NIRMA results Out

hi guys, NIRMA final results out …got thru… cat %ile 95.16… donno what to do…MDI waiting…NITIE call on 8th… actually they are going to refund only 15000/45000 deposit… Arti

hi guys,

NIRMA final results out thru.......

cat %ile 95.16.....

donno what to do......MDI waiting.........NITIE call on 8th.......

actually they are going to refund only 15000/45000 deposit......


i got through as well

congrats to other call getters

anyway i may not take it most probably because i have already secured admission in GIM, so waitlisted people can count one person out

Hey Gary..
Congrats man... also missed out on ur GIM admission.. so Hearty congrats ! :D
and guess you hv a major role to play in the Mumbai Meet # 3 😉

Hi ppl !

Me too got thru Nirma Ahmedabad.

But, now i need suggestion(s), as have already secured admission at ICFAI Hyderabad. Money is definitely not the issue. Do let ur suggestions pour in on this count, if possible weighing the pros n cons of either of them.

One thing that i need to mention is that my parents r in Ahmedabad, n i m their lone child. This is also one of the reasons (though may seem funny to some ) i m considering Nirma.


i got thru fore and nirma....have already given money for fore.....wat do u thnk is betr..fore or nirma? :
please help me decide
sparkling crustacean

Congratulations to all of u who got thru NIRMA!!!!
Especially to u arun....but hey....where's ur post???

Anyways, congratulations!!!


hi guys,
am posting something on this forum after a long long time....nyways me too got thru nirma...
if any non ahmedabad guys has got thru nirma and need info regarding infrastructure and stuff, let me know...i am from ahmedabad.

i am waiting for final calls from tapmi and kj...can anyone please please tell me which one would be the best option.

P.S. Nirma campus is one of the best campuses i have seen till date....its improved so much that its quite shocking....

Hey guys & gals....congrats to all for their NIRMA calls!. .....including me! Been a series of disasters.....MDI, TAPMI, NMIMS....only Nirma in hand. CAT percentile is 97.88 ...first attempt. Im a final year BE student. Any suggestions on whether I should take it up or leave it??!

Namrata could u give some info on Nirma...would be a great help!

Hi guys!!
Congrats to all who got thru ( incl. me)

thank u oceanjewel...sorry to post it toooo late.

NIRMA the only converted call i am going to join it.

anyone out there who will b giving me a company....everyone is invited

hi namrata

i made it to nirma
TAPMI , KJ SOM and NIRMA should be the order of preference.
but again two can easily complete their MBA in NIRMA for the cost of one person's expenses in TAPMI !
so tell us whatever you know about NIRMA , especially their placements.


hi everyone,
i got through too,but i have the same problem as buck_was
icfai hyd or nirma.....
money no prob

help me out guys

hi folks,

congrats to all the call-getters. count me in.

i'm awaiting my imi and mica results, both of which will be out by mid-may only. i also have a converted imt-nagpur call. can u guys tell me what i should do? should i play safe and pay up to nirma? or should i take a chance and wait for imi/mica? also, is imt-nagpur better than nirma?

namrata, i would be really grateful if u could tell me in detail about nirma - their infra, their faculty, their student profile, their summer and final placements - everything.


sweetgirl Says
i'm awaiting my imi and mica results, both of which will be out by mid-may only.

I m not sure of it, but heard that IMI results r expected somewhere in this week.

IMHO, better pay up to nirma n secure a seat (provided u r desperate for MBA this time around), y take chance ?

hey namrata
How many ATMs and of which banks are there around or in NIM?


hey group this is my first ever mail to the group. hav been a silent observer so many days.... thought high time i start sharing my thoughts too... ok coming to d point me 2 got admission call from nirma but the prob is i hav also got placed in an it company called futuresoft(with a very decent pay of 2.5 lakhs per annum) in chennai(thats wher i belong) n now i m confused abt what shud i take. i mean i just cant prioritize between job or mba.... .neways wud also like to know anybody from chennai who has got selected???
wud be gr8 to get some help from u all.....

hi there frnd.there is a problem with one of my frnd. when v checked his nirma result on sunday it said that he got through and he will have to pay them 45000........................but suddenly today the site says that he is not selected .......... wt this ? now he just have mica result left. he didnt paid for other institute he converted (lbs ). need some advice abt wts happening ? is there some foul play going on

Same thing happened with my friend too. The poor guy is absolutely shocked and disappointed and now is left with no calls in hand . He called them up and was told there was a software error initially and the present status is the right one. The most unprofessional and irresponsible behavior I have ever seen from Nirma People . Really Sucks

Got through NIRMA atleast....

Can any one tell me how many waiting list candidate get cleared. I have a friend who is WL 33 and is really interested in going there....

Can any one tell me how many waiting list candidate get cleared. I have a friend who is WL 33 and is really interested in going there....

I'm from Ahmedabad & have a few friends at Nirma
Let me ensure u, it definitely will go beyond WL #33.
no need to worry