New MBA program at San Diego State.... need some perspective from the PGites

Gaurav, First of all, ask yourself some key questions about pursuing a MBA: 1) Why MBA? 2) Why now? 3) What will I do with my MBA? 4) Where do I want to be (location) after my MBA? If you have a clear (or at least some) idea o…


First of all, ask yourself some key questions about pursuing a MBA:

1) Why MBA?
2) Why now?
3) What will I do with my MBA?
4) Where do I want to be (location) after my MBA?

If you have a clear (or at least some) idea of answers to the above questions, you will have a head start in your MBA program search.

This new program from San Diego does seem interesting, but this could actually be a double edged sword. The fact that it is a new program shows that one cannot gauge its actual value until maybe another 5-10 years. Also, the key for any MBA program is their placement. We still don't have that data. But maybe, this 'newness' might be the ticket to open new doors.

However, keep in mind that this program costs $120K (which is what many top 10-15 programs costs), and it does ask for 5 yrs experience (which can be circumvented).

If you plan to work in the US, I wouldn't recommend this program. If you want to remain in the US after your MBA, you will ideally go to a top 10-15 program (worse case scenario a top 50).

I would also recommend going through the various threads in PG.. there is a wealth of information, which I can only barely touch in my reply to your question.

good luck


I have come across a very interesting MBA program. The Global Entrepreneurship MBA program by San Diego State University. The students spend 3 months in San Diego, 3 months in Hong Kong (Chinese University of Hong Kong), 3 months in UAE (Higher Colleges of Technology - Abu Dhabi) and 3 months in India (IIM Lucknow and University of Hydrebad). You can look at the attached PDF and also check out their website at Global Entrepreneurship MBA Program.

The thing is that the program is interesting but "Brand New" , they are matriculating their first class in Jan 2009. And the financial investment is considerable (check the attached PDF), especially for an Indian. So I am confused if I should go for it or not. Would it be a wise idea? What are the different angles i need to look at?

Perspective and guidance from the PG gurus will be helpful.

My Stats:
GMAT - 610 (will take it again) AWA 5.5
Work EXP = 3.6 (4 by the time the program starts)


First of all, if your aim is get a scholarship, you should still be aiming to top 25-50 schools. If your profile is good, and have a 700+ (preferably 750) gmat score, you should be able to secure some sort of aid (ranging from 20% to 75%). Of course, these entrance scholarships are competitive, but I feel that one is better off aiming for a higher ranked school with a more 'established' brand name than a new school. There are many examples of students who have been able to secure some sort of entrance scholarship throughout this forum (you might need to do some extensive reading).

Secondly, I would disagree with the fact that 'brand name fades in value after 5 years'. I can understand why people say this, because many folks feel that MBA is the ticket to their first 'dream' job. And even though it is true that if you perform exceedingly well in your post-mba job, you can move through the ranks.

However, MBA is not a short term investment. I would like to think that we aim for 'brand' name MBA not just to say that I am a graduate from "XXX". It is more for the alumni connection, and exposure in different areas and regions. Hence, this is another reason as to why you need to know why you want to do a MBA.

I don't want to come across as being shallow saying that student from top 10 school is better than a student from a top 50 school. But it is just that top 10 opens up many more doors initially which actually plays a key role in our career path. Ultimately, it is the student's drive and he/she will be successful irrespective of the school he/she attends.


Disclosure: I am a prospective Fall 2009 applicant myself and still finalizing my list of schools.

Hi RedJazzGuy,

Thanks for the informative post. You are absolutely right about the program at SDSU. The brand value will only emerge only after a few years. Getting into a brand new program is a bit risky.

However my thinking was that if I can get a decent scholarship at this school and then I would be able to save financially. No Indian bank will provide such a hefty loan and even taking such a loan from any bank would be a gamble.

This brings me to my second question. How much value does brand have, from reading the forums and other posts across the net i understand that the brand fades away after 5 years. So is it worth taking a hefty loan for a top 50 schools (not the top 15 because the answer to that is pretty obvious .. yes). What is the main difference between the education that in imparted at the top schools VS average schools?

Any thoughts on this?