Mumbai Volunteers for Medical Camp

Hey folks, :smiley: Hope u all have had a fresh start into this new year. And Mumbaikers, heres ur chance to be a part of the Medical camp. All it needs is just One day, a Sunday- ie 9th Jan 2005. This medical camp is organized by Nā€¦

Hey folks, šŸ˜ƒ

Hope u all have had a fresh start into this new year. And Mumbaikers, heres ur chance to be a part of the Medical camp. All it needs is just One day, a Sunday- ie 9th Jan 2005.

This medical camp is organized by NASEOH. This camp will be in the outskirts of Maharastra, a small tribal village. It will be a one-day affair but u all will take away a lifetime of memories. The camp will be on similar lines as that of Murbad camp. More info on the Murbad camp - See here

Hope to see a lot of volunteers. Guys, trust me, we will know our value only when we be a part of such activities. šŸ˜ƒ

More info about travel, details etc etc will be posted soon.


Allo folks!?? Where are all of you ? As of now we have only 4 people who have confirmed their participation in the camps. We require more volunteers for this event and trust us, it would be an sensitizing event like none other.

Yelling out to all Mumbai Junta to be a part of the camp. Let us all together make it a success.

Warm Regards,

im confirmed ... so as of now allwin , sowmya , me n nikhil i guess have confirmed . this is gonna b one great experience ( as told by Wayne šŸ˜ )

where are thou , mumbai pgites n CS people :

Blame XLRI () for the lack of enthu on this thread šŸ˜‰


I would like to volunteer time for the camp if the logistics work out fine. Do you have to wake up really early to reach this place šŸ˜ :


Hum bhi hain ji team me


Thanks for showing up guys .. I had promised NASEOH that we would be atleast 5 volunteers and err...only 4 had confirmed. If you guys can make it, I bet it will be an awesome experience.

Here are the details regarding the camp:

First all of us are going to meet up at :

1) Kalyan Railway Station: West, near ticketing counter. We need to be there BEFORE 7.30AM as the other volunteers from NASEOH will be there before us.

2) We are going to a place, which is 12 kms away from Murbad. Its called 'Mhasa'. So, we need to take up a bus from Kalyan to Murbad and then catch a cab/jeep to head over to Mhasa

3) At Mhasa, the location is the Veer Bhai Kotwal High School.

Please confirm your participation and lets make this 2nd camp a major success. Trust me, the event is a sensitizer like non other :)

I am PMing all of you folks my telephone no. so that you can catch hold of me for further clarifications.


lot of activity happening at PG...
txs PG for informing me... gud goin boss...
count me in too guys.... šŸ˜ƒ

uploaded the pix at the foll link n mind u guys they hav come clean this time barring one or two!!!jus chek them out.....btw it was a good outing cum CS 2day.nice to meet more forum junta like raj,anil n nikhil....n not to mention the rest of the gang.....hope to b ther nxt sunday too to cheer u guys.

hav to go to bed....gotta get up early again tomo......its a bit later than today tho...i.e. at 6.....hehe šŸ˜ šŸ˜

Brilliant! šŸ˜

Gah! couldnt make it šŸ˜ž

There's always the marathon to fall back on

Cya there


PS : What were the odds of Anil coming to the camp 2 weeks back?

Good work man...
but why is simba hiding her face in one of the fotos...

I woke up at 6:00AM & reached Kalyan at 7:40. Simba, PG, tabrez, puneet(Can u identify him in the fotos's? ), raj, nikhil were already there & anil n akshat later joined the bandwagon. Had a nice samosa n cutting party from simba (luckily she had a 100/- rupee note this time ). After having the lovely treat we left for Mhasa with Mr. Shetty from NASEOH & interns from MGM hospital at 8:00 AM.

