NITIE GD/PI Experiences 2007

Hi everyone NITIE’s GD/PI process begins on the 13th. Please use this thread to jot down your GD/PI experiences at NITIE. This will definitely be of help,either to the current lot ,or to future aspirants. And besides,we puys love writing…

Hi everyone

NITIE's GD/PI process begins on the 13th.
Please use this thread to jot down your GD/PI experiences at NITIE. This will definitely be of help,either to the current lot ,or to future aspirants.
And besides,we puys love writing,dont we :satisfie:

I know there is a GD/PI thread going on,but it becomes difficult to locate the experiences in that mammoth thread,wading thru 100s of posts,esp for nooBies.

All the best everybody, lets conquer NITIE!!

PS Pleae try to give a detailed transcript of the PI. Makes for interesting reading!

Hey Best Luck All..

Give ur Best Punch... :grab:

- Sandy

So I am the first one to post my experience...
though definitely not the best one to be remembered but anyway,
just posting to give the details of the process,
GD - they call in a group of 10, thinking time 3 minutes, 18 minutes for discussion and 2 minutes for conclussion,
then the interview...average time of Interview was 15 minutes before I went inside..for me it was 7 minutes:neutral: dont know what to make out of it goes
5 ppl in the pannel...I went inside...I couldn't even sit properly...
P1 - tell me about urself in 1 minute, what is special about u?
me - told
p5 - how does the cricket ball swings
me - explained
p5,me - some more discussion on types of swings, favourable conditions and all.
p3 - use of information tech. in different walks of management
me - told
p4 - then why dont u stay in IT(I have work ex of 31 months)
me - told him that I dnt want to limit myself
p1 - why MBA...what triggered that u want to go for a MBA
me - told with an example from my life.
p3 - thanks
me - :(
thats it...nothing about even my work...what I do...nothing...guess the verdict is out for me..besties to all of u.

So I am the first one to post my experience...
though definitely not the best one to be remembered but anyway,
just posting to give the details of the process,
GD - they call in a group of 10, thinking time 3 minutes, 18 minutes for discussion and 2 minutes for conclussion,

Thanks for ur post! Appreciate ur fast sharing!

But when ever u r free plz post the GD topic (also with some points which were nice as per the group) and since I also have same kind of workex so if u can elaborate the PI more, would be of great help!

Thanks n ya Best Of Luck!:)

had my good day at nitie.. after the debacle at indore..

GD topic:

flexi timings or fixed timings are better at work

ppl came with good points..
i had a good talk


First Q ..

tell me sth that differentiates u from the rest
i said sth entrepreneur fixed plans. etc...

had my good day at nitie.. after the debacle at indore..

GD topic:

flexi timings or fixed timings are better at work

ppl came with good points..
i had a good talk


First Q ..

tell me sth that differentiates u from the rest
i said sth entrepreneur fixed plans. etc...

Thanks 4 tht prompt experience sharing!
coudl u pls elaborate a little on the interview- about qts on ur future plans?cos im on a similar track...& it wud b nice if u share some ans which went well...
N r u a fresher? any techie qts?

please post your GD/PI experiences at the earliest...also if there are some other relevant things about the process... do they inform you in the morning regarding the approx time of your GD/PI during the day?

i came back from mumbai last nite and am back to work today :neutral:
i cant post my experience in detail as am stuck with work now.. will do it later.. but i will put forth some highlights of the process.

1.) Accomodation: Dont worry, there are quite a no. of rooms available, just head to
PGP1-2 block and ask for acco by showing ur call letter.

2.) The process starts at 8.00 , you will be required to assemble @ the auditorium.
(which is a relief from the heat outside ) where a presentation will be made abt NITIE and the programs @ NITIE.

3.) check the group no. of your GD and your interview panel no. it will be listed on your
call letter.. and those of you who havent got a letter dont worry, there is a list that
has been put up.

eg: mine was 21/A/5
GD grp 21 and interview panel 5.

4.) Pray that your GD-interview finishes quickly.. thats all you can do.. cos if ur luck is
bad, u might be waiting till 5 in the evening for the interview :neutral: .(dont worry about getting bored during the waiting part, there is a huge database of movies/clippings waiting for u at the auditorium :D)

5.) please keep all the xerox copies of the certificates mentioned. (Extra currilcular
certificates and character certificate exempted). even though there is a photocopy machine, it saves you time and anxiety if u have them ready.

