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Best Institute of Advanced Engineering - Nims University

 Be it in Advance engineering, the NIMS University possesses world-class capability in advanced engineering. The wings and engines of so many aircraft are designed and manufactured in the India, India-based companies are prominent in a wide range of areas, including design engineering, advanced materials and manufacturing and are renowned for their innovation and commitment to research and development. 

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Top Institute of Computer Science & Information Technology - Nims University

 The Institute offers undergraduate, Post Graduate, M.Phil. & Ph.D. Programs in different Streams of computer science in areas of research include Machine Learning and its application in Evolutionary Algorithms, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Networks, Database Management Systems, Formal Modeling, Synthesis and Verification of Embedded Systems, Human Computer Interaction, User Modeling, Networking, Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Man-Machine Intelligence Systems, Software Engineering, Multiprocessor Computer Architecture, Formal Methods, Asynchronous systems, Distributed algorithms, fault-tolerance, distributed algorithms for ad hoc and sensor networks, Parallel Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Robotics, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Systems & Neural Networks, Networks (Specially: Quos, Wireless Networks),  

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Best  Institute of Basic & Applied Sciences - Nims University

 The Department of Basic Sciences is devoted to understanding of the fundamental principles of science and engineering that are capable of enhancing the human experience. The Department of Basic Sciences has a special mission to promote interdisciplinary research and education in different areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology and Botony that will address the future requirements of the research to society. Many research projects are running in this department at different faculties 

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 Best Institute of Management Studies - Nims University

The Institute offers a bouquet of undergraduate, Post Graduate, M.Phil. & Ph.D. Programs in different flavours of Management like core management, Human Resource, Economic, Finance and Marketing as well as challenging areas of Energy, Supply Chain and Retail Management. Industry requirements are met by adopting a need based syllabus and pedagogy involving case based teaching, industrial projects, guest lectures by eminent experts and industrial visits. Students and faculty benefit alike from heavy engagement of industry experts in various activities of the institute.The institute of Management is committed to groom the young generation with appropriate skills in emerging technology. It has been our constant endeavor to mould our students not merely as management professionals but also successful entrepreneurs equipped with acumen and vision in tune with challenges presented by the new millennium. 

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Best Institute of Pharmacy

Nims trains its students with the sophistication involved in the science of medication with clarity and precision. The high fidelity labs add to the fun of gaining practical knowledge of the subject at NIMS campus. Teachers have good nuances. Our learned teaching faculty produce country’s best pharmacist 

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 Best Institute of Advanced Sciences - Nims university

 The Department of Advance Sciences was established 2008. The department conducting various degree courses in different branches of biological sciences includes Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and environmental sciences. The Department of Advance Sciences provides an atmosphere of collegiality. 

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Best Medical Colleg in India - Nims University

 At the department of Bioscience & technology, we are involved in academic excellence by training and challenging young minds through quality education and innovation and advancement of technology. The focus of the department includes basic research in modern biological sciences of life processes; enhancing knowledge base and human resource development; and biotechnology for societal development. 

Best Department of Physics - Nims University

Department of Physics of Nims University has advanced laboratory facilities for educational development and improve visual thinking of students. Apart from course teaching, faculties guide students for research projects and for competitive exams like GATE and NET etc. Academic experts and technical persons have regular time to time visits in Physics Department. 

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Education and Physical Education - Nims University

Innovations in the field of education have brought extraordinary transformations in general, professional, vocational and technical programmes from pre-primary to tertiary level institutions across all states in India. Traditional interface between trainers and trainees, sophomores and lecturers, scholars and professors have been supplemented, complemented; and by and large substituted with multiple channels of learning. In order to practice innovations in the discipline of education and physical education and extending such innovations across all levels of educational institutions, the school offers programmes at UG, PG and Doctoral level. In pursuance with prospective plans of UGC, the School of Education and physical education is planning to undertake activities like Pre-service Teacher Education, Curriculum Studies and Research, Policy Studies and Educational Development, Learning and Pedagogic Studies, Assessment and Evaluation, Professional Development of Teacher Educators, Teacher Education Curricula, Teacher Resource and Academic Support

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School of Architecture And Planning - Nims university

Nims School of Architecture & Planning Planning aims to meet with the requirements of aesthetic, social, environment, historical and psychological factors that influence the design of a building and determine its success, quality and appearance within the context of community. It deals with the balance between development of mind sensitivity to the nature of Architectural tasks relevant to our society and our time and the inculcation of skills to interpret them into the language of buildings. 

