.NET books for sale

For sale of .NET 2.0 books


I have .NET 2.0 books for sale in Hyderabad.If interested email me.

email id:[email protected]

Details of books:

1)Professional C#,3rd Edition   ISBN:81-265-0529-X

2)ASP.NET bible  ISBN:81-265-0261-4

3)Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Step by Step ISBN:81-203-2911-2

4)Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 Step by Step ISBN:81-203-2916-3

5)Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Bible ISBN:81-265-0375-0

6)Programming Microsoft windows forms ISBN:81-7853-093-7

7)Professional .NET Framework ISBN:81-7366-401-3

8)Programming Microsoft Web forms ISBN:81-7853-077-5


9)Professional Java Server Programming J2EE  1.3 Edition ISBN:81-7366-021-2

For prices you can check on amazon.in using the ISBN numbers in old books