New version of PaGaLGuY - Now in Beta

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Hey Puys, 

We have been busy re-writing the entire PaGaLGuY website, to keep up with modern times and to increase speed, ease of navigation and enable us to create features and improvements more quickly. 

It has been a huge technical challenge and we are excited to share the new version with you.

Do note that this is a work in progress, and we need your help finding and fixing bugs and other problems that we might have missed. 

Access the Beta here:

If you find something that's not working as expected, or if you have any thoughts on the new website, create a post here. If you run into any problems, just mention me, @sonnes or @jssisodiya22

would luv the old one ... here  there is a lag for msgs i get..and not able to scroll properly. it would nice if u cld keep separate  space for msgs.

when we answer the MCQ it shows percentage of people...but old system of number of people answered was better...we cannot get an idea of how many people have answered this question....hope you get my point....old system helped to understand what majority has to say...

I'm unable to see my followers and even after unfollowing threads it keeps showing up on my home page. Also not all threads which I follow shows up on my homepage. Please look into it.

it's a suggestion you should provide here a 'pining' option for Important posts/notices to avoid multiple similar posts/spam

1. Notification is showing 101. 2. It is suggested to let us upload the picture in groups.

Way tooo much slow than the previous version. Due to CSS5 i guess. 

backspace and delete key are having weird behavours in text box

signature of all the users are gone

smileys drop down.. arrow key is not functioning 

It was better when we could see the groups that we are following on the left side, now it is just a never ending scrolling process 

I agree with the other posts on this group that, the feature showing the most active groups showing on the left sides was useful. Or you could make it similar to the one we have in facebook.

Very difficult to follow up posts & groups now. Not loading properly & also groups on left hand side was useful.

No option for messaging? 

No option for changing the Profile Picture ??

unable to find the option of sending private messag. if the same has been discontinued. Please please start it again

@deepu , favorites gone? How can we mark favorites? 

Can't see who answered what in polls. 

favorites mein itna kuch tha......socha tha mains se 3-4 days pahle revise karoonga....sab barbaad ho gya

The new version loads very slow.

So please change it.

Where is private message option

Is newer version of Pagalguy is Pagal or not?

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  • Yes
  • No
  • Irritative

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