6.) Important point, some of you might have been shortlisted for 2 programmes at NITIE
PGDIM/ISEM/ITM. in that case you will be having 2 seperate interviews .
check the subject in your call letter, it will be mentioned as to which program you
have been shortlisted for.

7.) GD is of 20 mins duration. dont have to take a pen/pad.. everything will be provided.
general topics most of them. some of the topics i could recollect from yesterday:

*Private universities- Good or Bad
*Indo US nuclear deal- where are we heading
*Will the retail boom affect the kirana shop owners (something like that)
*Should higher education be subsidized
*Should management education be subsidized.
*Right attitude and not skill is the key to success.

8.) Most of the interviews were chilled.. the panel made us feel very relaxed . The avg
time for each interview was around 15 mins.

9.) Food in the canteen is pretty good.. u dont have to go out anywhere and dont miss out on a walk around the lake in the campus... its serene and beautiful 😃

All the best to all Puys.. keep ur cool, and you will do well.:)

Hi ,

Am just back from NITIE after giving my GD PI.
The process started at 8 AM when all students were seated in a auditorium.

We were assigned batches, of 10 and called accordingly.
few ppl will take time, ( might be 7 Pm before ur done with ur PI :- ) but u can enjoy the movies in an AC Audi, talk to seniors , chill around the beautiful campus 😃

My GD topic was
"Individual Brilliance certainly makes a difference"

The topic was ok. I found very few points to talk about.
Most of the points revolved around specific examples. After 10 mins. the discussion started becoming boring ( for me 😃 , dunno abt the panel ).

2 mins to think
15 mins to discuss
2 mins to summarise.

GD was very cordial. No fish market.

Then we had to wait in a room for our PI's.
We were assigned panel's for PI's too. ( 1- 4 )

My PI had 5 prof's . P1 , P2, P3 , P4, P5
moi - M
P1 and P4 dint ask anything.

M: enters , good aft :)
P3 - 😃 , revant , wot is this photo ? u r so serious ?
M - 😃 , sir i dunno wot to say ...
P3 - But look at u now, u look so jovial .. :)
M - :biggrin: .. sir .. i do not photograph well .. :)
P3 - are, u shd put up good photographs, after looking at ur photo, we thought, who is this serious dude, shd we call him in ?
M - :D
p3 - we decide and judge on photographs man :)
M - 😁 , sir i have been to many studio's .. i dunno wot to do :-|
P3 - keep this smile that u have on now .. take a pic now ..
M -

P3 - ok .. intro urslef

( by this time im all relaxed 😃 )

P3 - give only ur achievements
M - Sir ...... acads... work exp ... ( IT , client IB )
P2 suddenly sits up ...
P2 - wot do u work on
M - sir .....
P2 - wot does this s\w application do ..
M - sir ........
P2 - more on the application ...
P2 - OK have u undergone trainings in finance in i-flex?
M - yes sir .. basic finanace and Invt Banking basics
P2 - wot in IB
M - sir capital markets, equity, debt, MF's, little bit of derivatives
P2 - wot is an option
M - said .....
P2 - went into detials abt price, premium , margin call, exchange ....
M - answered little .. said i wanna think a bit on1 question .. took 10 secs, and P2 changed the topic... ( he understood time deke koi fayeda nahi 😃 )
P2 - so in ur s\w application .. tell me wot happens when i trade in an equity
M - said ...
P2 - nodded most times ..

P3 - so revant .. hobbies .. wot do u do in ur leisure time ..
M - sir football ....
P3 - ok , have u played professionally ?
M - sir rep. college in Univ level tournaments ..
suddenly P5 - wot position do u play .. forward ?
M - sir, defender

P3 - ok tell me .. do u know kaiser ?
M - :huh: .. sir .
P3 - kaiser - football player
M - no sir .. is that a nickname ?
P3 - yes, in fact u can guess , coz the name says which country he s from.
M - no idea sir ..
P3 - its Franz Beckenbauer ..
M - oh 😃 .. hmm
P3 - Tell me who introduced the open style of football ..
M - :-| .. sir ..
P3 - open style ... 4-3-3 , 4-4-2 is all for saying .. nowadays even defenders score goals .. who started this ...
M - i guess it was England
p3 - no it was denmark ..
M - 😃 . i dint know that sir ..
P3 - of course u dont 😃 ..