Mhasa is a very small village, approx. 60 Kms from Kalyan. The camp was orgainsied in a school. After the normal chit-chat we distributed the no's to the patients/guardians & each one of us were allotted responsibilities. Some of which i remem are:
1. Distribute No's: Simba, Nikhil
2. The Official Creative Photographer: Akshat šŸ˜›
3. Jounalist (to interview patients. These case histories will b sent to indian express for publication) : Tabrez
4. Directing patients to the Doctor (Mr Hemant Patankar): Allwyn (his fav work - directing junta)
5. Helping hand to pysiotherapist : Puneet
6. Distribution of clothes: Raj
7. Recording rare disabilities : Myself
Sorry Anil cud not remem wht resp u took (shayad helping the measurement team)

All-in-all there were around 150 patients registered & treated y'day at Mhasa.

chalo junta pour in ur experiences... šŸ˜ƒ


k my chance
first of all, I have to say that tis really was a real eye-opener of a program. As per tabrez, simba and allwyn, this time was not even near to as hectic as it was the previous time but it was fun nevertheless. It's funny tho' - u can see that all tabrez's pictures have people grinning ear to ear. But you have to see them. It's really sad. They really struggle to walk or use their hands. But they really have an amazing spirit. We always sit here cribbing abt how we don't enough pocket money for the movies or for the disc townside or even booze. but these guys move around with broken limbs and travel really long distances to get to the camp. Apparently, this program was publicised in about 27 villages. Some of them couldn't even walk and had to be carried about by old parents. There was one thing common to all of them though. Irrespective of whether of the fact that they had under developed limbs, they had this huge indomitable spirit and a equally huge grin plastered across their faces. you'd think they didn't even notice they were handicapped. In fact there was this one guy whose legs weren't normal and he could beat tabrez in a goddamn swimming race !!! You'd probably get a lot more info abt these guys and their dreams when tabrez puts up the interviews of these guys.

Anyways first of all a few corrections in ashish's post. I came with Akshat and Anil and as according to Akshat (his story) that it was my fault that we were late. Secondly, we also had "jalebis" courtesy Simba

Everything else I guess Ashish has described perfectly. However, it must be noted that soon, everyone shifted jobs and at one time me and Simba were directing people too and Tabrez was taking over from Puneet and so on and so forth. And huge props to Tabrez and his grasp of Marathi. I just hope Simba acknowledges and thanks "uncle" when she posts here And I can't believe that Ashish, u missed out that amazing lunch they gave us. All in all comparing the two camps, I guess I worked less and had lunch earlier than Wayne Considering the fact everyone was wondering whether we would be the only 4 public there and what with 9 turning up ( to simba's surprise me too !!! ), it was pretty nice. i think I'd really like to participate in Naseoh activities more. All-in-all AMAZING SPIRIT there !!!


cool....So many PGites......Man, really takes some commitment to travel 150km+ and that too with a buncha online pals.....way to go folks šŸ˜ƒ


cool....So many PGites......Man, really takes some commitment to travel 150km+ and that too with a buncha online pals.....way to go folks šŸ˜ƒ


šŸ˜ šŸ˜ I know Subbu, We all really had a great time!! As we did not have much work (because the school teachers who had turned up to volunteer were about 10.. in excess ) we basically kept talking talking... & gosh, I was LOUD & HYPER!!

While coming back we hudled up in something that looked like a BIG SIZE AUTO which could hold about 10 of us ... and it wobbled like those horrific gaint wheels & the like in some dirty fairs :shock: ... & Tsk Tsk.. And I had to put up with 8 monkeys So, on the whole, it was great & least bit tiring!!

And Ahem Ahem... with regards to the 'Uncle' .. he was sucha sick ol' man... kept following us....& me... ... He knew almost all the languages in India & he went out of the way to help us thro' out... :wink: Luckily we escaped at the end of the day. šŸ˜›

Met Anil .. for the first time... šŸ˜ƒ .. Dint think he was like that at all... šŸ˜ƒ Now, what 'that' means is something for u to guess & for me to keep quiet about ... What say Anil!!!!!!!!!! šŸ˜

Edit - Thanks Raj, It was great of u to turn up & give a helping hand though u had only 3 odd posts!!! šŸ˜


okie guys here is my post on the camp....i hav tried to xplain evrythin wit respect to the u hav to keep them open in 1 window n read the foll.
here's de link once again.

