NMAT window 3

To discuss repeated questions from nmat(4th November onwards)

 Will the questions from windows 1 and 2 repeat in windows 3? 

 Will the questions from windows 1 and 2 repeat in windows 3? 

I hope to score more than 220 . Done with exams on 24th Oct

How was the level of the exam today ??

google docs link please?? old link not workiing

Yr.. why this link is not getting open. I have exam tomorrow in morning...

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O8fcjdC5vM98IOcxgmN3i8foHjza9vsbObdlt7dHCDk new link for window 3 , we l have to update it again😓

window 3 new group : nmat slot 3

Where is the window 3 doc gyes?

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZhUHuQMc9Or_rI95_Itp2Difbt7GINOSu96TODeNzu0/edit new group for window 3 slot and new doc , previous one has been deleted by someone

Can anyone share the link for nmat window 3 doc

Can somebody please tell that is giving exam on 20th nov useful?as it will fall in fourth window which stArts from 19th nov and hence less chance of safe questions being repeated Pl revert its urgent

keep updating the doc..plss

Keep updating doc gyes

Hi guys. Gave my exam on 4th nov. Wanted to know how everyone else is finding the paper. 

mumbai me center apna vile parle me hi hai na?

can anybody proide the link for window 3 docs....

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hmt022Oxf60ZqhKJRJXYhuv0_27ZHi-TdFLsywh4lsM/mobilebasic doc window 3

i had my exam yesterday and didnt find a single question from this list. people are just posting questions  just to mislead you.. pls dont rely on it.    many  questions  from doc  window 2 did repeat so i think window 3 guys are just...