Miraculous Social Innovation to achieve Digital India and Financial Inclusion

Except Public Sector none bothers about development of Bottom of the pyramid people. Unfortunately this Public Sector has minimal innovation / technology / passion for excellence to achieve Financial Inclusion or any other great cause like Digital India. Here's the most acceptable and Top Class Solution from IIM Alumni - Common Wallet by PSBs. Detailed blue print here:


Please provide your comments / Suggestions / Critique for improvement of this proposal which is under consideration of IBA for onward submission to PMO (forwarded through Union Bank of India).

Common Wallet by PSBs is the best Cashless Solution for India.. Being an Alternative for ATMs, it's easily accessible for illiterates too through feature phones as well as smart phones. RISK mitigation, Interest payment & Zero charges are icing on the cake, so it's superior to Cash..!

Detailed Blueprint here: