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 MPSC to conduct common exam for STI, PSI from 2017 - 

Mpsc sse pre cutoff?????


120th Birth Anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose  (Born Jan 23, 1897)

· Influenced by ideas of Swami Vivekananda and Aurobindo Ghosh

 · Mobilized All-Bengal Young Men’s Conference in 1920s towards freedom struggle

 · 1938- Haripura Session, President of Congress. Bose wanted to take advantage of Britain’s political instability and revolt against them using violent means if necessary. According to Bose, this would ensure freedom.  

· Organised the National Planning Commission (NPC), a precursor to Planning Commission formed in independent India.  NPC would formulate a plan for industrialization of India.

· 1939- following fallout with other members of Congress, Bose established his own political organisation called “Forward Bloc”. He also started a newspaper by the same number.  · Was put under house arrest by British for his views. He escaped in 1941 to Berlin. 

· Established “Free India Centre” in 1941 from Berlin.  

· 1943- Bose travelled to Japan and established Indian National Army or Azad Hind Fauz. Also started “Azad Hind Radio”. It was made by Indian resident in South East Asia.

 · With help of Japanese, Bose intended to launch an armed assault on British forces in North East India. But suffered a defeat as Japanese withdrew support. 

· He later died in a plane crash in 1945.        

 HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY!! As we celebrate completion of 67 years of adopting the Constitution on January 26, 2017, below are two issues which brought to light some constitutional provisions.    - a bull taming sport played in Tamil Nadu received widespread news coverage in last week. It is important to understand the constitutional background of this issue.  · An ordinance was promulgated to help pass a bill allowing Jallikattu. The ordinance is passed under Article 213, which authorizes Governor of a state to do so. This happens with prior approval of President.   · The ordinance needs to be passed by legislature of the state within six weeks of the ordinance coming into effect.  President Pranab Mukherji disagreed with suggestions of death penalty forwarded by Ministry of Home Affairs to convicts of Bara massacre case, 1992. The death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by the President. Here is how the President did it- · Article 74 states that President is bound to act according to advice of Prime minister and his council of minister.  · But in Shatrughan Chauhan case (2014), the Supreme Court (SC) had said that if there is inordinate delay in disposing of a mercy petition, then the sentence may be commuted. The accused of Bara Massacre were given the sentence in 2000.    · In the 2014 order, SC also said that under Article 141, law declared by SC shall be binding on everybody in the territory of India. This includes, Government and President.  · Thus, President followed this order and commuted the sentence.  · This is being heralded as a first-ever by any President.  · In 2013, President Mukherji had expressed strong reservations on an ordinance, “Convicted Legislators’ Protection Ordinance”. The government later withdrew the ordinance. This instance was called “Presidential Differential.”  These two recent incidents highlight why the Constitution is an important document.   

Can any one pls tell me how many nagarpanchyat are there in Maharashtra....