All those who have applied to Nirma have they got a e-mail saying that their application is being processed? All my friends who have applied have got the mail except for me.

All those who have applied to Nirma have they got a e-mail saying that their application is being processed? All my friends who have applied have got the mail except for me.

metoo vent gt any mailregarding tht......although i vesend thtby u appliedonline or wht?i wonder...n yeaif u r frm ahmedabad...whenr theresults expected to come by?

i sent through post only.....and i was talking about e-mail not mail sorry about that ......dont know when the results are expected though....cld anyone from nirma chk for me ?!

hi sabman
i ve not received any mail in the form of acknowledgement frm nirma.....thr s no clue abt the dates by which results r expected to come....isnt hr anyone frm tht we can know more regarding tht.

ya called them up ....they hav got my application ....probably missed the email ....and they said the calls will come out by this month end.


I stay in Mumbai. I had sent the form by courier and received their acknowledgement Email within 2 days. Also received their prospectus within 1 week by registered post. I had downloaded the form from Nirma site, filled it and sent it along with the draft.


i hvent got a mail.. sent on 9th dec!!
any 1 in da same boat??

even i dint get any such mail.............
matter tu worry?

hi folks
i think tht only those who ve filled the form by taking out print out of the online form ve got such i send the application on the form given wd prospectus...i vent received any mail or confirmation.a lot of my such frens ve not received any nothing much to worry fr of luck fr the results......but month end wuld be too late yaar...isnt it?

Hi guys,

I agree with Kunal, it seems that people who had downloaded the form do get the e-mail from Nirma so as to confirm that they had accepted their form.......i know 5 different people who had received the mail and all of them had followed this method of applying to nirma....

SO NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT....(dont u guys think last week of jan is too late)? 😲

do we have to send nirma people a copy of our cat score card??????

hi misha
a new rumour don ve to send any photo copy of cat score card....they can get our result directly frm it?
hope it ll help u
yea too think tht last week of jan s too far......results might be coming shortly...meanwhile keep our fingers crossed...
n best of luck fr xat tomorrow :grab:

Hi guys,

I would require your opinion in ranking the following B-schools.....basically on parameters like placement;quality of education;infra-;etc...

IMI-Delhi,Nirma,Kj Somaiya,IFMR(Institute for Financial Management & Research-Chennai),IMDR etc...
Does anyone know about IFMR...actually it seems to be in Chennai and various quarters have expressed their opinions as a rapidly growing B-School where finance if really HOT....


does anybody know when the call is gonna come?and what %ile does nirma want and does it see sectionals?????? wanna know cause i check their site everyday but there are no positive signs........

like i already mentioned the calls will come out around the end of this month...calls can be expected with atleast 85 % and mayb slightly lesser

any idea when r da results expected??? rough estimate??

hi guys any idea what was the least percentile cut off for Nirma last year.any weghtage for work ex candidates

right now i am studing in Nirma. According to our Admin office the results will be out in 1-2 weeks. If you have any Qs send me mail on [email protected] or post it on this forum


hey rishi,
any idea whether there will be sectional cut offs?
and wat was the overall cutoff last yr!!
alsop buddy if u can enlighten us abt the placement scenario over there! wud appreciate th effort!!!