P3 - do u read revant ?
M - sir , abt football ?
P3 - no no.. generally ?
M - yes sir ..
P3 - wot ?
M - i used to read fiction ...
P3 - tell me wot in fiction ...
P2 - no tell me last novel u read ..
M - sir google story ..
P2 - when was google started
M - 1999
P2 - wot is the book abt
M - said .....

P2 - why mba ?
M - said ..

and now comes the most hilarious part of the int.

P2 - u r working .. nice sal. , u ll lose out on so much ...
M - :- .. sir ... again said y mba ... :)

again P5 takes interest

P5 - wot kind of sal. are u looking after passing out from NITIE
M - :shocked: .. sir ..
P5 - no no .. tell us .. wot does i-flex pay b-school grads ..
M - sir . min. is arnd 5 lakhs ..
P2 - opportunity cost of doing ur mba ..
M - defined ..
P2 - pay back time ..
M - defined ...

P5 - wot is ur opprtunity cost ..
M - sir abt 8 lakhs ..
P5 - how ?? u r earning 8 lakhs now

M - :shocked: :wow: :wow: :wow:
M - sir im earning only XXX ( garib hun yaar ..bhavnao ko samjho )

P5 - wot is this, this is ur Jan Pay Slip ... Amt * 12 = 8 lakhs

M - Sir, that pay slip contains 4 months arrears after appraisal and my medical reimbursent for the entire year !!!!

P1 , P2 , P3 , P4, P5 - ..

P5 - we though, ur earning so much .. y MBA then ?

M - :oops: ...

P3 - ok ok .. go .. thank u
M - :)

It was a good PI.
They were all jovial and in the mood.
BUt the next girl who went in after me, got slaughtered ...
no reason, they just felt like taking a stress interview.

cannot say whether it was good or bad,
coz there were questions i cdnt answer ...
But as the int was light most of the time .. u have a feel good factor 😃
So no indications abt results, but atleast was 😃 most of the time ..

The last 2 mins i was wondering , y r they asking questions like , "wot sal are u expecting" ....

ATB for the rest of u :thumbsup:

Had my GD\PI yesterday...

Had a descent GD and horrible PI..

GD topic: Positive attitude and not knowledge is required for business success.
Time given 18 minutes. We ran out of fuel in say 10 minutes but still had to go on. Ppl kept coming with examples. A very boring GD.

Next comes the slaughter of year for me. I went on to ask a NITIE guy when is my interview scheduled? Do i have enough time to go and take my breakfast. He immediately sent me in.

Some 5-6 ppl in the panel. They started "Some name how are you"? i said sorry sir my name is vishal. Everyone seemed amazed "wat??" I wonder if it was my name or they heard something else. One of them says almost angrily who sent you in??? I am like wat is happening here. Suddenly one of the panelist comes up with realization (and to my delight) "hey his name is in the last page"...

(Dont remember who asked wat. I'll just use P for Panel)..

P: Tell us about urself?
Me: blah... ended with my "movie making" interests..
P1: so u make movies?
Me: Yes
P1: Do you know ****** (star are there because i dont remember thew word and not wat u thouht :D)
Me: ??????
P1: (With surprize) U dont know ******
Me: (Yaar yeh PSPO thode na hai)... sorry sir
P1: ok u know (3 more random names)
Me: (Now my GK about movies is certainly not bad but i had no idea who this guy was talking bout) I said sir i follow main stream cinema. Perhaps these are from some regional cinema coz i never heard of them. (This was enough to raise P1's temper and blow off my chances in NITIE)
P1: (almost angriliy now) have you heard of movie called "lost bicycle"
Me: No sir (chod do yaar...)
P1 by now is completely pissed off. If he had his way he wanted to sent me back immediately.

now P2: so u have studied economics?
me: yes sir
P2: wat is economics?
me; (the scarce resources wala gyan)
P2: wat is principle of economics?
me: reitrated the gyan
P2: no tell me wat is the principle.
me: gave some gyan on demand supply.
P2: cutting me u dont know wat is principle of eco?
me: sir i dont remember if there is something called principle. I remember the concepts. Probably i have forgotten the principle.
P2: u have studied finance also
me: (kyun padha tha... :(() yup
P2: some discussion on balance sheet
me: not convincing at all
(meanwhile P1 who still is in a state of shock coz i have not heard the name of the movie "lost bicycle" starts waving his hand as in "let him go")

