mujhe intezaar tha.. wo ghadi aa gai... :)

I have filled the form...
here is a short intro of mine :)

Name- Anshul Savant.. popularly known as mechie
City- Dil se Dilli.. abhi Bangalore..
Status- Double... oops.. I mean.. Working.. the status is working :biggrin:
Passion for PG- :lookround: I hope we have a guy fighting for bandwidth.. so I'll not consume much.. because if I write about the passion.. PG ke server na chhote pad jayein
Appearing for CAT - yes sir.. very much.. mock link in siggie...
any other information- I live near IIMB and also near PP's home here in bangalore ;)
hope that is the nail in the coffin for making me a MADCAPZ... PP.. listening :lookround: PG MadCapz Program 2010 are open
i was waiting for this from last year itself(didn't appear in CAT last year,well that's another story)
I would love to be a part of this program

Brief Intro-
Name-Abinash Kumar
Working/Student- Dono ke beech me hun:p...waiting for joining:banghead:
City-Patna/_____ (depending upon where JAITC give me joining)

I hope itni info kafi hai ya i need to tell more about me??

PS-Background of MC program form looks lovely;)
PPS- haven't fill the form ..will do it soon

Sorry, the MadCapz program is only for people who are appearing for CAT or any of the other MBA entrance exams this year.


I just want to open my heart here. Pagalguy is all about insane people, and insane people don't always follow the trend, there are so many threads here, some solely for Int. CFA/Bank PO etc., and the volume in those threads speaks of their numbers. :cheerio:

So, sir moderator please reconsider our chances too, as above all we love PG, like everyone(those appearing for CAT/XAT/FMS/IIFT/IRMA etc.), it is just that our priorities are different or is changed over time.

Sorry if i have crossed the limits here.

Name : Amodh

City : Navi Mumbai

Status : Appearing for Season 2011

Love for PG : Speechless

Finally, the day has come for which many puys awaited seeing the PG Madcapz rank for few fellow puys !

More over , their eagerness for the nominations to re-open increased when they came to know what all things are done by Madcapz. All the present Madcapz will agree to the fact that they received queries asking details of Madcapz throughout the season.

What can be a better place than this to re-iterate what have been said in past Going not too far, i will just share my experience !

My first act after getting selected for Madcapz was to form a PG Group in Mangalore ... formed a group of 4 puys in Mangalore which even increased to somewhere around 10 ( most of the members whom i was able to find were silent spectators of forum and co-incidentally all were from my company ), had meets , shared all the relevant stuffs regarding CAT preparation , floated chain mails discussing questions in office

Apart from this , went to Bangalore at regular intervals and attended many meets, interacted with fellow puys over there , got help from them and helped them ( again offline )... remained highly active on forum and formed a great study circle as well as friend circle ( online ) .. got the opportunity to be the part of team which was first to use new interactive PG Prep application last year .. the post won't end if i keep listing what an awesome journey it had been as a Madcapz!

Above things are not to boast ... but just to make you familiar with life of one of the Madcapz .. there are many Madcapz who have done many more things in their cities, took much more initiatives , helped the forum online as well as offline.

Among all days, the best day for every madcapz is the day when he/she receives the Madcapz Tee I wear it in my college and make my batchmates and seniors read the last line especially It's fun which you can experience only being a Madcapz!

Before signing off, remember pointers from my side :)
1. Becoming Madcapz should make you easily available for all fellow puys and ever ready to help them. Of course, you will be helped anytime as well

2. Responsibilty brings accountability ..always remember this!

3. Love puys, get love from them! Follow the few rules which help in making the forum , a second family for many puys like me 😃 and ensure that everyone follows those rules!

4. Never run from taking responsibilty ... do not say ' i can't ' OR ' the other madcapz will do' ... Always say ' i will do it ' .. .atleast put best of your efforts!

And most important.... keep focussed on your main aim as well ... which is nothing but to crack CAT and reach coveted B-Schools!

Wish you all good luck for your interviews which will be scheduled in coming days 😃 And for CAT as well .. go ahead and bell it with mouse !

Keep pouring in nominations

PS: Thanks for bearing with a long post !


I would like to nominate myself for PG MadCapz.

Name : Sayan

Status : Working in Software Company for the past two years ( IIM )

I am appearing for CAT,XAT and FMS in 2010.

Also planning to take my GMAT this year.

City : Bangalore

Love for PG : Hooked to PG since I started here actively.
Would love to have an opportunity to serve this forum from which I have learnt a lot.

hey ppl ...

below is my intro

name : Atul Mishra

status : B.E. final yr ( Electronics and Telecomm.)

planning to take CAT 10 and hoping wont have to sit for it ever again .

Name: keerthi

Status: on a break

Appearing for all the major management entrances this year

City: hyderabad

Love for PG: ohh i lost count of the no. of hours i spend here!

Feeling Nostalgic.........

MADCAPZ season :w00t: is once again here and here i come my Love....
though i was not in mood to write any exam this season but for MADCAPZ...kuch bhi karega.... ab MICAT to dena hi padega..........

Common Junta.......... you wont find any other platform better than this to show your zeal,anger,creativity,marketing skills, and offcourse your insanity.........

i can assure you that you ll find some of the awesomest,creative and coolest friends through PG MADCAPZ........

so what are you waiting for.... just fill this form and take your first step towards insane world....

HAIL PG........
PG ROCKS...... PG Rules......

PG ID : Devilishangel

City : Bhubaneswar

Status : Appearing for Season 2010 CAT, XAT, IIFT, FMS etc

Love for PG : Hum Tere pyaar mein saara alam khoo baithey, khoo baithey

Name: Brij Dwivedi

Status: Appearing for Season 2010 CAT, XAT, IIFT, FMS etc

Appearing for all the major management entrances this year

City: Bangalore

Love for PG:last year I just went to accompany r11gupta for PGMADCAPZ.
But some of intellectual interaction with Rohit sir and other fellow members were eyeopener for me.

Here's nominating myself for the PG Madcapz

My Briefest intro:

Name: Harsh
City: Mumbai
Qualification: CA
Preparing for: GMAT

Y PG madcapz
its been a while for me on PG discovering new things, meetin new & very interesting ppl & preparing myself also ...
now lets take it another level thats y me in for Madcapz

p.s. will fill up the form later since googel spreadsheets not allowed
request rohit to pls accept my nomination

Wow!! MADCAPZ is back...

PG ID - [email protected]

STATUS - Nominated

Love For PG - Can't express in words.

Why here? - To Help others and enjoy the insanity.


Name : Kinjal
City : Bangalore
Working as senior Software Engineer in a service sector company.

Appearing for MBA entrance exams :)

Just love everything about PG.

Nomination completed, hope to hear from PG soon :)

Updated Later:
I was surprised to see a mail from Rohit the next morning of my nominations. Thats the thing I love about PG :)

Looking to meet Rohit face to face soon. I guess last time was PG meet during the PG All india MBA tour stop @ Bangalore 😃