NITIE GD/PI experiences

hi guys, I 'ld request the ppl who had attended GD/PI at NITIE previously, to post their experiences and give some suggestions rgrd preperation for GD/PI for Nitie. Thanx in advance :: :: …

hi guys,

I 'ld request the ppl who had attended GD/PI at NITIE previously, to post their experiences and give some suggestions rgrd preperation for GD/PI for Nitie.

Thanx in advance .......

ya i also need info for the same ... my interview is on 7th may

Well...those of you who are freshers better brush up your acads. Last year a few of my friends who had calls were grilled on their Final year subjects. I cant say about experienced people ....but still...I guess people can start brushing up the funde atleast
All the best !


Dear Friends

This is the reply I got from one of the student of Nitie, whose contact was mentioned in This forum only.

though it is more specific to my profile but one thing is clear that they are not gng to grill people on Engg maths and Mech engg qts. though they can ask questions abt your acads depending on individual profile

hope it helps



hi kavindra,

i shall reply to u in the capacity of a member of the admissions committee..

that apart, let me remind u first that i am currently in chennai doing my summers with castrol. so i won't know the exact situation as it unfolds in the nitie campus.

but as of now, ur questions are easily answerable. u shud not be facing any kind of math or engg. questions during the interview. our alignment with CAT has done away with that ridiculous part of the entrance exam.

as far as interview is concerned, ur 5 years work ex will be the only thing u will be asked. that too, like all other interviews will depend on how u lead these guys to further and more further questions through ur answers. also, nitie interviews are pretty chill, these guys don't intend stressing you out in any way and neither do they last too long....about 20 min. max.

so relax, prepare urself well, and best of luck.
for any further queries, feel free to get back.

Class of 2005

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004 Kavindra wrote :
>Dear Friends
>I am Kavindra Agrawal, Membar of, came to know about u guys from there only, got a call from Nitie for GD/PI.
>I am B.Tech from IIT Bombay and work ex of 5 yrs.
>As Nitie is considering CAT scores for the first time and last yrs they used to ask abt engg qts and engg Maths probs in written test, is there an y chance of these type of questions being asked in interview this time.
>Also in the context of me having 5yrs work ex.
>Please guide to prepare for the Interview
>hoping to get ur vauable response

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ok im real late for posting this but maybb it ll be useful next year

GD - was all tech related stuf.. like in our case: Biotechnology as a business oppurtunity...

another topic i heard was : advantage of cellphones in rural telephony ..

PI was terrible for me (btw i did not get thru NITIE ) I was so pissed off with the place and the arrangements (sorry NITIE junta, but i have to say this.. ) that i was really not interested.. SO mayb u guys cud conclude from the PI on "what not to do for a NITIE interview "

First qn put to me was "Why did u wear a red tie?"
Then " Introduce urself"
He then asked me about my IIMC GD/PI experience..
Asked me my fav subject (i said Digital image processing) asked me another subject ( isaid Digital signal processing)
those chaps had no idea wat these things were - they r all mech guys.. so all u mech guys prepare very well..
He then asks me do u remember power electronics - i said i do not..
still asks me a couiple of IC numbers and to recogniae wat they do.. eg .8088 , 8086 etc.. i was able to recognize only a few.. rest i say i dont know..
He says i have a low percentile for DI, but DI is needed for being a good manager..
i said " i beg to differ"
i guess that was it.. so he tells me bye bye..
my interview was over in 5 minutes.. rest of the ppl had about 20 min interviews.. i guess they hated me a lot
anyways did not get thru NITIE, but got thru IIMC

all the best guys.. remember to prepare well in tech,,



Hi ppl,

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hey thanks pads
im frm electronics too with no interest in the subjects u ve mentioned...or rather any subjects wat do i tell them then

whats the need of this thread friends as we already have a healthy one working......thats what i think....u may feel the opposite ...ur wish


if there is another thread pl post the link biki


anybody frm hyd havin their interview on 9th march pl i wud like to know:grab: