MYRA School of Business Placements

Hi All,

I want to join one year executive mba program in MYRA. On my recent visit, I was told that none of the current batch of executive mba students have been placed so far.

Can you throw some light on that?

Placements for the PGPX program at the MYRA School of Business has just begun as our approach to all placements and particularly to PGPX is a customised one as they all come with very different backgrounds and experiences. Our PGPXers are interviewing with companies such as Biocon, Hero Moto Corp, ITC, Tata Motors and others.

As an ex student I will give the true picture of MYRA School of Business.

The permanent faculty is only 5–6 in number which means that for each domain (Finance/Marketing etc) there is 1–2 full time faculties. Absolutely no comparison with top tier B schools and IIMs where each department has 8–10 faculties. Regarding visiting faculties MYRA has good professors which is their only plus point but they come for 2 weeks only. Also recently MYRA has lost some well known visiting faculties as rightly pointed out above. Abhinanda Sarkar, Sudhi Seshadri are good but there are good faculties in other business schools too.

The worst part of MYRA is the placements. For PGPX only the first batch was placed. Other batches got placements through own contacts. For year 2016–2017 and 2017–2018 there is absolutely zero placements. Thats why no data for these 2 years have been collated in the MYRA website. No companies visit MYRA campus for PGPX at Mysore. The placement director has changed 2–3 times in the last few years and they tend to leave in 6 months time. I think this year MYRA experimented with Manpower Group as placement aid but that has completely backfired with students not getting interviews even - leave alone placements. For PGDM the placement is around 35–40% with average salary of approx 5.5 lacs. Many good students are unable to find placements. Very few companies visit campus because of locational disadvantage at Mysore. For GMBA the recent batch starting is having the problems of their life. Difficulties are being faced getting VISA for DAL CANADA, one candidate (who was admitted to GMBA) had to now change to MS whose eligibility was not checked earlier by MYRA admission team. Problems are so much that even the governing board of MYRA is thinking to cancel offers.

The infrastructure and campus however is quite good but not comparable to ISB, GLIM or IIMs.

Staff members always leave MYRA after few months and huge mismanagement is there.

The head of the group is least credible.

MYRA has good marketing team which canvasses information and use the students to provide good reviews in blogs etc so that they can attract students in lieu of providing placements. However very few good students (with high CAT/GMAT) comes here and basically they accept all students with very poor CAT scores. So there is no point of comparison with student quality with regard to IIMs/ISB or even 2–3 tier business schools.

In short i suggest better look for other opportunities and resat for CAT(PDGM) or GMAT (PGPX/GMBA) before taking admission to MYRA otherwise unless you are very lucky you will lose money, time and resources here. Placement is almost nil here. So ultimately for PGDM guys if anyone is interested in doing MBA but has very low score and not expecting placement can join. For PGPX and GMBA - a big NO. Better invest elsewhere.