MYRA PGPX Class of 2015

Hi, This thread is to engage the prospective candidates for MYRA PGPX 2015 and the already selected candidates for Co2015. The current cohort and @MYRAadmissions are always welcome to share their views and experiences to help candidates make a i…

This thread is to engage the prospective candidates for MYRA PGPX 2015 and the already selected candidates for Co2015. The current cohort and @MYRAadmissions are always welcome to share their views and experiences to help candidates make a informed decision.

Sharing my interview experience:
1) Questions around work -ex were asked
2) Questions on the differences in the industries that I have worked in
3) Why MBA?
4) My hobbies and interests

It was a very good experience .The questions seemed relevant to what i am trying to pursue- MBA- and were focussed on my strengths. I liked the interview pattern and the admission process was lightning quick and very responsive. The whole process from submission of app to interview was pretty much fluid.

There is something right about this school...I am still trying to figure out!!..Can the ones who know more about this school help me out to list down the USPs of Myra please..Cheers!!

hello ..what about placements record in myra college . Moreover , how can you give assurance to get a placements ??

Is MYRA planning to have any management consultancy firm for placments ?

worth a read:

Once I join and start a new journey i will just have one regret I would have to cancel my tickets to world cup this time!!

@MYRAadmissions What is the expected class size for PGPX Co2015?

@MYRAadmissions Can i please know by when MYRA is planning to release current placement scenario- Will it be after the entire placement cycle is complete or we can expect an interim update regarding what all companies are visiting MYRA and what all roles are being offered?
@MYRAadmissions Just wanted to understand as to how are the placements for PGPX going, any intermediate update around - firms coming in for placements, roles offered, potential salary range- will be really .. Thanks

Can someone please let me know the refund process in PGPX? I cannot find anything on the website. I understand from the selected candidates that a couple of installments amounting to 2 lakh is to be paid in the first month or so. If the candidate wishes to withdraw their candidature before the start of the classes, how much fees will be refunded?..A response will be helpful..thanks

Am joining PGPX this year by means of deferred admission offered during last year.

My profile:
Masters in Agriculture
Total work exp: 11.5 years (spanning from State Government to public and private banks in Agribusiness sector)
Presently working as Chief Manager in a leading Private Bank.
GMAT: 680
Nice to see you all by June end at MYRA

Any other PGPX admits,pls share their profile and views

@MYRAadmissions I heard that the placements for the first PGPX batch have been quite promising. Can you please give us a brief of the placments? i.e Salary bracket, Roles and companies....Cheers!!

Yes, MYRA PGPX students have got really some fantastic offers! For a new school it is a record and higher than the average of top schools. Right now we have four students with formal offers : one student ( CTC of 15 Lakhs) ; 2 students ( 18 lakhs) and another with 24 lakhs. All the other 5 are still interviewing. Every day one or the other is intervening. We expect to have the complete list in the next 2 weeks. Then we will be announcing the same on our website. Our policy is always to wait till the complete list is ready . We might communicate the "good news" but the list will be posted on our website once the process is complete. For example one other person who has already got 18, is hoping to better it with another we will wait. Please wait. But at this point of time we are happy and proud of our accomplishments in the placement front.


I am an engineer having 13 year exp in core industries. I am looking for an executive MBA and recently come to know about MYRA PGPX. I am requesting seniors and prospective student to help me come to decision.

1) Is MYRA PGPX course correct for me?

2) Am I too old for class? Because one can see avg exp of last batch is 5 yrs.

3) Can I get any part time job while studying at MYRA? Will MYRA help me for this?

4) What will be admissions process and its eligible criterion?

5) How is difficult to get Bank Loan for PGPX program?



are letters of recommendation compulsary @ MYRA  PGPX ?

Please ask all your queries related to MYRA on the below thread

How I got to know about MYRA and my interview experience (upcoming batch of PGPX 2015-16)

When I was preparing for GMAT, I always had it in mind that I want to get into an Indian b-school that offers me a one year executive management program containing all the necessary management subjects along with an opportunity to specialize in a particular field. Since I am already an MBA, I didn't want to get into another program of the same duration. I was also looking for a program specially designed for candidates with 5+ years of experience, a program that can brush up my skills and can make me accustomed to the rigors that the corporate world offers. The PGPX at MYRA fits into it perfectly. I got to know about MYRA from my admissions counselor at Jamboree, New Delhi. Though there were many mouth-watering schools that I thought of at foreign locations but the cost at which MYRA is providing its program made me think of it on a serious note. When I browsed through the website of MYRA and got to read about the faculties, it really excited me that a new college is offering the same course with world class faculties at a comparatively low cost. The international immersion program that is part of the PGPX was another deciding factor that adds a point towards selecting MYRA. After much thought and analysis, I decided to give it a go. I finally applied for MYRA with all the details and documents and got a call from Mr. Arun that my application has been selected and I will be having an interview at a hotel in New Delhi. When I reached the venue, I got the opportunity to meet Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar and Dr. Shalini Urs (the two founding members of the institution). The interview was more of a discussion on my career goals and what I can expect from MYRA. To hear and discuss stuff directly with the founder and associate dean made me feel comfortable and confident that I am moving in the right direction. Finally I received the admission confirmation letter after a week or so. Overall the application and interview process has been very smooth. I am looking forward for some exciting and fruitful time at MYRA.