NMAT cut offs

I got my score for NMAT. I got 172. Any chances?

My NMAT 2014 scorecard is 172...

Any chances of getting short listed for

Full Time MBA Program/MBA Banking/MBA Capital Market/MBA HR OR if not that then for PGDM Bangalore and Hyderabad Campus?

Hey Guys ,

I wanted to know How good are the other MBA programs in NMIMS MUMBAI except MBA CORE.In terms of Pay Packages ...

Hi friends.. my nmat score is 206.. any chances of mumbai campus...??

i got 209 but i have not applied for banglr campus and hyd...is it too late now, have i missed the bus. going by mum campus. going by cut off xpectations 210 , i got only banglor and hyd to look forward to.

NMAT  exam tips pls .....

how to prepare for nmat verbal section ?

please send me material if anyone have.

Can any1 plz tell me about the cut offs of NMAT...

Where to check my NMAT score?


NMAT results ??

cud u give me the link to where u got the result please

results out for first slot?? link please

are the scores released for first 15 day exam takers ??

can u send me the link of  nmat 2015 first  slot results

I got 207 in NMAT 2015.. Any Chances?

I got 197. Please tell me what are my chances?

i got 141 qs 58 ls 40 lr 43 is there any chances

i got 163 marks overll any chances i get pgdm courses of nmat??

can anyone let me know on the marks per question...i thought it was 3 marks each question but my score is not a multiple of 3. also can somebody tell me about the previous year's sectional cut-off for QA?

what is the timespan for the results to be out for the exam that i gave on 08/11???