Nirma 2006 Gd/pi Gyan

Hi there, Got a call @ 92.5 %tile… Rather than searching all NIRMA threads, let us discuss the GD PI stratergies here… Seniors please share ur experience… Ciao

Hi there,

Got a call @ 92.5 %tile.. Rather than searching all NIRMA threads, let us discuss the GD PI stratergies here...

Seniors please share ur experience...


What were the GD topics last year... Do they ask engineers about acads or every1... i am an economics student...

plz help...

desperate to convert this one...

i think we can ask seniors to help even and we can start by listing gd topics

first of all congratulations to u all who have got a call from Nirma
Now i think u might have started ur preparation for the second and final step i.e the gd/pi session:grab:
For Nirma the first mantra is to be very clear with ur acads...ur basics abt ur acads shud be very clear...
secondly, u shud be aware of all the current topics and a lil GK would be an added advantage..this would help u in both GD and PI.

For GDs generally the topics are on current affairs...for egs..u might get a topic on share market as it is touching the sky.

And at last the 3 golden mantra for success in Nirma's GD/PI

1. read
2. read
3. read

read ur academics books, ET, business world and TOI and atlast Google.

just do this regularly and u'll get through.

best of luck

i think current topics cud be privatization of airports,sensex,indo-us ties,uniform civil code,iimb,retail fdi and many more keep adding

What bout abstract topics???

Like >>> The pink pyjama hanging over the red fort... Is it possible???

there r very less chances of these kind of topics...last time during our GD common topics were like which is better:private universities or govt. universities and Is a country's stock market mirror to its development..

Mainly they emphasize on academic topics or GK. So be prepared for that.

And for interviews the faculty will be the interviewrer. so mr. econimocs graduate be careful they might grill u on ur acads.

ok guys its very difficult to answer your queries on two different threads so i suggest u move ur queries here...

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