DAY 4 of CAT exam->15-oct-2012(MONDAY)slot 3:15 pm JAIPURIA MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE,LUCKNOWMY CAT EXPERIENCE->woke up at 7:00 AM after sleeping for just 3 hours(exam anxytie you know).Took bus from my home town kanpur to lucknow at 10 :35 AM …

DAY 4 of CAT exam->15-oct-2012(MONDAY)
slot 3:15 pm
woke up at 7:00 AM after sleeping for just 3 hours(exam anxytie you know).Took bus from my home town kanpur to lucknow at 10 :35 AM .The day brought mixed experiences for me.I reached the test centre at 1:40 pm after a long journey of 2 hrs and 15 minutes from my home town KANPUR as i reached the test site i saw long queue of candidates ,so got frustated that after a tiring journey i now have to wait to get my documents checked by prometric staff which will then eventually let me in .As my turn came they checked my voter id card and admit card .To my surprise i got shocked when the staff member said that your date of birth didnt matched my DOB in my admit card .I got frightened and quickly checked both of my documents,i found the discrepency,but as there was only one year difference between my birth year and rest of the intials were matching they let me in.May be they were kind to me.Saw some other candidates having same problem of some intials miss matching and prometric staff conforming to their superiors to whether allow them or not.After few metres away another staff member was checking the documents then only allowing candidates to go further.After first phase of checking i entered the second phase of submitting unwanted things i carried to exam centre except money and documents and made to sit a room from where they were calling two students at a time for biometric was already 2:45 pm and i thought it's gonna late in the commencement of the exam.finally my turn came when prometric guy called 'KO' only two people please.i rushed fast so that im among the two people but i forgot to pick my voter id card in a hurry and ran backwards to pick it up as the guy sitting beside me was showing it to me that you have forgotten your voter id card dude..huh!! so much hurry and tension to give just one exam...and finally i reached to my respective biometric verification site.There the prometric staff asked me to first give my right hand index finger signature by pressing three times in a row on the small device,but in a hurry i firstly registered my middle finger signature but i realised it quickly and corrected my mistake then i was asked to do the same thing with my left hand index finger.hell!! the DOB miss match trauma came again but the prometric guy was of jolly nature and adviced me not to shiver just stay calm and "BE POSITIVE",i replied its difficult to remain poised when such an important exam is about to begin.He took my photograph and smiled to me that its a good picture which i later discovered that i was laughing in that pic.I dont know how he took that picture,then after alloting me my room number and respective system number i rushed to my room and quickly searched for my system position in the room.Then i was halted by the prometric lady invigilator to show me my documents and my system number.i told her that i already showed them thrice,then she said you have to show it again,i was getting frustated and tired of so many check points for one exam.Finally i reached to my system but HELL" there was so little space between candidates and so little space for sitting.POOR MANAGEMENT.I found it difficult to pull my chair and get seated.The space between two consecutive rows was so little that some candidates ended up hitting systems placed in back of them while trying to get seated.SO after all these horrified experiences i finally occupied my postion.We were asked to read the laminated instrution provided on our seats. It was 3:00 pm in the clock on the wall of the room.Then we were instructed not to touch anything untill we were asked.I cursed them that how they can say such things to me who spends 24 hrs on his system.Im an expert.Do im gonna do any harm?it cant be possible.then after few minutes before star of the tutorial the system asked ID and password(official things to be handled by prometric staff).but to my surprise the invigilator entered wrong passwords twice in a row.i got frigtened because it was wrtten on the screen if it will be wrong the third time too the they had to go to prometric administration and i thought if that gonna happen it will eventually delay my exam and will increase my anxytie.Thank God the next staff came and got it right this time(most annoying part before the start of exam as students were getting annoyed and getting difficulties while adapting to the environment).then i was told to start the tutorial.i was getting frustated as i was not comfortable with the space provided to us plus due to girls sitting besides me(so close to me,you can understand) and their innumerable doubts(must be amateur).i rushed through the tutorials within 5 minutes and asked that could i start my exam .The invigilators allowed me as other candidates already started their exam.It took 3 to 4 minutes to load the 1st section on the screen and i was worried that why it took so long to start the exam (was worried did my system hanged up)but it was same for most of the candidates.I clicked so many times on the START button again and again in a hope to get it started.not to mention we were provided with a pencil(clearly remember it was purple in color with flowers decorated over it with eraser at back of it and word CAMLIN was engraved on it) a eraser and pack of rought sheets.

