NIFT MFM 2014-16

This is my fourth consecutive year for starting thread for MFM on pagalguy.So anyone having any concern wrt NIFT MFM prep,feel free to ask.Thanx

This is my fourth consecutive year for starting thread for MFM on pagalguy.

So anyone having any concern wrt NIFT MFM prep,feel free to ask.

Hello puys,

As the days inch closer, the winters will start getting stiffer. Do not let the cold get into your bones... The only way is to keep your heads warm. We here will try our best to help you with your queries regarding the MFM entrance. Could anyone be kind enough to paste the Syllabus? Will be helpful to see how much the pattern has changed since 2010.
Thanks 😃

Tips for handling Case Studies in the MFM written exams:

1. Forget there is a right or a wrong answer. Go with your instincts and try to back it up with reasons. Case studies are not mathematical in nature i.e. they don't necessarily have a correct answer.

2. Case studies are designed to check your business and analytic acumen. Not all case studies will ask you for a solution to a problem. Case studies can be descriptive, exploratory, research oriented or analytical.

3. Devise a strategy to handle the case studies. You can have your own. Mine was as follows:

-Read the case
-Write the Central topic/Agenda that is to be dealt with.
-Note down the Parties involved with the topic.
-The problem areas.
-Alternatives to the problems.
-Feasible Alternatives to the problem.
-Possible Solution/Solutions.
-Stakeholders/Parties benefiting with the solution.
-Is the solution acceptable to the majority of the parties.
-Your final suggestion.

When you're done with this, you're the boss! Remember, that when I gave the MFM entrance, Case Studies were not a part of the written exam but the GD. I followed the same in the GD, and it is also applicable to the written exams.

Good luck!

Can a bsc correspondence graduate apply for nift mfm? Could some one please help me regarding this info.
Thanks in advance 😃

Hello Puys,
Hows the preparation going on for NIFT MFM.
I have started a fb page as requested by many so as to be in touch.
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Hope this proves to be helpful for you all.
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Hi, I've applied for the NIFT mfm 2014 program. This year they have the option of writing the entrance exam twice (pbt and cbt) on different dates and the best of two scores is considered for admission. I was wondering if it's a good idea to do that or just write the exam once in the mode (pbt/cbt) I prefer.

@sachinpratap :sir how to prepare for nift mfm to get delhi branch....

As a secretary, Kamla was incredible. She seemed to turn out error-free work at an amazing pace. Her attentionto detail was admired by all who used her services. She seldom committed even a minor typing error.Last month, Kamla became Supervisor at the executive word processing center. It was her first managementexperience. But, already some problems had surfaced. Leela, a typist with four years experience went over Kamla'shead to Anna, administrative officer, to complain about the 'unbelievable nit-picking'.'I can't seem to do anything right, according to Kamla', complained Leela. 'She checks everything I type. She isdriving me nuts, not to mention the fact that my output has slowed down dramatically. Just yesterday, Mr. Desai, that newVice President — Marketing made a wise crack about cobwebs growing on his report before he could get it out of typing.'When Anna asked about Leela's concern, Kamla flew off the hands. 'We are supposed to be the best typing poolin the company. After all, we type for the top people. The work has to be perfect'. She was almost screaming. Then sheslumped in a chair in Anna's office.'Anna, I am going nuts up there. None of my people seem to care about the quality of the work the way I do. Ihave been working till nine or ten every night checking work and just trying to keep up. I am about convinced that beinga supervisor just is not worth it.

'1.Kamla was promoted to the post of supervisor because of her :

(a) Abilities

(b) Abilities as a Secretary

(c) Abilities & Dedication

(d) Abilities & Perfectionist Attitude

2.According to you, why Leela, complained about Kamla?

(a) She was acting bossy

(b) Leela is Jealous of Kamla

(c) Kamla is making her very hard

(d) Professional differences

Grandma sent Johnny some money for his birthday. Johnny spent all of it in five stores. In each store, he spentRs.1.00 more than half of what he had when he came in. How much money did he get from grandma?

Is it posible to apply in NIFT MFM with my CAT score?

how to repare for gk??please post a link some1.lookround

gk link someone please:( how to prepare for gk?

Hi guyz... how was the paper...? i did around 130 questions.... Dear Sachin, what will be cut-off for general students?

Hi everyone..!!

I have NIFT MFM exam on 23rd....Dont know from whr to prepare for the GK section as most of the GK comes from the fashion field..Please refer some sites or buks from which I can prepare for the Fashion stuff...Thnx in advance..........😃😃😃😃

When are results expected?

Important Notice:
All NIFT MFM aspirants:

Donot entertain in giving ur personal details to any1 virtually.
There might be advertising or other benefits involved.

NIFT Mumbai(2011-13)

hlw guys, m bit confuse wil they declare written result first n dn cl fr gd pi or they'll tk gdpi frst n dn combined score will be declared as result?

cn nybdy provide fee struture of nift ?