NICL AO 2017


how to prepare for insurance interview.................any material for insurance plzzzzzzzz share

Any whatsapp grp for Nicl interview??

what all documents r needed plz mail me at [email protected]    also did they mention anything about getting an NOC from present employer?????

 please reply this to me,I will be very grateful.Will they check the application form that we have filled at the time of applying in detail?? because there were 2 mistakes in my form w.r.t. name and BTech percentage, will they disqualify me?? In the application form my name was not as per aadhar but in prelims and mains they just allowed me giving a warning not to repeat it for the next time and coming to the second fault my BTech CGPA was 7.86 for which I gave it as 79% but actually according to our clg norms it should be multiplied by 9.5 which makes it 74.57%.These are the two mistakes which I have done,so now while doing certificate verification will there be any problem?? I am very much tensed please please tell me atleast the way in which certificate detials are checked 

10 october.........12.00 in chennai...anybody from andhra and telengana