Need Help ? - Get hold of Community leaders

Junta! The concept of Community Leaders have been pondered upon for a long time here and the way forum has grown it is high time we give some synchronization to this chaos! So, to help the users, newbies and oldies, regulars and once in …

Thats A Gr8 Idea....CL's @ PG..

My Best Wishes to all the three Community Leaders,sid_dharth, the_egonomist and naga_gangadhar!


congrats to new community leaders

hail PG

great idea!!!
congrats to all the CLs

congrats to sid,egonomist and naga :thumbsup:

Will the community leaders be mentioned in the respective sections just like moderators so that newbies know whom to contact in case of any query?

Nice initiative PG HQ :thumbsup:


The concept of Community Leaders have been pondered upon for a long time here and the way forum has grown it is high time we give some synchronization to this chaos!


Once again think tank of PG comes up with a flying colors. CLs @PG .. excellent idea.:clap:. Imminent advs as we see:
1. Now we all know whom to approach for probs. (or to bug them)
2. Also CLs have a bit narrow region on which they hav to concentrate for info and share.
3. Its certainly a path for " Mods/Admin in making".
4. Recognise the efforts of people at PG.
Kudos to [email protected]!!
One suggestion: y dont we recognise people at city level for POC sort of thing? :lookroun:Though all event for PG should be volunteered, identifying someone for each city would be a step ahead in expanding and stregthening PG domain. ( apart from encouraging more to come forward!!). And we do hav lot many PGites doing this in their respective cities, so give them an identity.

Congrats to the CLs ! Enjoy your new avataar on the forums and Besties for the task at hand. 😉

Puys :)

Thank you all for the wishes and thanks to PG HQ for choosing me as one of the Community Leader :)

Will try to live upto the expectations of everyone out here on PG!!! :D

PG Rocks!!!


Will try to live upto the expectations of everyone out here on PG!!! :D


Well, if you dont, we all here will make you to do so!!

conogs to the three of u and best wishes :thumbsup:

Awesome initiative I say...

And welcome to the 3 CLs...

May you enrich PG with your performance...


PS: This post to be construed as spam to ensure increase in post count and at the same time get subscription to this thread 😉 - Gronde

Since I haven't posted for the whole day today, I might as well say congrats to the newly chosen CL's . Congrats buddies!! Enjoy your new roles.

Can't take a hit on my post count you see :biggrin:


PS- Nice initiative! Whose idea by the way? 😉

Thank you guys. Will try to reach your expectations..

To introduce my self, I am a developer working at PGHQ.


Thanks a lot guys!

Am just glad to be here!


When my friend introduced me to PG, i thought it's just another forum..

But this turned out to be an organization which takes it's members as family, and would go out ways to help them..

I am glad to join..else would have been deprived of such wonderful part of my life....

Congratulations to all CL's....


Oh I never knew I was sharing cottage with a future leader at AIPGM :wow:
Mishra ji hum pehle hi jaan gaya tha ki netagiri ki line mein bahutahi door tak jaayeinge aap, chaliye welcome sambhaliye apna naya portfolio
Ok coming on to a bit serious talk why toothless leaders, what about atleast giving them warning powers (yellow/red cards) on which mods can take action ASAP(& now don't blame euro-cup for this suggestion) :oha:
Before I hit submit tab, on-record praise for egonomist too.... :

hey .... nice initiative man!!! CL s on PG 😃 wow!!

All the best 2 the three CLs.. 😃

Please welcome baccardisprite as the Community Leader in the International MBA section

When I joined PG as a registered user one year ago, I had been a visitor for around three years. PG gave me the knowledge and motivation to carry on when mock cat percentiles dipped, even when the going was tough. Now after approximately four years of my tryst with PG I am in a position where I can help newbies with my knowledge and motivation levels. I feel it is time for me to lend a helping hand in spreading the insanity which I have been in love with for so long now.

I hereby nominate myself for the post of Community leader for MBA exams and Institutes or Alumni Talk Section in that order of preference. I intend to work closely with sid_dharth, naga_gangadhar and the_egonomist as a fellow community leader in helping newbie pagals and in the other duties to be performed by a community leader. Also as a CL I will encourage puys to share knowledge on the forum, attend PG meets and to participate more in constructive ways.

Well I was asked to nominate myself on the forum instead via pm so please consider this as my nomination. I request support and co operation from fellow puys in whichever ways possible.


I have intimated rohit regarding a certain member whom i deem fit to take up the role of a CL.

Along with 'that particular user' , i put my hands up for kill the cat aka neerav.

I have known him for sometime now and have interacted with him many a time on some of the other forums.

As a fellow puy , i believe he's got the temperament to do justice to the job.

I have gone through many of his posts and almost all of them have been very well put forth.

apart from knowing the ins and outs , i believe a user should be able to communicate the same to a newbie in a simple manner .I believe neerav fits the bill.

few reasons why i'm voting for neerav

2.ability to express his views. member
4.command over english

ps - analysis done solely from the point of fellow puy.

congrats to all the other CL's. :thumbsup: