NIACL AO 2016-17 Interview preparation and discussion

For getting our ass placed at NIACL

where are other members? 

Do we need graduation certificate? I only have my marksheet. For masters i have both.

Guys , 

For OBC certificate should we get the one with same format as mentioned in the application or is it fine if we get a valid one from  Tahsildar office ? 

What  all we need to prepare for interview ? Daily current affairs as like for exam ? If someone has questions asked in previous interview ( consolidated one ) please share ...  

can I get HR contact no.

puys your  expected marks??

  • 125+
  • 95-100
  • 105-110
  • 100-105
  • 115-120
  • 120-125

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i have obc certificate of 2015 is that valid


I am not getting any idea about final marks distribution and cutoff. suppose my marks is 100 in mains written and interview marks is 10/18 then what will be my final mmarks?

I heard that bond is 4 years/pay back one year salary.... Is it true??

I don't have the application ... Is it necessary

any fb group for  niacl  AO interview ?

copied  Delhi morning shift 20-02-2015Mine was 3rd from last around 2:15 p.m.Strict document verification. Took undertaking for class 10 And 12 certificate and caste validity certificate.Five members in board. 4 males one female.Mine lasted 10 minutes.Questions and my answers..1. Tell how many total non life insurance companies functioning in india??Ans.. Sir 28.2. How many are public sector and their head quarters??Ans.. Sir 4. Uiic  chennai, niacl  mumbai, nicl  kolkata, oicl new delhi.3. Is gic still there? What is that??Ans. Sir gic is re insurance company. Its still there..4. What is re insurance??Ans.. Sir re insurance is insurance taken by an insurance company to compensate its claims burden.5. You are a b.d.s and doing private practice still why do u want to come in insurance??Ans. Sir private practice is a difficult job. Despite doing hardwork there remains a sense of insecurity in mind about income. Sometimes income is more and sometimes less. To get freedom from this insecurity i want a govt job thats why i want a govt job.6. But insurance will be a new sector for you, how would u succeed in it??Ans. Sir i have always remained a hardworking man. With my hardwork and dedication i will get success for sure..7. But with hardwork u can attain success in ur field also.Ans. Sir my clinic is going ok but as i told u i want to get free from i come insecurity.8.ok. U are married.what does your wife do?Ans. Sir she is an mba. Right now she is taking care of our baby. She is not working.9. Did u apply for other jobs? What are results??Ans. Sir i applied for uiic ao and ibps po. I could not get selected in uiic and missed ibps po by 2 marks.10..what is the name of policy taken usually by doctors and why??Ans. Sir i dont know the name of policy but doctors take that to meet the risk of any untoward happening at clinic with any patient and for insurance against damage to machines and equipments in clinic.Then he told me about some details of such policies.11. What is corporate governance??.Ans. Sorry sir i dont have knowledge.12. What is corporate social responsibility?Ans. Sir it is social responsibility taken by corporate sector. They dedicate some of their incomes towards social welfare.13. Where do u see corporate social responsibility?Ans. Sir some companies donate in primeminister relief fund, some maintain parks while others run ngos.14. What are basic principles of insurance.Ans. Sir there are 7 principles. Nature of contract, principle of utmost good faith.15. Who offers a contract and who accepts it?Ans. Sir. Insurer offers contract while person getting insured accepts it.16. Or it is the other way?Ans. Sir i think so.17. What about good faith??Ans. Sir both parties will keep good faith. I.e the insurer will not hide any info about terms and conditions while the person getting insured wont do any fake claimsThen he said that its right but the person getting insured will not hide any details. I said yes sir.Ok man. All the best to you.I said thanks sir. Have a good day.Guys as the interview was based on i surance sector more. So my english fluency was not good as i had to think before answering. Please read my interview and evaluate how much score i can get. I am hoping 115 in written. What are my chances. Thanks. I have shared all my experience. i am worried .

Your age??

  • 29
  • 27
  • 28
  • 22
  • 23
  • 24
  • 25
  • 26
  • 30 and above

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Hey guys any idea when would be the interview??

I attempted 109 in niacl mains with reasonably good accuracy and belong to OBC category. Is there chances in interview to be selected ?

Experienced people please tell which are the common interview centres?

I am from Bhopal, do they take interview in bhopal and what are chances of getting posted here

All who had problems with the name 'huahua'....this is my new id with my name 😌

guys kya prepare kra hai abi tk interview ke liye...