NITIE GD-PI Call Getters (2008-2010): Post Your Profile

So the long wait ends now…!! The results are announced at .Congratulations to all who have made this far… The next round of battle will be beginning soon… :slight_smile: To all w…

So the long wait ends now...!! The results are announced at .Congratulations to all who have made this far.. The next round of battle will be beginning soon... :)

To all who got calls, do pen down your profile in the following order. This will help all of us to understand each other better.

CAT Score:
QA: xx.xx
DI: xx.xx
VA: xx.xx
OA: xx.xx

10th: xx.xx (Board)
12th: xx.xx (Board)
Graduation: xx.xx or CGPA which ever is applicable (College/University)

Work Ex (if any) in number of months:

Academic/Extracurricular Accomplishments:



i m nt able to see any link on NITIE website.......r u sure list is out.....

Hi all...

the first to post the profile!! here it goes...

CAT Score:
QA: 98.30
DI: 91.54
VA: 94.70
OA: 98.51

10th: 90.9 (Tamil Nadu Matric)
12th: 95 (TN State Board)
Graduation: 8.5 / 10, Elec & Comm, CEG, Anna University, 2006 Passout

Work Ex (if any) in number of months: 18 months (telecom)

Academic/Extracurricular Accomplishments: good extra currics

Puys, keep pouring your profiles....

seniors, looks like the cut offs is higher this year... wat is the final number of seats in PGDIM... please let us knw this info....

CAT Score:
QA: 99.13
DI: 96.27
VA: 89.80
OA: 99.09

10th: 88.00 (CBSE)
12th: 80.80 (CBSE)
Graduation: 72.72% (till 6th sem.) (Panjab University)

Decent extra currics 😉
nitin_mun Says
i m nt able to see any link on NITIE website.......r u sure list is out.....

see the link in the first post..
CAT Score:

QA: 97.73 %tile
DI : 98.34 %tile
VA : 90.93 %tile
OA: 99.11 %tile
10th: 80 (Maharashtra)
12th: 76 (Mumbai)
Graduation: 61.5% (Mumbai)

Work Ex (if any) in number of months: 10 as of now

Cat Score

XII-95.92%(Tamil Nadu State Board)
B.E-85.6(Anna University)

Current work ex of 8 months

Congrats to all the call getters

congrats to all call getters n all d best 4 d 2nd stage... :thumbsup:
dint get a call....a bit surprised... :shock:

CAT Score:
QA: 99.43
DI: 86.19
VA: 96.40
OA: 98.99

10th: 86.93 (Mah Board)
12th: 78.67 (Mah Board)
Graduation: 72.15 (Marine Engineering and Research Institute/Jadavpur University,Calcutta)

Work Ex :12 months: BP Shipping Ltd.

Academic/Extracurricular Accomplishments:Good...lotsa certis.....


CAT Score:
QA: 99.13
DI: 97.05
VA: 88.55
OA: 99.15

10th: 89.73 (Maharastra Board)
12th: 91.17 (HSC board)
Graduation: 72.56 (Mumbai University)

Work Ex (if any) in number of months: 0

Academic/Extracurricular Accomplishments:
First in School
Was Vice- Chairperson of Management Societyof my college
Was awarded Ratan Tata Scholarship in First Yr Engg

Me out of the contention for NITIE. No call at 98.20 percentile. (VA 98.93; QA 93.17; DI 89.53). Really disappointed (and surprised)at this one...was fervently hoping for a NITIE call. Looks like the overall percentile is 98.3+. There is no other factor I can currently think of as the reason for my elimination.
Anyway, good luck to all call getters....

got call from NITIE for PGDIM.... yipeeee
interview date 12th march 2008.
Sectional breakup in signature

CAT percentile
QA 93.79
VA 92.84
DI 99.25
OA 98.99

Xth 90.8%
XII 87.8%
B.E. Marine Engg. 77.8% M.E.R.I. Kolkata

Work ex 37 months BP Shipping
Acads/Extracurricular Achievements : very good

Me too selected for gd-pi for PGDIM course. Interview on 11th Feb.

CAT Score:
QA: 99.43
DI: 98.57
VA: 81.74
OA: 99.36

10th: 87.43 (Gujarat State Board)
12th: 85.23 (Gujarat state Board)
Graduation: 74% (B.E (E&C;), Gujarat University)

Work Ex (if any) in number of months: 14 Months, Telecom field

Academic/Extracurricular Accomplishments:
Distinction throughout college and school level academics
Silver medalist at national maths olympiad at school level
Part of college cultural and techfest committee.
Event manager of event at college techfest.
Participated and won at various quiz contests at school and college level

Hobbies/Interests: Reading novels(fiction), big sports fan(football, cricket)

All the best to all the call getters

Congrats to all call getters
all the best for GD/PI stage ... give your best shot !!
hope to see all u puys as juniors here

As far as calls are concerned they have turned up to be in higher side this year bringing disappointment to many puys....just keep going guys ,, you must be having something even better waiting for you down the line.

Finally a call....

Verbal: 81.8

X:80.0 (WB)
XII:72.4 (WB)

Decent Extra and Co curriculars.

Other calls : MDI

HI sEniors,

3 Stupid Questions:

1.) The interview is at NITIE,Mumbai right?Coz it is mentioned as NITIE auditorium in the pdf.
2.)Where do i get the character certificate??4m which authority??
I have one that 4m XII std board.WIll it be valid now??
3.) THe number of seats in PGDIM is mentioned as 180 including reservations.SO how many seats does that leave for open category??

Thanks in advance..

Hey got a call from Nitie after a no show from spjain...

Cat scores:
OA:98.24 %ile

I think the cut off for Quant is high for Nitie....

CAT percentile
QA 98.66
VA 99.47
DI 79.67
OA 99.33

Xth 71.3%(Bihar Board)
XII 73.0%(Bihar Board)

B.Tech. (IT). 79.1% NIT Bhopal

Work ex 8 months Cognizant