P2: you are from Information and communication tech background?
me; yes (thanks for the realization... i have done my engineering and not B.Com)
P2: so wat did u study in communication in your four years.
me: rumbled out all the things which i studied in last four weeks (gaining my short lived confidence back)
P2: ok
me: (ok???????? cmon kuch to pucho :(()

P3: so how do u rate the communication scene in india?
me: rate as in you want me to compare with something else... or a scale of 10 sort thing..
P3: no .... just compare with USA and say whether we are 10 years back or 20 years back...
me: oh ok... gave out the gyan on 3G in USA and europe and 2.5 in india... and how are very close to getting them...
P4: (cutting me) ok go.

The woes doesn't end here.
Reached my room and saw the results of IIFT. Yahan bhi shock. Had a superb interview but not converted. :(((

Had my GD\PI yesterday...

Had a descent GD and horrible PI..

The woes doesn't end here.
Reached my room and saw the results of IIFT. Yahan bhi shock. Had a superb interview but not converted. :(((

never mind dude..atleast u were asked some questions...I was to simply blown out of the room after 7 minutes...btw I think urs was the stress interview. They only know what they see in a guy...

There are no much experiences posted even after the end of 2nd day..
Jaago Puys!!!
Me in NITIE enjoying the free net.. but damn slow.. :-(
have mine tomo..

As promised.. here is my GD/PI Experience.

CAT %ile: 94.7
Xth: 85%
XII: 87%
B-Tech: 80.1%
Work ex: 2.5 Yrs in IT
Date of interview: 13/3/2007

was there at the auditorium at sharp 8.. but there was a bit of chaos.. as expected on the first day.. but things finally settled down and everyone was seated in the audi after registering:) . The presentations were really good.. the background music used for all of them was awesome.. kudos to the impact team for that.

it was an agonising wait till 12.30 :neutral: for getting my certificates verified and get into the GD Room. There were 5 ppl moderating the GD :wow: , but only one lady was giving all the instructions. The topic was 'Private institutions: Good or Bad'
a general topic and as expected there were few moments of fish market and cross talk..
came in 4-5 times and gave in one good point of Private institues poaching the faculty of govt. colleges by luring them with high salaries:).
Over all pretty controlled GD and we reached a conclusion.. everyone got to speak as it was around 20 mins in total..
The best part was that even the Summary kind of became a GD , with everyone trying to contribute to the summary..! :s

had my lunch and came back for the PI. Met a 2007 passout from PGDISEM and he was giving gyan abt the course and placement profiles.. :)

Interview scenario:
there were 6 ppl on the panel :wow: looked like i was the moderator and they were in a GD.!
i will collectively call them 'Q' (all the questions ) and myself 'M'

M: Good afternoon.. while entering and realising i had to say good afternoon hell lotta times:wow:
Q: Good afternoon. we are having trouble in pronouncing your surname guru...
M: it is guruvugari..
Q: oh.. we would call you just Anup.. is that fine..?
M: ya thats fine (what else cud i have answered? :S)

Q:Thats a very nice suit you were wearing.. where did you get it stiched..?
M: (ah.. theres my opportunity ), Sir i bought it in Melbourne cos it was a protocol for the xmas party over there.. (Couple of minutes gyan on my onsite trip)

Q:ok Mr.Anup.. i see you are working in IT for 2.5 years.. why sudden jump to ISEM?
M: started giving gyan about it.. current global scenario.. importance of Environmental mgmt.. et all
Q: Dont talk to us like UN seceratary general :wow: talk to us like Anup..
M: smile.. everyone else also smiles.. then i gave routine why MBA kinda answer..

Q:Dont you think you are taking a very big risk..?
M: Sir, this would be a calculated risk and a rewarding one..
Q:Can you tell me Pros and cons of this risk..???:
M: (what is this.. where is it going.?) i told them advantage is the huge opportunity it would present after 2 yrs.. with lotta emphasis on env sustenance and protection and NITIE offering a unique course not offered anywhere in the country
( everyone satisfied)
Q: can you tell us disadvantages..
M:hmm err.. it is a calculated risk as i said sir..
everyone smiles.. ??:

Q: So what are your current responsibilities...?
M: Told them.. abt my client and job et all...

