MPPSC IT 2016-17

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is any one here giving this exam?

From where you guys are preparing for MPPSC IT exam ? Anyone has previous year papers of MPPSC IT ?

I think no one has any clue about this particular exam. There is absolutely nothing on the internet about it. 

How was the exam guys? 

Easy looking questions are also wrong.. Any wrong questions????

Expected cut off

I Got 132/200  in GEN CAT . is there any chance to get call for interview?

 Any wrong questions????  for Query

 Q59 : Consider the following statements and select the correct option that applies (I) DNS stands for Domain Name Server. (II) To identify an entity, TCP/IP protocols use the IP address (III) TCP/IP uses a DNS client and a DNS server to map a name to an address.                    

  • B II and III are correct
  • A All are correct
  • C I and II are correct
  • D Only III is correct

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     Q.No: 12   Which of the following statements is not correct?     A   SRAM is a digital device that uses the same logic elements used   in the processor.     B   DRAM is made with cells that store data as charge on capacitors     C   One of the most widely used forms of DRAM is SDRAM     D   Traditional DRAM is synchronous.       what is answer

Friend pls tell about any wrong question .?

What is the last date for the payment of objected question?

When can we expect result  ? 

Result is out ..