MISM n an MBA????

hey guys, first of all here’s my profile… 22 yrs old…BE(Electrical) from VJTI(Mumbai University) Agg-61% GRE-1380(V-640, Q-740) TOEFL-297 I’ve currently got placed as Associate Systems Engineer wid TCS…me being…

hey guys,

first of all here's my profile......

22 yrs old....BE(Electrical) from VJTI(Mumbai University)
GRE-1380(V-640, Q-740)

I've currently got placed as Associate Systems Engineer wid TCS...me being a total computer freak da profile is near perfect for me...n i've plannd to take da job for 2-3yrs...i intend to pursue my MBA from Wharton or in any of da absolute best schools....wid da research ive done so far, it seems even 3-4 yrs of work Ex is not enuff(I'm considerin a standard work ex frm a stnd employee)......

I did happn to glance through the MISM ( Masters In Information Systems Management) prog, in places like CMU. It does sound perfect, 3 yrs work ex here...1 year MISM n then 3 additional year work Ex n then apply for an MBA....but How gud is this program ?

Of course there would be much sense if one purses an MS degree jus so u can get in to a gud MBA School...but i'm a comp guy to da core n MISM sounds like a gud way to bridge da gap combining both Managmnet n IT.....

Also if i plan to directly apply for an MBA in aftr 5-6 yrs work ex,n in case i don get thru to where i want....kinda becomes too late take an alternative route thru an MS prog.....well, wat do u guys think??

I think u have one more option of working for some 5 yrs and then can try for one of the following (they are very good courses):
a) Penn EMTM


5 years sounds way too long...it might become 2 late for an MBA..

but i suppose u r only 22 ....so u can afford that.....


I was just happening to read your post. I just thought I'd inform you that you do not require work ex to join the MISM course at CMU. I have a friend of mine who is currently doing the course at CMU. She had no prior work ex before joining the course.

So if you can apply dont wait too long. From what I read it looks like your into technical stuff and making a career in the same field. So my question to you is Why MBA ? secondly I hope you have researched MISM and know exactly where you will be going after that with the degree. You may have already done that which is good. If you have any questions feel free to mail me.

A lil about myself. I am currently for one of the BIG FOUR. Im into marketing/Sales. I plan to join an MBA program in 2 - 3 years.



yeah i kno...work Ex is not compulsory...but wid work ex ur prospects post Ms defntly increases....n also, i wantd to get some real world experience, find out waht actually goes on.....work ex, cleares up ur prespective a lot....n also wid sufficient work ex, da length of the course is also shorter....i guess 12months ...instead of the usual 16 mnths.....

But yea more imp, gives me more time to be sure...dats why i didnt apply for Fall 06 n mstly will apply ony for Fall 08.....yea i have researchd da MISM course work, still got a lot of work to do...but frm what ive doen so far, its prtty interstin....

i'm prtty sure abt my move to an MBA, ambitions n goals to big to be satisfied by a tech career....MBAs da best way to move towards my dreams....