Q:Can you tell me how you can use technology in Env Management..?
M: ma'am one application that i can see is the design of a system that can monitor the emission levels of the industry and thereby steps can be taken to keep it in control. :)
(They seemed to agree... )

Q:So can you tell me how you can use technology to avoid a disaster caused by a Tsunami? :wow:
M: Ma'am.. we can design sensors/posts at the coast and use an advanced alerting mechanism that would relay the threat of the incoming tsunami to as many centres as possible in the shortest time..
Q: Do you think just by alerting, you can reduce the damage.? :satisfie:
M: yes ma'am.. i believe one of the chief causes for the huge damage of the last tsunami was because ppl took the tsunami for granted, they did not know how much destruction it can cause.. there were tsunami's of lower scale in the indian ocean and they thought may be even this was of similar magnitude and the evacuation was not done...
(Again everyone gave that customary nod.. )

Q:I see that 40% of ppl applying to NITIE and many other B-Skools this year are from XXX (my company).. why do you think is it so..? does your company provocate ppl to do an MBA..?
M: Sir it is an individual choice.. and its just a co-incidence that most of th ppl are from my company.. ??:
Q:Then why not any other company..?
M:Sir there are lotta ppl in other companies also trying to get into BSkools.. as is said it is a personal choice and no set pattern.. (He dint want to be convinced 😞 )

Q: Do you believe in all this hype about environmental damage, green house gases, ice melting, water level rising..? how far is it true..?
M: Yes ma'am a lotta study is happening around the world on this and it has been proven that unless we cut down on emissions it would turn into a waiting disaster. (Now for some unasked gyan :D) ma'am but i dont agree with some of the steps suggested to curb the global warming like planting trees.. studies have proved that excessive plating of trees in some regions has actually worsened the scenario cos the additional trees are now absorbing more CO2 and thereby increasing the local temperatures of the region. (everyone may be was thinking.. too much gyan.. but i was happy i put this point :D)

Q:So does your company sensitize you abt the importance of Env and how to preserve it..?
M: (There's my chance again.. ) Yes ma'am.. infact im proud to say that my campus is ISO 14001 certified .. water mgmt.. recycling et all.. 😃
Q: hmm. so you have a nice job and nice company with ISO14001.. why do you want to leave it..?
M: Ma'am i want to make all the other companies also ISO 14001 certified
(Everyone laughs and simultaneously nods.. )

Q: what other calls do you have..?
M: Reluctantly.. SPJain sir.. (dint tell abt IIT Kgp n IIFT.. dunno why ??: )
Q: Is that all..? no other calls..?
M: (do i look like a BLACKI..? ) yes sir.. thats it no other calls..
Q: so if you get thru both of them.. which one would u join? ( i saw that coming 😞 )
M: Sir NITIE (obviously ) cos i put my first preference as PGDISEM.. and i really lked the course and found it very relevant to the current precarious scenario of the Env (same old gyan )...
Q: Hmm.. they look satisfied.. atleast by the way they reacted.. dunno what they were thinking inside..?
i was already rehearsing the answer for the same qst at SPjain interview.. if asked.

Q: ok anup.. thank you. that wil be it.
M: Thank you.. :)

phew.. it just felt like i was in for 5-7 mins.. but it was around 15 mins as ppl waiting outside told me... It was feel good interview with lotta nods from their side, dunno how the result would be like.
i came out of the interview and checked my IIFT result.. they kicked me... 😞 and i was relieved that i dint check the result before my NITIE interview..??:
No qsts on acads thankfully for me.. :)

Hoping for the best.. All the best to Puys for your interviews..

Here goes my experince.....on 13


CAT 99.48
Calls MDI and NITIE
1.5yrs of work ex in software.

The GD topic was "Big retail chains will wipe out the small kirana shops"
(maybe it was worded differently)

Has a bad bad GD..... Became a fish market from the very begining....

somewhere between gd and intv , i got to know that I have been kicked out by IIFT in spite of having a good GD/PI.... went in the nitie intv having a great feeling of being rejected...

Interview (Panel 1)

There were four ppl:

P1: One guy who asked questions only in hindi
p2: Did not bother me
P3: Most influntial of the lot. Most of the qustions were asked by him only...
P4: His only job was to stare at me.....

