Niacl Ao 300 .

Pre employment medical test and Nia pune .

Join if you cleared niacl ao.

when the medical procedure will start???

congratulations to all. Do keep sharing any updates regarding medical and training . 


What are the allowances niacl give excluding salary?

Any update on medicals??

Anybody selected frm punjab?

Joining most probably on 02nd May 2017. Got reply from NIACL HR through mail today ☺

Can color vision be a medical reason for disqualification? Please respond.

anyone from rajasthan?

How many people still studying for SBI PO?

Anybody received msg regarding medical exam? Got one saying M/S MD India Healthcare Network will be contacting you regarding medical ☺

kisi ko mail aaya kya regarding Medical

मार्टिन लूथर ने कहा था… “अगर तुम उड़ नहीं सकते तो, दौड़ो ! अगर तुम दौड़ नहीं सकते तो, चलो ! अगर तुम चल नहीं सकते तो, रेंगो ! पर आगे बढ़ते रहो !” एक बंदा (खैनी ठोकते हुए): ऊ.. सब त ठीक बा.. लूथर भाई… लेकिन.. ई बताबा कि ..जाए के कहाँ बा… 😀

बिचारे केजरीवाल जी भौंक भौंक कर थक गए, पर मोदी ने उनकी ओर मुँह करके थूका भी नहीँ, क्या ये "आंतरिक संविधान की धारा 420 का उल्लंघन नहीँ ??

Congress has become like Internet Explorer, it exists but no one uses it

 How many are you selected for RBI and niacl both?And which one will you choose? It's a request because many are hoping that they can be in waiting list. It will give a clear picture. Kindly comment. Thank you 

is there any medical standard/??????

Can anyone give me HR contact no ?? Need to make an enquiry.

Hi. Anyone from kerala?!