NIACL Assistant 2014-15 Batch

discussion and knowledge sharing only

hey what have you all prepared for the interview ?? I have done only basic insurance concepts, IRDA role, and about myself . 

So whos interview was today please share how it went... It will be helpful

frds.... can we expect some absents in niacl interview due to ibps clerk selection?????

Hii guys...m new here... can u plz tell me what to prepare for cpt??? i hv my interview on 8th

guys anyone who had interview today pls share ur xp... my interview is on tomorrow... it will be really helpful since i have no idea about the computer proficiency test... pls pls

what do you think they will  ask in computer proficiency test?

pls tell as to wht

 i should prepare for the same?

Hey plzzz share ur NIACL assistant interview experience. My int is on 10th April.....First interview...confused what and how to prepare..

There were 5 members in a panel, questions asked - what is nia, irda, gic re, why nationalization of insurance was done, jan dhan yojana, headquarters of all psu insurance companies and chairmans, cpt - was same as uiic, a paragraph Typing and an excel calculations table, please take four sets of interview call letter,application,interview datasheet,interview instructions sheet, all marksheets, id proof

hello. .  pls help me . . interview call letter with photograph then 4 set xerox of the it right? n same procedure for everything right?

when did the interviews start?? any idea guys ... mine is on 10th

is there some kind of ordering acc to marks??

anyone from Maharshtra here ?

NIACL assistant WRITTEN attempts ?

Who's all over with interview plz share wat all questions were asked

Any one from Kerala here?

any one from meerut here...gaur???

hey u know about salary structure of assistant and growth opportunities...???

Interview xp: 5 members in the panel... full interview was taken in english. only at the end of the interview they asked me to write a line n sign it in bengali. questions asked: what is insurance? types of insurance, 1 or 2 more ques frm basic insurance which i don't remember now, some gk questions (cleanest country in the world, n some more) and so many questions from football (surprisingly, maybe bcz i mentioned playing n watching football as my fav hobby ) n f course i nailed those... 😛 then some questions like if you would be the prime minister of india what would you do? some counter ques related to this topic... that's all... interviewers were quite frndly.. overall good experience..