Need Guidance on Business Analytics Certification at ISB

Hi,While i am preparing for Gmat again, but at the same time i have a doubt regarding a Certification, Certificate Programme in Business Analytics, available at ISB which i felt might be useful for me.I have a current work ex of 30 months wi…


While i am preparing for Gmat again, but at the same time i have a doubt regarding a Certification, Certificate Programme in Business Analytics, available at ISB which i felt might be useful for me.

I have a current work ex of 30 months with Infosys as a Programmer. I have excelled well during this time with multiple distinct awards. I got 81% in 10th and 78% in PCM 12%, & 650 in GMAT. I am quite fond of moving from Technical line(from writing code) to Business side where i can work as a Business Analyst and help the business by proposing new ideas, understanding their customer base and work on their database to gather useful Intelligence.Please guide me if this certification will be useful and suitable for me.Here's the link to the course:

Certificate Programme in Business Analytics | Indian School of Business (ISB)


it is very much valuable, once you do it you would find many jobs and freelance work trust look here how people have shared their experiences.

For some like me who is in to technology sales with a package of 30 lacs above, does it make any sense to go for ISB analytics course at all. 

However, I am keen to move to analytics, probably I would be in analytics sales. 

Anyone who has been there and gone through please share your experiences if its worth spending close to 8 lacs on this course and how reasonable would be ROI after the course or should i consider doing analytics courses abroad by taking a year break..

Would there be any campus assistance for placements or references from the college would fetch any benefits...???

I have a query regarding the certificate course at ISB.

I am having around 4 years of experience in IT with about 1 year of experience in data collecting. 

But the concern for me is, I have very low academic scores.

What is the probability that I will be considered for the above course.

Also I would like to know the cut off for the online assesment test for the course?

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Hi Everyone, I need guidance for the CBA program of ISB. I have been selected for this program and I have 2+ years of exp in IT. I've interest in data science field. ISB doesn't provide the placement assistance and at the end placement matters. I would like to know after completing this course what opportunitues I can expect and do companies like deloite,kPMG and others consider this course and give some job offers . Since fees of this course is high and everything will be on loan. Should I go with it or start searching alternate options . Guyz pls give ur suggestions and feedback on this course specially Alumini of the course so that I can choose the right path. Thanks in advance. Regards Anonymous

I would suggest you not to join CBA program. I am myself a student of this program and gave everything to make it work, but not satisfied with the outcome and its a prolonged suffering of 1.5 years for you, your family and your career, as you keep everything aside and face setback throughout the program.

People who are writing positive review here are have invested a lot of time, money and effort in program and would want to keep good image of this program to keep their market value high.

But in truth, The academic team is very poor and you will keep suffering most times under them for their ever changing rules and patterns(its not registered with govt and is a private body, so mostly you have no say at all). Star professors and other things are good, but you can not expect to cover a topic to great depth in course, but would cover each subject in straight 10 hours(5 lectures of 2 hours), if this is the justification for paying 9 lakh for this course, then its a poor one. These professors have no time after these 10 hours, assignment you submit would never fetch you a feedback, you would not know if you are doing good or bad in program and what are the right way of doing the things in a topic and why something you did is wrong. You would be like a car moving down the road and bumping everywhere on you way not learning whats the correct way of doing things.

No placement assistance, even organisations bringing capstone projects at end are dubious and they allow any other organisation to give their projects and whole management of program is in shackles. They have increased number of batches per year just to mint money from booming name of analytics and management pressure to make ISB a profitable institute. I would suggest you to grow organically by picking one area at a time rather than putting 9 lakh and your career at risk. Better use 9 lakh to improve your life and pick one area in analytics you want to expertise and pursue that like take up Big data or Machine Learning course etc and go though those concepts and try for jobs in that area, do internships if you need do as we would also be doing the same anyway after 1.5 years even after going through this program. Thats faster, focused and less harsh way of doing things and joining this program doesnt make sense.There are many such focused programs around.And even if you want to do a higher degree go for masters , not a certificate which holds 0 value for governments across the world. I hope you know that a institute if not recognised within a country is not reconsidered outside by other countries. You wont even be able to use a private body certificate anywhere and theres no campus placement for this course.

Even if you want to have ISB experience and have been sinking in paint of love for it, then I would recommend to only attend only the pre-term sessions by paying 40k as initial deposit and drop the course after 1st residency when you have to pay full fee for term1, as thats max you would need to make a start rather than paying 9 lakh.

Later you can contact earlier passouts from this program or anyone around or a focused course for guidance to pursue only that part which you want to follow rather than studying unnecessary subjects which you may never use later.

Other important thing is that its a certificate program and not even a degree or diploma. There is not value attached with this certificate as its NOT approved by govt of India. If later in life you want to make use of your 1.5 years of effort(which I think is a big commitment one seeing the age you are in) , no one would recognise that in any area as its a private institute. You cannot use this certificate for immigration or any official purpose.

Here a head start, you would want to learn anything on analytics: Read basic top ranked books from flipkart or amazon on business statistics, linear regression and optimisation, 1 book in each area. After these 3 subjects you can comfortably pick any field in analytics and do focused study and that would cost you 90% lesser. Hardwork you have to do whether you are in this program or outside it.

 Hi.I have 4 years experience as a java developer in germany post my MS.What is the range of salary which I can expect in India after the cba course from ISB?

Hi, Thanks for the detailed answer, your answer is from 2018, its been 5 years since, Do you think this certificate course still has similar scenario??

Also were you able to make most out of this course, I mean did you get a job as a business analyst?

Please respond soon,

I have an invite from ISB to join this course and I have to make a decision before 1 June