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How to prepare for nabard grade a 2020

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NABARD grade A notification out 139 vacancies happy new year

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Will there be NABARD grade B exam this time in 2020? Any news from internal sources?

Please share "nabard grade A" previous prelims questions for economic and social issues and agriculture n rural development.. thankyou. 

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Hi guys Video Link of Current Affairs for 9th of january 2020

is provided for you from where you can cover most of the current affairs in few minutes... 

(prepare hard and achieve more) 

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Hi guys Video Link of Current Affairs for 11th of january 2020

(Video is in Hindi and in English)

(Pdf link is also provided to revise)

is provided for you from where you can cover most of the current affairs in few minutes... 

(prepare hard and achieve more) 

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any review about crackgradeb material?


🌟🌟🌟 Imp Agri Objectives 🌟🌟🌟

▪️ Which is a deep rooted crop? *Tomato*✅

▪️A dry matter intake/100 kg body weight is recommended for breeding bull. *2 kg*✅

▪️Which is an external parasite of poultry bird? *Mites*✅

▪️Piroplasmosis is also known as? *Babesiosis*✅

▪️Wheat is a __season crop? *Rabi*✅

▪️On an average every cow or buffalo produces how much kg dungs.? *10-20kg*✅

▪️Which crop belongs to the legume family? *Gram*✅

▪️Which is also known as wind pipe of animal respiratory system? *Trachea*✅

▪️In silage preparation after sealing, what happens to nitrate-N? *Decreases*✅

▪️Leafy vegetables are mainly grown during .? *Winter season*✅

▪️How much space is required for egg poultry is? *1.5sq.ft*✅

▪️Starter feed contains maximum of? *Protein*✅

▪️Most dangerous disease of chicken is? *Ranikhet*✅

▪️Which disease spread through virus in cattle is? *Foot and Mouth disease*✅

▪️Anthrax is caused by? *Bacteria*✅

▪️Severe bloat is removed by tools? *Trocar cannula*✅

▪️Which is the best method of milking? *Full hand method*✅

▪️What is the boiling point of milk (in Celsius) is? *>100*✅

▪️Which harmon helps in let down of milk? *Oxytocin*✅

▪️Milk sugar is also known by the name of ? *Lactose*✅