New PaGaLGuY, June 2014

For feedback, updates, bug reports and love on the new PG

Welcome to the new and updated PaGaLGuY.

We have redesigned the site to lay more emphasis on the two things we are best known for. The phenomenal people and the fantastic discussions that happen on the site.

Some of the super important things in the new edition:

1) The site is now faster than ever. This allows you to find people and discussions faster than ever before.

2) There is a stronger emphasis on exams which can be seen by the list of pages on the left.

3) New amazing profile page. Check it out to see what we mean.

4) New 'Discussions' and 'People' tabs that allow you to track all the things important to you in one central place.

5) A more powerful mobile web version.

6) Super fast private messaging.

7) Enhanced focus on newer exams.

Things that will be added and updated soon:

1) Minor tweaks and design changes to make your experience even more amazing.

2) Android and iOS versions of the apps will be available in 2 months.

3) Signatures and some of the most used old smilies will also come back soon.

Things that have changed in the new edition:

1) No live feed. The Discussions and People tabs (logged in view) are the replacements.

2) No Channels. All content will be archived under Lounge :: Channels.

3) No more badges.

4) The most recently updated post is shown at the top. i.e no more post sequence maintaining within a discussion.

We need your help :

1) Point out problems/bugs that we need to fix. Please use the "Report a problem" button on the lefthand side of every page.

2) Give us feedback about the new design, features and everything else on the following discussion.

The interface looks great..However I cannot find the "Mocks" tab that contained last year's papers..Has that been removed? If so can it be brought back please???

More Notifications will surely help. 

feels like twitter

@sonnes @deepu @pagalguy What is happening 😞 Firstly I was unable to log in and when i clicked on "Forgot password" my nick is showing "Sumit_pandit" while it was "miseera" :( 

By logging into this account my previous account "miseera catmaniac" is visible. 

How does one publish an article? :embarrassed: I can't figure it out....

we are facing a problem when we have to tag someone.

Please do something asap..

grt design.. 😁 😃

bt few problems..

#1. tagging people

#2. not able to receive notifications...from threads which i was following since months.. 😃

plzzz do something abt dz problems..

sir unable to upload images 😞

Great Work...New Look is Cool...things will take time to settle but few things were just good as they were(OLD PG)..

@deepu @sonnes @pagalguy SIRS plz hv a Look..

Few Major Problems with the New Interface

1.New Look of HOME (feed) :

A. Old Feed was Awesome..we can literally see the Posts/Comment dere only/Answer.. Plus we don't have to refresh feed keeps coming.

B. New HOME.... Kinda LOST 😞  Don't know what's happening/discussion/what questions are being answered...Can only see "One Comment" .. And when clicked it takes u to that particular thread.. WE ARE SEEING THREADS NAME IN BOLD,WHAT WE NEEDED IS TO SEE THE POSTS.

C. Seems have to go to a particular thread to see a New POST/Question... Not able to keep track "WHAT's Going on" ??


3. Others: 

-Posts on thread seems to be floating... (Looks good only on chit-chat threads not others).

-OLD Smileys gone 😞 

-No File Attachment option.

-Cant Tag people

-Notification Issue(old ones gone too) 😢 

ANyway these n other BUGS will be resolved But matters is the issue with the interface as mentioned above.. 

NOt at all satisfied.. Plz give me old one back..... plz

Testing self tagging @pagalguy 

Earlier there was a space at the topmost right hand corner.. where one could who has commented on what.. that was a nice feature . plz incorporate that also..

Puys, please tell me something- in a particular thread, how do we go a latter page (i.e. page 51/180 say). It seems u have to traverse from 1->2->3 & so on which is soo tedious. Where is the option to go straight to a particular page no.? 

I was trying to read the comments below one of the articles, I noticed that while I scroll to see comments,some of the them just disappear 

I can't see the notifications .. help !

terrible new site design...

revert back to original one

Please guide me regarding MBA admissions

Scores:2013 CAT 50.71%tile, 2014 MBA/MMS CET (Final merit list) 70.69%tile, 2013(Sept) CMAT 127/400.....

My scores are below average and I am a fresher plus My academic percentage are: SSC 83.57%, HSC 54% and graduation BScIT aggr 59%

Please guide regarding the colleges I should apply for PGDM and where my chances lands for MMS..... I want to pursue admission in Mumbai only. I have applied in PGDM for IES bandra, Welingkar matunga (PGDM all) and N.L. Dalmia PGDM fianance..... I am hopeless about myself getting placed in these colleges. 

Please HELP!

no recommended articles?? 😞