Need help from you before taking up ISB PGP

Actually I’m working in one of the software company as Senior Software Engineer and have 8 years of very good experience on Microsoft technology (C++, VC++, COM etc…). Even though my designation is Senior Software Engineer, I’m doing Project Lead…

Actually I'm working in one of the software company as Senior Software Engineer and have 8 years of very good experience on Microsoft technology (C++, VC++, COM etc..). Even though my designation is Senior Software Engineer, I'm doing Project Lead role and I've lead projects, which actually got tremendous revenue to the company. As a professional career, I've done lot of achievements.
But now I'm hitting glass ceiling. I want to grow more. Due to my average academics (done regular B.Sc and correspondence MCA (Master Of Computer Application)). Since my master degree is correspondence course, I'm finding difficulties, while climbing up corporate ladder.
I badly want to come out of this problem, and want to do ISB PGP and get into management.
Before giving a try I just wanted to know that,
Is my correspondence MCA or my average academic does hit me back again?
Please help me out.

Doesnt matter much....Put in a strong application with a good GMAT to nullify the effect of ur bad acads....

I would say put in a good gmat and that should take over. More over are your grades low in UG and MCA or is it that you are worried that you have only a corresp degree for PG.
IF you have any professional certifications then you can showcase them for your academic talents and ISB would be looking at a well rounded app. With 8yrs experience they would be looking more at the Leadership qualities in you and supporting evidences for the same.

If you are planning to apply for 2006 admission please do so ASAP as the deadline for the app is jan7th.

Thanks man, actually I've 59% (aggregate) in B.Sc and 64% (aggregate) in MCA and I'm Microsoft Certified Professional.
I have good experience, professional career is really good.
So shall I go ahead and take it seriously?

I've not taken GMAT, so I'll plan for 2007 and 2008, I can not get any slot to write GMAT before Jan 7 of this year.

Yes .. you can apply for the admissions starting next year.. Would say then take your gmat by june and then use the next one year to strengthen your curriculars and also secure some project management certifications etc. apply for the R1 of next year.

Moreover if you want you can also look at the 1yr PGPX course provided by IIMA . The avg work ex for the admitted current batch is around 9yrs and has a class strength of 70 students. However this is the first year of the course and need to wait and watch the placements.

If you are in india i guess it is tough to take your gmat and send the apps by jan7th.

Best of luck for your app. process.

what is R1?

what is R1?

R1 is Round 1.

Every b-school will have various rounds of application for an academic yesr. They distribute the applications to various rounds and each round has deadline.

Most US schools have 3 or 4 rounds,whereas ISB has only 2rounds.

For the academic year 2006, R1 is Nov1st and for R2 the deadline is Jan7th.

The general myth is that apying in an early round increases your chance of an admit (subject to application having a strong candidacy). Later rounds are more competitive.


the myth may also be true reason being people get dinged from better places and then apply at round 2/3 of other schools....

apply in R1 if u have done good research on the school and your essays are well-prepared apply in R2 if u have a profile better than the average lot at a school....moreover R2 apply at US/UK means less scholarship opps. and less time for Visa etc...

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