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School of Commerce & Business - Nims University

The Nims School of Commerce which was set up as a separate entity in 2009, has imbibed the Nims University tradition of exploring new frontiers of knowledge and innovation in academics. The rapid growth of the Nims School of Commerce is reflected in its expansion as well as novelty in its academic programmes.This has led to the commencement of under graduate, post graduate and research programmes. In the short period of over three years, these courses have made a mark through teaching and research in all contemporary areas of Commerce, International Business and Management.The most sophisticated tools of education like brainstorming, sensitivity training, round table discussions, used various research and accounting software for betterment of students with the help of updated computer labs.  

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School of Journalism & Mass Communication - Nims University

The programmes of the School are designed to nurture media professionals through sustained and intensive practical and theoretical lessons. The School has qualified and experienced teachers to ensure all round development of the students. The school runs undergraduate (BJMC) and postgraduate (MJMC) programmes in Journalism and Mass Communication. Also it offers short term courses in Broadcast Journalism and Videography. 

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 School of Hotel & Tourism Management - Nims University

 Indian hospitality sector contributes 8-9 percent of the country’s GDP. The sector encompasses travel and tourism and major segments that fall under this category include accommodation and catering (hostels, restaurants), transportation (cruise railway, rentals airline companies), travel agencies and tour operators.

The tourism and hospitality sector together contributed US $32.7 billions in 2011, and registered a CAGR of 13 percent. Currently, India has 114,000 hotel rooms, which stands 150,000 rooms short in meeting the current requirement. Thus, the growth opportunity for this sector is immense, but is tangled with challenges across parallel sectors and the overall economy.

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 School of Textile & Fashion Design - Nims University

Fashion Design is an excellent opportunity to take up a creative career in clothing with great textile & fasion designpotential of employment opportunities in the rapidly expanding designer label, luxury brands, apparel retail brands and ready-to-wear fashion industry. In the current competitive environment, a fashion designer needs to be equipped with knowledge, skills and professional attitude to give shape to his or her creative ideas through technical interpretation. 

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 NIMS Institute of Engineering & Technology - Nims University

 We are well known for a top engineering college in India. We offer degree with an aim to provide quality education and training to our students. We have industry experts to train our students. 

 School of Law - Nims University

 Knowledge of Law is essential in every walk of life because the social set up of any country is built and regulated by some norms of behaviour from the very beginning of social life which are either codified in legislative enactments or judicial precedents or social customs. Every action of an individual, society, any association or organization is regulated and controlled by several kinds of legislation. Law is the king of kings and rules the state also. Although knowledge of every piece of legislation is not possible but intricate knowledge of philosophical aspects of law is essential, as every resident of a nation is bound to have the knowledge of the law of the land because the latin maxim speaks – ignorantia legas non excusat (ignorance of law is no excuse) imparting legal education by educational institutions is an attempt to this end 

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Best Education and Physical Education - Nims University

In pursuance with prospective plans of UGC, the School of Education and physical education is planning to undertake activities like Pre-service Teacher Education, Curriculum Studies and Research, Policy Studies and Educational Development, Learning and Pedagogic Studies, Assessment and Evaluation, Professional Development of Teacher Educators, Teacher Education Curricula, Teacher Resource and Academic Support. 

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 School of Commerce & Business - Nims University

Eminent experts in various fields are invited to orient the students with the latest information and knowledge about the corporate world.Many Multinational Companies, Banking & Insurance Industries, PSU and Government institutes offer several career opportunities for qualified accounting and finance professional with numerous specializations. Depending on their area of specialization, students may be employed as account executives, accounts officer and finance manager etc. in different corporate sectors. Those with masters and Ph.D. degree can choose the field of teaching. 

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Best School of Hotel & Tourism Management - Nims University

Nims School of Hotel and Tourism Management (NSHTM) is one of the premier school in the country offering education, training, research and consultancy in sustainable management of tourism, travel and other allied sectors. The stakeholders’ realization that the country is in need of such professionals who can provide an excellent standard of products and services. It is devoted to the pursuit of higher knowledge in tourism and its dissemination to a diverse audience. Over the years, Institute has established a distinguished identity of its own and reached at a commanding position among sectoral B-Schools in the country. With its focus in meeting the changing needs of the tourism industry, it has played a pioneering role in the propagation and professionalization of tourism education. 

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