NMAT 2014

Hi, what are the hot favourite topics in NMAT in the Quant section?

21,27,48,75,123,198,323..find the wrong number in the series

All candidates who complete the Test Registration process pay the test fee within the time specified and follow the published test rules, may sit for the NMAT 2015. It is the responsibility of the candidate to understand the eligibility requirements of the management program to which they are applying before deciding to register for NMAT. If a candidate registers for the test and then determines that he/she is not eligible for admission to the intended program, no test fee refund will be offered.

Test Pattern and Duration:-

It is a 120 minute test with 3 sections with details as given below.

Section               No. of Items (questions)                Allotted time

Language Skills        32                                            22 minutes

Quantitative Skills    48                                            60 minutes   

Logical Reasoning   40                                            38 minutes

Hi Friends.... I badly want sample of NMAT Papers.... if you have them then pls pls pls pls forward it to me..... I very badly need it....

hey guys... do we get our score just after we give our nmat ?

and if no, then how do we decide if we want to give it another shot ?

please reply..

hii guyz what type of ques. are going on nmat exams....any ideas.....

after how many days of taking the test, can we reschedule the test?

hi could someone please send me a link of the NMAT mocks(pdf files) conducted by TIME this year. 

thank you 

is IBS worth applying if one looks forward for good learning and placement ? answers from ppl,who have either passed out from IBS or are there currently in IBS will be appreciated..

the ids which i have do not contain my signature.. so would it create any problem in nmat exam ????