NMIMS Mumbai converts 2021-23

NMIMS Mumbai final converts 2021-23

mediclaim policy ka kisi ko idea h saste me?

when is the last date to pay and till what time? Pls reply

While filling up the form in Admission login, what do we have to fill in "Scholarship Program for Diaspora Children (SPDC)"? Not sure which one do I have to opt..

1. Children of Persons of Indian Origin (PIO), or

2. None of the above option.

Not sure what SPDC is all about!


What is NMIMS Registration number? Is it the same as GMAC ID? 

Hello everyone,

Does anybody know what we can submit in place of Relieving Letter if we are still working ?

Also is it true that u will get the payment link 24 hours after you submit all the documents?

I'm trying to reach to the helpline numbers, but have had no luck. If anyone here could please clarify the above two questions, it will be of great help.

Is it sufficient if we just accept the offer by end of day today or is there any other process we need to do by today


Hello guys,

Those who have submitted the e-application form for MBA programme, can you please confirm if you still see the "Submit And Print Application Form" option even after clicking "Submit And Print Application Form" button, like the one attached below?

Is there any way to confirm if the submission has actually been done?


Anyone received the Payment Link? Its been 24 hrs since I submitted all the mandatory documents but got no link as of now. 

 I submitted by application form yesterday but it has already been 24 hours and I still have'nt received a link for the payment of fees. Is anyone facing the same issue?  

As the online RTGS limit is 10L, can we pay the fees in two parts / multiple transactions? Has anyone confirmed with AdCom?

 Do we have to leave entire verification part blank or just the oath comissioner's part? 

 For the document verification upon joining nmims will digilocker certificates be accepted if I've lost the original? 

Is there any WhatsApp group for NMIMS converts.

if yes could you please send me the link

Thanks in advance 

MBA HR mumbai  or MBA Bangalore which is better

Could someone please send me the WhatsApp group link for NMIMS mumbai converts .

Is there any NMIMS Navi Mumbai convert ..... group???

Regarding the hostel fees, lets say college reopens in october, will hostel refund fees for the unused months (june -september)?

My friends merit Rank For NMIMS Bangalore is 2300 and for NMIMS Mumbai is 2550. He got a offer letter from NMIMS Bangalore today. What is the probability that he may receive it from NMIMS Mumbai also ? What last Merit Rank did get call from NMIMS Mumbai ? Anyone please help. 🙏