New IIMs comparison for the batch of 2017-19!

There is a lot of confusion among the aspirants regarding which IIM to opt for among IIM Kashipur,Raipur,Ranchi,Rohtak,Trichy and Udaipur. This thread will help aspirants to make a wise choice. Inviting everyone's opinion. Please do state your preferrences and reasoning behind the same to help fellow aspirants!!

Please set the preference order and give your reasonings behind the same.

  • IIM Ranchi
  • IIM Raipur
  • IIM Rohtak
  • IIM Trichy
  • IIM Kashipur
  • IIM Udaipur

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  I believe this will help you make a more informed decision.
Hope you find it useful.   

can some body tell me how to get waiting list number of IIM rohtak

Please suggest

  • IIM-U
  • IIM-T
  • IIM-Kashipur
  • IIM-S
  • IIM-R
  • IIM-Ranchi
  • IIM-Raipur

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What are the reasons for picking up ranchi over others in rankings below!!?

Which will best in term of academic,events,industry exposure,f aculty,placement,ROI,future scope , better role in industry after placement in 2019

  • Iit Roorkee
  • Iit Delhi
  • Iim raipur
  • Iim body gaya / sambhalpur
  • Iim Amritsar
  • Iim kashipur

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Which is better??

  • iim j&k
  • iim bodhgaya
  • iim Nagpur
  • iim Amritsar
  • iim sambalpur
  • iim sirmaur
  • iim vizag

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People here ar putting Raipur very low.Just want to know what is the disadvantage in raipur except permanent campus?Bcz as per my analysis Raipur is pretty cool

All fake opinions here in this group!

plz also give reasons

  • iim udaipur
  • iim raipur

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Please  give reason why people are more preferring new or baby iims over  IIT Delhi or roorkee cannot understand which to choose n why..pls help

IIM Udaipur City Meet - Pune today 6 pm at  German Bakery

Hello guys, enough of Pagalguy and Whatsapp :p
It is time to meet your prospective batch mates and seniors personally and discuss any questions you got about Life@IIMU !!

Please fill in your details, hope to see you there   

Please provide reasons too🙂

  • IIM Ranchi
  • Other new IIM’s
  • IIM Shillong

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IIM Ranchi vs IIM Trichy.

Which one is better, with reasons please!! 

Iim raipur vs iim Ranchi What is the reason people prefer Ranchi other than 14+ avg ctc

 To all those who converted....Welcome to the IIM Trichy family!  You can send a text to any of these numbers below to join the WhatsApp group for 2017-2019 IIM Trichy PGP Converts. Do send a screenshot of your admission offer as well. Mrinal - 9037518852 Alap - 9825557071 Anitha - 9901607031 Arun - 9159669036 Divya - 9892006251 Dwaipayan - 9051212841 

which one to prefer

  • rohtak
  • raipur
  • kashipur

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The 3rd list of IIM Kashipur is out, all the aspirants are welcome and are requested to send in the screenshot of their results to 

Apoorv Singh: 9756734448
Gaurav Rathore: 9977775638
Srajan Rastogi: 7055318049
Srinivas Raikoti: 8143419290  to get access to the final converts group. 

Which new IIM has the best Female to Male ratio ?