Nmat 2017 (2nd window)

People who are giving their nmat between 26th October to 5th November, 2016. Please join and help each other by sharing your experience.

People who are giving nmat during the second window please join and share your experience.

Hi Guys, I have my NMAT on 5th November It comes under 2nd window, right ?

2nd Window is from 22nd October. Right guys?

Could anyone please share the link of the documents for words?

When is the result of nmat window 2 coming ? any clue guys ?

How do I get access to questions asked in 2nd window ?

do anyone know  When is the result of nmat window 2 coming ?  

when window 2 result is comming?

 Guyz is it true that scaling during the last days of a window is harsh??....or are these just rumors?? 

 Guyz which test series is better for nmat?? Oliveboard or testfunda.....I personally found Oliveboard tougher than the actual exam.....plz suggest

bhaiyo aur bandiyo, result ke baare mein kuch pata hai?