Nift admission MFM 2018

To unite all the aspirants for nift admission 2018 and let the knowledge flow freely

Any idea how's nift MFM?

You have any idea about MFM entrance exam?


Hi, I am preparing for MFM 2018, the test is only a few days apart and I am a bit scared about it. Is it really difficult to crack it and get a good rank ( PS: When you are a general candidate) ??

 This is my first attempt at any such examination and I have no clue about it, would anybody please suggest a few points to take care in the examination, also I wanted to know what sort of General knowledge questions are asked?

When will the results come?

Results have been declared.

I am going to be traveling to Delhi for NIFT MFM GD/PI. Before booking the tickets I wanted to know how long do the rounds take. I have been given 8 AM slot. Will I be done by evening ? Is it safe to book a late evening flight for return ? Can you pls share your experience ? 

Thanks in Advance 

One of my friend has asked for date change, they have changed the date but she has still not got her call letter and her gdpi is on 10. Is there someone who can tell why is this happening.,m