P4: Show me your file....
Me got up from my seat to give it to him
P3: ok tell me abt urself...
Me: Stories....In between the story P4 asked me to take the file back. I got up e collected the file and again sat down. Didnt bother to stop the story all the while....
P1: Ye NSIT kya hai.... koi pvt college hai kya...
me: gyan.....
p3: so u seem to be very active in organising fest... what rle u had....
me: told....
P3: what strategies did u use....
me: wanted to tell them 3 4 points but they were not giving a lot of oppurtunity to speak. kept on cutting in between. Never allowed me to speak more than one sentence at a time (except the intro where i wsant stopped)
P3: Name of the fest
me told
P1: kitne paise aaye fest main
me: around 10 lacs...
All: shocked ... itne jyada...
me: gyan abt college.... best college in delhi after IITD... big fest....wanted to say other things but was cut in between.
P3: who was the chief guest...(Now I got....So u guys are skeptical.... u think that I am bluffing that i helped organised the fest)
me told
P1: Why do u want to leave ur company.... its very good time to be in industry....(abe seedha saadha poocho na why MBA)
me : gyan
P3: which other calls.... why Nitie...etc...
P3 to others : aur kuch poochna hai.... all of them shook their heads...
(abe abhi to sirf 5 min hue hai.... kuch to poocho yaar.... I guess even P3 was thinking the same.... so he himself asked few more ques)...
P3:Ok so u said ur father has a govt job.... where does he work
me: told
P1: ok so cauvery rever dispute id being handled by ur dad...
me: yes.... indirectly... not directly invloved...
P1: so u can get the water for TN by asking ur dad to help....(all started laughing...)
me: (In the midst of their lainging stint)... even manmohan singh cant do that...(still kept on laughing)
P3: whats it about:
me: One line gyan...
P3: Figures??
me: (wanted to answer ... new them roughly but forgot the units...) sir 420 eh ah for TN.... sir not exactly sure if units....
4 5 questions followed... where never allowed me to answer any question for more than 4 5 words....
P1: asked soemthing about andhra pipeline... I had no idea....

One thing i must admit is that even though these ppl looked shabby.... they had good knowledge... maybe its part of their job....but they were well versed with the gyan i gave them about cauvery river dispute...

Now when i am narrating the experience it seems a lot of questions were asked, but my intv just lastedd 10 min.... the reason being they were never allowing me to speak more than one line at a time.... It seemed they were in a hurry to ask a lot of questions but not intrested in the answers....

Did anyone else had a similar experience where u were not allowed to speak much......

Here goes my experince.....on 13


CAT 99.48
Calls MDI and NITIE
1.5yrs of work ex in software.

Did anyone else had a similar experience where u were not allowed to speak much...... my case they dint even ask that many questions...mine was the shortest in terms of time I guess in NITIE history 😐 7 minutes...and I dont want to read anything out of it...I guess they were predecided that they dont want me...they asked absolutely nothing...not even work, acads, nothing
seanmit 7 minutes...and I dont want to read anything out of it...I guess they were predecided that they dont want me...they asked absolutely nothing...not even work, acads, nothing

Thtswhat buddy....

"they were predecided ..........that they dont want me"

I totally agree with the first part of ur sentence and totally disagree with the other one. U wrere among the first few to have completed the intv.... I guess this easily means that u have a percentile in excess of 99.8.... so with that percentile plus the workex.... they can only be predecided that they want to take u in so no point wasting time.....

.... I feel the same logic could have been applied in my case too.... I just want someone from NITIE to substantiate my optimism.....

PS: BTW which panel conducted ur intv...
Thtswhat buddy....

PS: BTW which panel conducted ur intv...

mine was pannel 3

i had my GD/PI on 13th....

GD topic: Should management education be subsidised

GD was pretty good except for first few minutes when everyone tried to enter in...on a whole it was pretty good in my understanding as lots of points were put in..still then we ended up prematurely by around a minute.....

