Hey ! This is for those who are attempting NMAT 2019 in the first window.

Did anyone appear for NMAT today?

DID anyone appear for nmat today ?

generally what type of material we have for  doing rough work in NMAT?

Hi all.

All the best to the prople having their exam today.

Please post the vocab questions that come up in the exam.

Guys i have heard there would be a document floating around during the NMAT exam time, generally this document contain words that are being asked in exams. So be aware and try to get hand over this document list . That would be a great help !!

Dekho...akele akele NMIMS mat chale jana...Questions repeat hote hai window meh...thode yaha bhi post kar dena 😆 

 Guys, i wrote NMAT exam today.. the difficulty level was moderate. I think that the cut-off will be similar to last year.. While browsing, i found out this article today which talked about the test taking experience for first day first slot (today's first slot). Hope it will be useful to all..


Those who have given nmat can you please tell how were the RC passages?

Like were the questions direct and fact based or indirect questions were there?

Can anyone tell me how to access your percentile in free practice nmat on official site. Is the number in the ribbon the percentile?

Can anyone tell from where to parctice DI sets ?

What is the mrking scheme and expected cutoffs ?

where can i get docs

please share a link and plz tell that docs will be shared daily or whaat ?

When does the first window end?

Can someone pls share the google docs' link?

  6 boys n 10 girls complete job in 12 days. They completed 50% of job They are joined by 2 more boys and girls each and now 2/3rd work is completed. Remaining work is done by 1 girl in how many days?     

To all the people who have taken their test in Slot 1, are you able to schedule retake exam? On Nmat Portal, it shows that retake registration is not yet opened, but retake registration was supposed to start from 6th Oct. Please help @NmatbyGmac

Hi. I need help. I was supposed to give exam today but my centre could not conduct it due to network issue.. we called up Pearson and they said that we can reschedule the exam free if cost! But I wanted to give in this slot so as to have the option of retake open.. any suggestions??

hcf of three numbers is 6 and sum of numbers is 120.how many such triplets exist?Can someone please give an approach

is it easy to complete verbal section after atempting 3 rcs?