all names from L-R (L-R => left to right FYI)
snap 1:
the bosses:
3mods n da ADMIN-ji in de snap n i cudn't afford to screw it....I DIDNT!!

snap 2:
puneet (sans the LOOOOOONG hair!!!),anil,nikhil,sowmya,ashish

snap 3:
PG,raj,akshat,GENIUS UNCLE,some volunteer dunno who he is.

now about r uncle....he knows english,marathi,tamil,hindi,his wife is mallu so he knows dat too....blah blah...jus to go 1 up on him i asked him does he kno french n to my surprise he didnt..hehe.he is a master of astrology (ask ashish n he'll tell u...ashish u better post that ring wala incident in detail) n wat the snap too he is givin some usual.

snap 4:
the registeration team...who took away sowmya's piece of work..she was vry angry wit them.

snap 5 & 6:
naseoh big shots

snap 7:
she's all of 15yrs cant speak or walk but she can hear n understand everythin v tlk..she even was smilin when v n her parents said somethin.i dont rem her list is wit sowmya.

snap 8:
she had come to the murbad camp too.funded by NASEOH this lady has had a operation done some time bak n iis capable of walkin feels good to c her walk.she is capable of doin her household work now bcos she can easily move from one place to another.she claims within some months she'll hav de confidence to venture out of her house on her own.

snap 9 & 10:
i dunno y but..i really liked this kid...he is real good at studies..gets 24th rank in a class of 70!!...he was shy initially n c the vast diff in THE 2 SNAPS.

snap 11 & 12:
this man is jus amazin.his name is ALPESH...he is livin away frm his near n dear ones wit some relatives jus so that he cud complete his diploma course in ELECTRICAL at ITI,MURBAD.he cannot walk.cant afford the education but his relatives hav chipped in n he's payin the fees approx 6000 for a 9month diploma.he used to make electrical
decoration lights even b4 he had enrolled 4 his course...he knows carpentery,masonry,painting.has played cricket..knows swimming!!phew!!!(psst..psst..i still dunno swimming!!!n thats wat nikhil was referring to)
after completein his course he intends to get a loan from some bank so that he cud set up his own shop where he cud sell elect items etc made by him.....when asked what was the 1 thing he wud like to achieve in LIFE??...he replied "i want to invent
something whic every1 (not jus the disabled) can use".
n when we asked him to giv a mess to his
fellow handicapped frenz he promptly said "overcome
ur limitations n achieve wat u want to"
HATS OFF TO ALPESH.may he achieve wateva he aspires

snap 13:
this fren of ours has studied till 10th.he's failed in std X n cannot giv it bcoz he cannot afford it.

snap 17:the whole gang sans NIKHIL (who obviously was clickin the snap)

snap 18-21:
in the auto on r way to murbad.v 10...err 9(i counted sowmya as=2ppl again) somehow fitted in.sowmya was damn scared to sit.she thought it was UNSAFE n cud topple ne moment.but let me tell u it was crawlin....don't ask me sowmya pls dont ban me frm the forum!!i didnt blame u for it...hehe

Most of the details have been posted . All i can say is it was agreat experience šŸ˜ and perhaps other cities can have a look about the commitment of people here towards a good cause and follow suit and start off in some kind of way šŸ˜ƒ

Simba, i'll add to my post count....3 - 4. It took a long while, but i'm finally there. šŸ˜

The trip to NASEOH was an eye-opener. The cause was worthy and the trip was fun.Lots of people in real need. Strengthened my resolve to complete the race on Sunday and sent my fund-raising into overdrive.

I hope to meet most of you on Sunday šŸ˜ . All the best for the marathon.


PS:- Puneet, the hair - I noticed, you shouldn't have done it man!! Anil, atb with the iviews.

Economiser Says
Anil, atb with the iviews.

Hey! Thx tho I was done with them, and through too. šŸ˜

hey I am game....but i have my cant make it this time....but i am available anytime in the future.....keep posting about any future camps