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4R Explanation (Can be found on Economic Survey Volume - 1, Page No: 19)

Resolving the TBS challenge comprehensively would require 4 Rs : Recognition, Recapitalization, Resolution, and Reform. Banks must value their assets as far as possible close to true value (recognition) as the RBI has been emphasizing; once they do so, their capital position must be safeguarded via infusions of equity (recapitalization) as the banks have been demanding; the underlying stressed assets in the corporate sector must be sold or rehabilitated (resolution) as the government has been desiring; and future incentives for the private sector and corporate must be set right (reform) to avoid a repetition of the problem, as everyone has been clamoring.

Rs. 2,18,000 crore will be spent on capital expenditure of roads and railways in 2016-17.

Includes: Rs. 27,000 crore PMGSY  + 55,000 crore Road Transport and highway  + 15,000 crore NHAI Bonds + 1,21,000 crore Railways (Be clear with the split up, later I will post some questions on this )

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Consider the following actions which the Government can take:

Devaluing the domestic currency.
Reduction in the export subsidy.
Adopting suitable policies which attract greater FDI and more funds from FIIs.

Which of the above action/actions can help in reducing the current account deficit?

  • (c.) 3 only
  • (a.) 1 and 2
  • (b.) 2 and 3
  • (d.) 1 and 3

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An increase in foreign income generally leads to:

  • a) increased exports, increased domestic output
  • d) increased exports, decreased domestic output
  • c) decreased exports, decreased domestic output
  • b) decreased exports, increased domestic output

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When the exchange rate is determined by the market forces of demand and supply, it is known as :

  • d) Floating exchange rate
  • b) Nominal exchange rate
  • c) Superfluous exchange rate
  • a) Real exchange rate

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I have posted some questions here today, do you guys think it is helpful? Because what I am studying I am simultaneously sharing it, the questions which I find interesting or I think may be asked in Phase II.

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monetary concepts made easy.

Which of the following was a part of the green revolution strategy?

  • c. Irrigation
  • d. All the above
  • b. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • a. High yielding variety seeds

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Which of the following plans was officially announced as a failed plan?

  • b. 2nd FYP
  • d. 7th FYP
  • a. Ist FYP
  • c. 3rd FYP

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Which one of the following crop improvement technique is based on the concept of
Cellular Totipotency in plants

  • Tissue Culture
  • Induced Culture
  • Hybridisation
  • Polyploid

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 The National Development Council (NDC) in its 53rd meeting held on 29th May, 2007 adopted a resolution to launch a Food Security Mission comprising rice, wheat and pulses to increase the production of rice by 10 million tons, wheat by 8 million tons and pulses by 2 million tons by the end of the Eleventh Plan (2011-12). Accordingly, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme, 'National Food Security Mission' (NFSM), was launched in October 2007.

The Mission is being continued during 12th Five Year Plan with new targets of additional production of food grains of 25 million tons of food grains comprising of 10 million tons rice, 8 million tons of wheat, 4 million tons of pulses and 3 million tons of coarse cereals by the end of 12th Five Year Plan. 
  The National Food Security Mission (NFSM) during the 12th Five Year Plan will have five components

(i) NFSM- Rice;

(ii) NFSM-Wheat; (iii) NFSM-Pulses,

(iv) NFSM-Coarse cereals and

(v) NFSM-Commercial Crops. 

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Consider the following statements regarding the various deficits in India (Find the Incorrect Statement)

  1. The Revenue deficit as percentage of GDP has been consistently falling since 2012-13
  2. The Fiscal deficit as percentage of GDP shows no clear trend since 2012-13
  3. The Primary deficit as a percentage of GDP has increased since 2012-13
  • 2 only
  • 1 only
  • 2 and 3 only
  • All the given statements are correct

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Census questions

1. What is the Total population of Indiaaccording to 2011 census ? Answer: 121 crore

2. Which is the most populous state in India ?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

3. Which is the least populous state in India ?

Answer: Sikkim

4.What is the rate of growth of population of India according to 2011 census ?

Answer: 17.64 %

5. Which state has the highest fertility rate inIndia ?

Answer: Meghalaya

6. What is the percentage of worlds population having in India? Answer: 17.5 %

7. Literacy Rate in India according to Census 2011?

Answer: 74.04 %

8. Which is the most literate state in India ?

Answer: Kerala (93.9%)

9. Which is the least literate state in India ?

Answer: Bihar (63.82%)

10. Which is the most literate Union territory in India ?

Answer: Lakshadweep (92.2%)

11. Which is the least literate Union territory in India ?

Answer: Dadra and Nagar Haveli

13. Which is the least Literate districts of India?

Answer: Alirajpur (Madhya Pradesh)

14. Which Indian state has high density of population ?

Answer: Bihar (1102)

15. Which Indian state has low density of population ?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh (17)

16. Which state in India has highest sex ratio ?

Answer: Kerala (1084/1000)

17. Which state in India has lowest sex ratio ?

Answer: Haryana

18. What is the Density of Population of India ?

Answer: 382

19. What is the sex ratio of India ?

Answer: 940/1000

20. Which Union territory has highest sex ratio ?

Answer: Puducherry *

21.Which Union territory has lowest population ?

Answer: Lakshadweep *

22. What is the number of districts in India according to 2011 census? Answer: 640

23. Considered the following statements and select answers in giving code

1. the literacy rate taking into account the total population in the denominator is termed as "Crude literacy rate"

2. The literacy rate calculated taking into account the 7 year and above population is known as " Effective literacy rate"

(a)Both 1 nd 2 right (ans) (b) Only 2 right (c) None of these correct    (d) Only 1 correct

24.In SECC 2011 caste based Census data conducted by which ministry

(a)Ministry of Rural development (b) Ministry of Urban development & poverty alleviation (c) Ministry of Finance Ministry of Home Affairs (ans) (d) Ministry of Agriculture and farmers welfare

25.Which one of the following district recorded lowest percentage of population growth in the census 2011

(a)Kiphire, Nagaland (b) Longleng, Nagaland (-58.39%) (ans) (c) Serchip, Mizoram (-30.54) (d) Yanam, Puducherry (e)Pulwama, J & K

26.The percentage of decadal growth of population (2000 - 2011) is the lowest in which of the following state

Bihar Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh West Bengal( ans) decadal growth of India is 17.64%.

27. From which place SECC 2011 census started?

Ans. Sankhola village of Hazemara block in West Tripura District.

28.Between 2001 and 2011 India's population has increased by

161 million 171 million 181 million (ans) 191 million 185 million

29.The scheduled castes constituted % the indian population

(a) 16.2% (ans) (b) 8.2% (c) 20.2% (d) 17.5%

30.Who is the ex officio chairman of National population commission

1. Registrar of census 2. Pradhan Mantri (ans) 3. Secretary of home affairs 4. Deputy secretary of Planning Commission 5. Appointed by President

31. The urban population in india according to 2011 census in percentage

31.16% (ans) rural 68.84 % 32.36




32.Along with the highest sex ratio, Kerala also has the dubious distinction off highest

(a) Transgenders (b)Greying population (ans) (c) Handicapped population (d)Child marriage (e) Non religious beliefs

33. What is the number of disabled in 2011

(a) 1.18 crore (b) 2.19 crore (c) 2.68 crore(ans) (d) 1.57 crore (e) 3.05 crore

34. India total population with disabilities has increased from 2001 to 2011

(a)22.6 % (b)32.5 % (c)22.4 %(ans)  (d)33.8 % (e)21.4 %

Who among the following did not kill whitewalker till now?

  • Jojen Reed
  • Samwell Tarly
  • Meera Reed
  • Jon Snow

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