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special recruitment drive for sc/st and obc non creamy  

how many guys applied for it???

discuss about the exam ???

Any body knows examination pattern?

last year questions were of easy nature. 

tech- r k jain level 

non tech was also easy

all the best guyss for tomorrow nhpc exam??? 

Please post general awareness questions

1. writer of the undocomented wonder : general election of india by 

2.no of padam bihubshan given this year

3.which country to referendum to change its national flag

4.majula chellur is the  first lady judge of which state??

5 bradman young cricketer of the year 2015??

6. allan border medal to which crickter 2015??

7. indegeniously made aircraft carrier sandu rakshak

1.nagaland governor in 2014

2.book written by tourism secretary on kumbhmela...?

3. balaram das tandon which state governor...?

1.malasia airline shot down in which country...?

Gk was terrible.. I just know 3-4 ques out of 30 😲 . what about you guys??

1. ganga board environment

2. google

3.17% produced india coffee

4.women empowerment in august 2014  Rajasathan 
5 .polya prize maths

6. mys prasad?


8.sean abbott

9. new zealand

10.manjulaa chullar Calcutta

11.cheif admiral mitchell .....?

12.padma vibhusan 9

13.vinod mehta

14.election commissioner book

15.world cup named book?

16. NBH

17.Nagaland governer

18.balaramjidas tandon


20.GAURAVI madya pradesh



23.hit formuale

24.100 smart citi

25.1984 sikhh committee 

26.c rangarajan


28.khumba which tourism UP?

29. Rastyia gokul mission cow


aptitude qns
1. bbcca|ccbba|aaccb option a
3.direction test 5km
4.10 km

5. big box missing 0,21,22,?

6.another one missing answer is in 50's

7.LIGHT Code

8.p code

9.second oldest




13.blood relation dinesh

14.another two forgot

16.odd one which doesn't have 7 as a digit that's the answer


18.number series 39





23.another qn alphabetical missing option b 

24.conclusion 2 fallow

25.neither 1 nor 2

26.22 years

reaming four question forgot

these are memory based questions and my answer.

1.mercury property
2.unit of linear acceleration
3.unit of work
4.absolute pressure = gauge pressure +atm pressure
5.piezometer used for
6.another qn on piezometer
7.manometer low pressures
8. Bernoulli eqn
10.advantage og hydro power plant
11.which pump used in irrigation and floods centrifugal
12.low head and high discharge keplan 
13.francis head 25-250m
14.pelton wheel used for high head
15.gas turbine application on pump axial flow turbine
16.free vortex
17.velocity in the pipe is max at center and minimum at walls
18.definition of steady flow
19. laminar flow definition
20.ratio of inertia force/viscous force Reynolds number 
22. energy in water hammer depend on all of the above?
23. pressure varies with depth 
24.in isothermal process internal energy not change
25. compressing air is adiabatic process
26.co is not used as refrigerant
27.high boiling point is not a refrigerant property 
28.wet bulb depression
29.rankine cycle super heating increases then all of the above
30.the enthalpy of the dry saturate state when increasing in pressure increasing
31.lower pressure in beginning of suction stroke 
32.in suction stroke pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure?
33. temperature after expansion in vapour compression cycle decrease
34.otto cycle 5.5 then eff 50%
35.aircraft gas turbine byton
36.efficiency of gas turbine increasing by regeneration
37. inter cooling in gas turbine minimze compression work
38.super charging
39.comfort zone in winter an summer
40.maximum temperature in piston crown?
41.thermal conductivity of the water increases
42.another question on thermal conductivity
43. definition of heat transfer
44.in boilers heat transfer all of the above
45.heat ex-changers in condensers
46. counter flow heat ex-changer
47.at what stage maximum temperature in refrigeration
48.heat rejection in refrigeration 
49.moment of area
50.buckling load is lower than the crushing load
51.hallow shaft and solid shaft have same....
52.stress directly proportional to strain
53. young's modulus
54.stress concentration effected in
55.if the vehicle is balanced then ?
56.dynamic balancing
57.one link is fixed
58.open pair
59. frequency formuale
60.mechanical advantage load lifted /load applied
61.flywheel function reduce fluctuation speed
62.connecting rod and piston rod
64. riveted jot advantage unskilled labour?
65.high pressure in ball and spigot/flanges joint /threaded joint
66.clutch friction 
67.re crystallization temperature
70.not performed on lathe slotting
71.how many times primary balancing 
72.cross bet drive opposite?
74.brass welded by
75.brass and bronze welded by
76.reducing flame
77.centrifugal casting no core
78.30 cm butt joint submerged arc/slag welding
79. Tig welding AC welding?
80. non consumable welding TIG
81.radiation depends on all
82.holes measured by Ring gauges
83.slip gauges
84. temperature in gas welding 3200
85.seamless tubes extrusion&rolling
86.sheet in thread rolling 
87.draft allowance 2 to 5 mm
88.easy removal
89.crater wear
90. silicon carbide used for ceramics
91.limiting friction
93.angle of repose?
94.major industry mass production?
95.front end engine fixed because weight balance?
96.cutting tool property rigidity?
98.power brakes are manufactured by
99.hydraulic coupling
100. question on transferring torque
101.air vessels used for reducing suction head
102. manometer head?
103.multi stage pump used for all

1. writer of the undocomented wonder : general election of india by


2.no of padam bihubshan given this year

ans: 9

3.which country to referendum to change its national flag

ans: Newzeland

4.majula chellur is the  first lady judge of which state??

ans: Karnataka

5 bradman young cricketer of the year 2015??

ans; Sean Abott

6. allan border medal to which crickter 2015??

ans: Steve Smith

7. indegeniously made aircraft carrier

ans:sandu rakshak

8. rashtriya gokul mission

ans: cow

9 malasian MH 17 airline shot down  by 

ans: ukaraine

10.book written by tourism secretary on kumbh mela 

ans santosh k mishra

11. which product contributies world 17% by india

ans; milk

12 mitchell j howard is admiral in

ans: usa

13 modi give HIT formula 

ans: nepal

14.balramjidas tondon is the governor of :

ans: chattisgarh

Hi guys..

Mark your General awareness score (approximated) out of 30

guys,,,hw many appeared for HR in ur exam center...? mine was chennai...only 6 attended...

head of committee of SIT on sikh riots(1984)

ANS: Pramod Asthana

head of committee on railway freight restructuring..

ANS: Mohd. Jamshed

pablo mayo award given in...

ANS: life science