MuSigma BA Vs ZS Associates Business Operations Associate

I have this two options. I plan to do MBA later. what do u think will be the best option???

I have this two options. I plan to do MBA later. what do u think will be the best option???


ZS specialize in pharma analytics whereas Mu Sigma can give u opportunity to work in marketing analytics, risk analytics or supply chain analytics and also in various domains viz. Retail, pharma, finance,etc. Though ZS is a bigger brand and I am sure the package is also more when compared to Mu sigma. So it would make sense to go for ZS for now.

Yaah .. but as u r saying urself I will get more exposure and get to learn alot more at Mu Sigma... then y ZS ?? package will be almost same in 2nd year

I know frnds in musigma who intend to join ZS

Mu Sigma = Chillar company

@sateeshin said:
Mu Sigma = Chillar company
And why is it so exactly?

Both of them have the same work culture! ZS gives u a higher packg though.
Mu Sigma has less of analytic projects now and is doing merely reporting for most of its projects.
on the other hand ZS will give you exposure to real modelling and analytics.
I have worked with Mu Sigma for more than a year now. Believe me, it's just the same as an IT company for most of the projects now. Most of it is SAS reporting or Excel.

Go for ZS!

Go to ZS dude! Mu Sigma is more of a big corporate now. ZS doesn't have just higher package. The quality of peer group and the work is better. If you wanna prepare for MBA there wont be time in Mu SIgma. I dont know abt ZS though. But Mu Sigma is hectic as heLL. In my team, Pfizer; people work madly till 11pm from 11 am to 11 pm. Thankfully, I didnt work that long. Anyways I had to leave the company to prepare for GDPI!

You would get different projects at Mu Sigma. But the project changes happen once a year. It's not like you work for 2 months and then they change it. So keep that in mind. Overall Mu Sigma is quite good company. Just my experiences were not that positive. More of my team thing; it had shitloads of work. But it is a good company. ZS, though is a better one.

I also plan to MBA next year. I have an offer at hand from Zs associates. Currently i am a fresher. Should i join ZS ? Will i get time to prepare?