Finally the 1st section appeared which was QUANTITATIVE AND DATA INTERPRETATION.AS i saw the first question i found it difficult to concentrate ,started solving in a haste.Forgot all those plans,tricks and tips which i prepared to apply in the exam(thats what CAT is all about).But eventually i realised that i had to stick to my plans as i couldnt solve the 1st question then i tried to calm and soothe myself slowed down my pace started reading questions slowly twice and even thrice to fathom it completely and if i could get any clue to solve it in minimum time without raising my pencil.I skipped through questions to find easy ones.when i got control of myself i was more poised and determined.I found that there were about 10 to 12 questions which could be solved within seconds.i completed them and then came to questions which involve some calculation.In the meantime i was cursing myself for not been able to solve some questions from the topic with which i was uncomfortable(lack of preparedness).Those were really easy ones.Finally my 1st section narrowed down to 5 minutes and i was warned on the screen that i have 5 minutes left .Intially i thought i will keep 5 minutes in my bag to review the questions but couldnt as i have 2 to 3 questions left which could be solved.then.1 minute warning came off and then i decided to use these seconds to solve a particular question which i left in the beginning.Some how i solved it with 2 seconds left.

MY overall analysis->

QUANT->VERY EASY as there were sitter questions from the topics i was most comfortable with.

2 to 3 questions from number systems,one question was way easy solved it in within 4 seconds.

2 questions from log one was sitter solved it within 5 seconds,other involved graphy theory. could have solved easily in my school days but couldnot.

2 questions from trignometry one was way easy (from height and distances topic)and other(involved use of trignometric identities) looked very heavy but was not ,this was the question which i solved in the last minute.

1 question from quadratic euations (difficult one) and one was from set theory was easy one but i was not comfortable with this topic.

2 questions from P&C; were very easy
one question was from functions Easy one.

ABOUT DI->(POOR for me as i spent so much time with quant that i left with only 20 minutes with DI section)

Two DI sets(both involved bar graphs) were easy but was very calculation heavy.One was a Difficult one.

Overall analysis->could have attempted more but lack of time management and well preparedness costs me some questions.

after completing my 1st section i waited to relax myself untill the 2nd section started itself.

VA looked easy but options were tricky and were very close so i used elimination method narrowed down to 2 answers.

there were questions 2to3questionsfrom parajumbles ,3 RCS one was tough and other were from simple topics and questions were simple but options were way close very tricky ones. one questions was from usage of word and 2 questions from fill in the blanks

Overall analysis->still not sure of VA.

LR seemed right and easy but were information heavy.2 questions from arrangements one was moderate ,other was difficult .rest of the questions i dont remember at this time will post their type soon.


attempts 14 to 15


16 to 17 still not sure about VA.

if allowed i would have posted all the questions from my set.

best of luck guys and one more advice, be prepared for trignometry(height and distances) as it is making its way in each set of CAT paper.

MY advice is that its a energy sucking process of documents checking and biometric registration.Could be tough and tiring even for well prepared students.So reach on time not so early not so late.just focus on urself not on others like i did in start otherwise it will suffer ur overall attempt and concentration Be focused.i saw some students who were not looking serious candidates making friends making ridiculous comments .so beware of such students check for sitter ones and try to solve it without rasing pencil .dont pounch on the problems just look at the and figure out whether u can solve it or not within time slow in start and dont bogged down by any problem as i did.try to attemt as many sitters in the first half of the 70 minutes coz as time comes down to 20 to 25 minutes left worry and anxytie will catch u up and u will try solving questions a s fast as u can and there CAT phobia may hold u down and u r likely to make mistakes in hurry and will feel difficult to find answers to those easy ones and in the last it will cost u some questions which u will realise could be solved if time limit permitts .

@ravi1509 said:
DAY 4 of CAT exam->15-oct-2012(MONDAY)
slot 3:15 pm
woke up at 7:00 AM after sleeping for just 3 hours(exam anxytie you know).Took bus from my he mistakes in hurry and will feel difficult to find answers to those easy ones and in the last t will cost u some questions which u will realise could be solved if time limit permitts .

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