now for the PI:::::(

as soon as i entered they were asking me something ...finally took out some time to wish them good afternoon and took my bomber was...why r u nervous
me::i am not nervous sir
p::tell us abt urself..
me::told abt my eduacation and workex....was cut in between
p::asked again ..why r u nervous??:
me::i am not nervous sir...
all the time they were smiling .....
then when i was telling something abt my work which is related to banking project on which i work at satyam
p::what is GLF account?
me::i don't know sir (don't know till now:wow: )
p::what is MICR number
me::don't know
p::u have a passbook
me::yes sir
p::have u seen the MICR number there
me::i don't know what is MICR no.
p::do u use MICR number in ur project
me::(now frustrated) i have no idea abt MICR no.
p::another guy asked ..technical kuch yaad hai ya bhool gaya.....
me::i have some idea sir
p::which was ur fav subject
me::automobile engg
p::why r u nervous
me::(not again)...sir i am not nervous....!!!!!!!!
p::tell some use of electronics now a days in vehicles
me::told abt electronic fuel injection and related efficiency and pollutionn control done by it...some steering mechanism..think he was satisfied....was cut now and asked
p::what is a flywheel
me::how silly...forgot this ...they asked to try and i told abt governer by mistake .....enough i thought for being kicked out...
p::i am a lay man...tell me abt steel...think i have no idea abt it
me::explained ..he was satisfied
p::you were staying in rourkela ,orissa did u pass out from Delhi Public School
me:: sir DPS has a branch out there at rourkela....
p::u r from rourkela come ur address says ..chennai
me:::wow: sir i am working presently in chennai
p::what are the types of brakes used in vehicle
me::disc brakes,drum brakes
p::wat abt shoe brakes
me::yes sir that as well

p::why is ur score so low in verbal...(
me::sir i was not best but performed decently during my mock exams in verbal
p::cut me and asked...but this performance is even not decent
me::it was not my day with verbal that day...

p::ok may leave

me::thought bye bye NITIE

is there any chance they call me because of my hopes with my PI process is as low as i can imagine

hi 2 all..
dis s my 1st post ever in pagalguy..

i had my gd/pi on 15/3/07

Cat%- 99.21 (99,98,92)
XIIth - 87.5
X - 87.3
Called for - PGDITM (i mentioned it as my 1st prefernce 😞 )
im a fresher (doing Btech in comp sci.) and NITIE is my sole call (actually nt filld many)
IIMs dint call me.God knows vot dey want..

so here goes my start off i wud lik 2 mention n congratulate [email protected] Team for their commendable show there..u people are awesome..

well to start off..
GD: Budget 2007 : progressiv or populist..

mine was ok types..came in 4,5 times..gave sum gyaan ..stats n was very ordinary.i wud giv myself 6.5/10 to be restrictive..

well bout d PI vot d hell mi supposd to get admission in a B-school or sum software company lukin at one side f d coin TECHNICAL..
puys do revise ur technical well b4 goin dere..

so here it goes..

M: Poor me
P: Panel of 6 members
L: well he was d main man i thot was there.he needs a special notice

6 on 1..firing from all sides :wow:

P: ur intro.
M: tell dem bt in bwn i was interrupted by L b4 i cud even cum down 2 my achievements..
as soon as i reachd a line.. and a flair for computers

L: vich ur favrt subject..
M : i havnt brushd up many bt still i can try..
L: vich subject have u brushed up..
M: Operating system,DBMS,DS
L:op resources.
M:tell dem bt fumbled a bit on account of d weird faces Mr. L was making..
so msd out a few crucial pts..
vow vot a dead
L: told me u misd File systems,proces,,
M: ya ya :neutral:
L: diffrnt file systems..
M: tell them.FAT NTFS

Level 1 cleared

L:few qs on memory management (Thrashing, page replacemnt , Virtual memory)
M: tell them :satisfie:

Level 2 cleard

P: a few qs on DBMS
M: tell dem bt mumbled in one question..:satisfie:
P: related to my project frm IITK (hehe now ur into my business area)
M: tell them 😃
P: neural netwrks n al.
M: cum on gimme a break..tell dem

Level 3 cleard

P: fuzzy logic..
M: no idea boss..
P: few more qs on technical..
M:i thnk i answrd most f them..
now bak to Mr. L
i was kinda intimidated..nt managed to get a faint smile..

Level 4 cleared

L: vich dependency in 5 dem.
M: sir project join dependecy..

he was awestruck how cum he knew he was totally fed up f all his attempts 2 blow my i kept my satisfied since it was my 1st pi ever n i realy want it 2 b d last 😃

L: thank u ..
M ; thanku sirs,thanks u maa'am in a hurry i rushed out..managd a smile while leaving..

bt really i don understand vot kinda intervw was this..can any1 here tell me vot r my chances..