My favorite 10 movies

Let’s post our favorite top-10 movies of all time

Let's post our favorite top-10 movies of all time

1-Raging bull
2-Mulholland dr
3-No country for old men
4-Goodfellas/The shawshank redemption
5-Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
6-Black friday
7-American beauty
8-Dr strangelove
9-Requiem for a dream
10-Fargo/Before the devil knows you're dead/Magnolia
honorable mentions:The king of comedy,my left foot,the big lebowski,barton fink ,hazaaron khwahishein aisi,hey ram,the elephant man and the bicycle thief

1 Pan's Labyrinth
2 Taxi Driver
3 A Clockwork Orange
4 2001 A Space Odessey
5 Goodfellas
6 Pulp Fiction
7 Trzy kolory
8 Fanny och Alexander
9 Memento
10 El secreto de sus ojos
Coen brother films;David lynch-Mulholland drive,eraserhead,the elephant man;Lars Von trier films;Akira Kurosawa films-Seven Samurai,rashomon,ran;Rec,Angel Heart;The Godfather 1 n 2...the list just goes on

making lists my fav thing

the abv 2 lists r largely inspired by noir cinema which is not my cup of tea so here comes my pretty conventional list -

(no order besides TDK all r 10/10 for me)
1 the dark knight
2 forrest gump
3 godfather 2
4 the good the bad the ugly
5 pulp fiction
6 city of god
7 scarface
8 fight club
9 pursuit of happyness
10 a beautiful mind

other 10/10 - godfather , prestige , inception , schindler's list , 300 , grave of the fireflies , kung fu panda , inglorious basterds , bad boys 2, saving private ryan

selecting the absolute 10(maybe a little more ) favourite movies is a mammoth task.
in no particular order

Taxi Driver-Martin Scorsese
A Clockwork Orange-Stanley Kubrick
Apocalypse Now-Francis Ford Coppola
Stalker-Andriey Tarkovsky
Pulp Fiction-Quentin Tarantino
Jana Aranya-Satyajit Ray
Dreams-Akira Kurosawa
The Big Lebowski-The Coen brothers
Dr Strangelove-Stanley Kubrick
The Prestige-Christopher Nolan
Requiem For A Dream-Darren Aronofsky
Cache-Micheal Haneke
Spring,summer,fall,winter and spring-Kim ki duk
there will be blood-Paul Thomas Anderson
Psycho-Alfred Hitchcock
The Godfather-Francis Ford Coppola
Battleship Potemkin-sergiey eisentien