MSC finance @ NMIMS

To know about the newly formed course of MSC finance

 Is MSC finance course at NMIMS wortht??

Call letters are suppose to be out today. Can anyone please share the link?

What sort of questions can we expect in the interview?

Guys any idea on howz the summer process going on for this course...And when will they release the admission notification for 2018-20 session??

What are the entry requirements  for   course  which Entrance  exam  do I have to 

How are the placements for this course?

Is the course nmims MSc finance really good?

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  • yes,it’s good
  • no,it’s not worth joining

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What do we have to cover for the entrance test?

How are the placements?

Is this course worth opting in for?


Congratulations to all those who have made it to the CD/PI round of NMIMS! Student Council of School of Business Management, NMIMS welcomes you.

We would be using this group to help you with any queries that you have in the next steps of the CD/PI and selection process for all NMIMS campuses, namely:


NMIMS Hyderabad

NMIMS Bangaluru

NMIMS Navi Mumbai

NMIMS Shirpur

NMIMS Indore

Please click on the following link to visit the FB group -

If you wish to join the group for updates around the process, please fill out the following form along with sending the FB request: 

The Google form will help us authenticate your credentials and add you to the group.

How are the placements in the course ? What does the written test constitute of ? How good is the college and overview of the course

What is the general trend of waitlist movement for msc finance? Can I be hopefull of getting it at waitlist no 65?